Freda ebook reader in search of beta testers

Feda ebook reader

The new version of Freda, a free ebook reader, is almost nearing completion and the developers require some assistance with testing the app out. The update will include a number of new features:

  • Freda's front screen now shows a 'live tile' display of book sources
  • You can pin books to the phone's start screen
  • The display of book text is much faster and smoother (it now uses XNA graphics)

Should you be interested in signing your name up as a beta tester, email beta@turnipsoft.co.uk with your details (including Windows Live ID). For now, you can download Freda from the Marketplace.



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Dathix says:

There is a mistake in your headline o.O

1jaxstate1 says:

In the forums we were looking for a ebook reader that has dropbox access. I tried this app, and boy I hope this new beta is much better than the current app. 

dKp1977 says:

Nevermind. Already corrected. ;)

markiz says:

Amazing news that they are adding book pinning to start screen!

Jazmac says:

I have Freda and its not half bad. I got it because of its dropbox support. All I need is to switch carriers from Sprint to AT&T so I can get my Samsung Focus S.