Free 12 month Gold Xbox Live subscription offer in Canada

Xbox Live Canada Offer

We've continuously received complaints from residents who live in Canada for the lack of Windows Phone presence in the country compared to Europe (and the U.S. to an extent). This news will please some however, particularly potential buyers. Should you pick up a LG Optimus 7 before January 31st, you'll receive a free 12 month Gold subscription to the Xbox Live service (worth £40).

The offer (and handset) is available at Telus and Future Shop. Do hurry should you wish to take advantage of this offer as there are only 1250 codes being distributed. After you've made the purchase, head on over to the promotion website to enter your details and receive your code.

Source: Microsoftthanks, Matthew for the tip!



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buggyglint says:

Sad thing is, I think thats the only Windows Phone 7 on the canadian market right now...

KFBradley says:

£40? You mean $59.99? I thought this was a post for us Canadians...

based_graham says:

Microsoft needs to get the banks and sports centres on board and this phone will do great. Thats really all thats missing in terms of critical apps.

This promotion will help it do well. For the banks just use pageonce and be done with it.

Jellynutz says:

Last year's Telus promo was better, I got a xbox 360 with my Optimus 7. :D

Dire Wolf23 says:

Agree , I got the Xbox deal also and love my Optiimus 7. I'm in no rush to upgrade, but it's a little frustrating that I have zero options if I wanted to. Trying to convince my friends to switch over to WP is embarrassing when thier only choice is a phone from 2010.