Free black cab rides in London, courtesy of Nokia

Lumia London Black Cab

Nokia has hosted a number of events in London the past few months, including Nokia World and a performance featuring deadmau5 with a huge video presentation. Already tripling their expenditure wasn't enough as it seems the Finnish manufacturer still isn't done. Should you be out and around London and happen to spot a London black cab (taxi) wrapped up in Lumia promotion material, you'll be sure to hail it since Nokia are offering free rides.

The handset maker has paid black cab drivers so you don't have to. Fitting in nicely with Social Media Week (February 13-17), which Nokia is a sponsor of, this advertising stunt is yet another effective campaign under the marketing team's belt. Bravo.

Source: Knowyourmobile



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xXx9ryan9xXx says:

that sounds REALLY racist
"the handset maker has paid black cab drivers so you don't have to"
I mean, I know the cabs are black and all but it's whatever
still sounds like a great promotion


If you're in the UK, it's fine. Only uptight Americans keep harping on this everytime we write on London black cabs. Get over it, it doesn't sound racist.

magni. says:

After all, talking about yellow cab drivers doesn't sound racist at all, amirite? Maybe we should put a hyphen in there, black-cab and yellow-cab drivers, and that way no one gets offended!

More on topic, another great promotion by Nokia, I hope they'll get some well deserved success after all that.

Rich Edmonds says:

Grow up, please.

willied says:

Racist? Good God you are ignorant.

Aldoron says:

The article never made me think about race once. How does ones mind have to work in order to make such a ridiculous connection.

mjrtoo says:

Only a racists thinks that sounds racist? Just a wild guess, everyone knows to only use the black cabs right??

Nakazul says:

Sound great, lets hope Nokia won't go bankrupt on these commercials. There really cool, but should cost a fortune.

akanak says:

The best promo they should do is to slash the price by £100.

ynnihC says:

So every country gets a promotion but Australia. This sucks...

R0bR says:

And Canada. I saw the Lumia 710 at Rogers yesterday but I had to look for it, no adverts in store at all. Actually pretty much no adverts anywhere except a little Rogers ad on the Xbox tucked away somewhere.

lumic says:

You have the 710. Australia doesn't have a single Gen 2 device.

birdman_38 says:

Daniel you made a mistake by choosing not to delete the first comment. I'm very disappointed in you.

southendman says:

amazing -I thought the british knew irony