Free Xbox Live game Shuffle Party played a million times

Shuffle Party

Ever wonder how well the free Xbox Live games for Windows Phone do in the wild? Babaroga has provided us with some analytics for Shuffle Party, their shuffleboard/bowling game. Shuffle Party has been played over a million times so far, with an average of 20 minutes per play. Not too shabby!

Babaroga is actually responsible for three of the four free, ad-supported Xbox Live titles so far: Minesweeper, Sudoku, and Shuffle Party. The fourth such game, Breeze, came from Null City Software. All four games were produced by Kirby Leung at Microsoft. In similar territory, the most recent free Xbox Live title, Bug Village was ported by Babaroga for Glu Mobile. Rather than advertisements, it relies on PDLC for revenue.

Did you somehow miss out on Shuffle Party? Check out our review, and then grab the game here from the Marketplace.

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norseman#WP says:

This is a really fun game! Glad it is free as well!

birdman_38 says:

My 3 year old boy loves this game. lol

Strangis says:

I gotta say that I hope Babaroga keeps making WP7 games.  Shuffle Party is a great time waster, and they also did the phenomenal Zombies!!! which was a great mobile adaptation of a table top game.

selfcreation says:

i finnished it 100%   i think i have 1000plays just me .. lol...

Winterfang says:

Not surprising, This game is a God send at work.

nrask7 says:

Sometimes my avatar faces the wall when I play this game. Lol

ezequief says:

Ill take the free points. I only buy the games when they are on DOTW and can get the full 200, do not go for ones with broken achievements. Wish I didnt buy Bejeweled though that one takes forever to complete.