Free Xbox Live title Breeze has blown to the Marketplace


The series of free, ad-supported Xbox Live games that began with Minesweeper and Sudoku now continues with Breeze. The new game comes from the same Microsoft producer as previous titles (Kirby Leung) and developer Rob Hutchinson at Null City Software. For more details about the game’s development (and original Xbox 360 version), check out our exclusive preview.

Breeze is basically a maze navigation name. In each level, players must blow the flower from the start to the goal, sometimes collecting Sunshine orbs in order to unlock the goal. Touch anything – a wall or moving obstacle – and you’ll have to retry the level. As such, managing the flower’s momentum plays an important role in keeping it safe.

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I’ve enjoyed my short playtime with Breeze so far. Its 50 GamerScore of Achievements are seriously easy as they don’t even require playing on the Hardcore difficulty. I found the tilt controls actually work much better than touch. The problem with touch is that the flower moves in the opposite direction of where you touch the screen, making you have to think in reverse. Thankfully tilt just moves the flower in the direction of the phone’s tilt – not sure why touch couldn’t have worked the same way.

Breeze is now available in English speaking countries and will come to other regions at a later date worldwide. You can grab it here on the Marketplace.




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kidjenius says:

As much as I love free XBL titles, i've always wondered why they are almost never updated. is it MS' responsibililty to update them? or the devs? it really seems like they don't care.
example: angry birds still doesn't have FAS, which is a huge detriment. same goes for geodefense and others that i'd love to purchase but don't have FAS. for me, this feature is very important

Paul Acevedo says:

Some devs choose not to release Mango updates, but both games you mention will likely receive updates eventually. It's mostly a matter of the difficult certification process, which unfortunately keeps WP7 Xbox Live titles from updating as frequently as we'd like.

ChrisLynch says:

Do you know if anyone has reached out to the devs of these games?  FAS is a critical feature to Mango, it just seems like devs are slow to releasing updated apps in general that are Mango-fied.

DarkSynopsis says:

Quite a enjoyable game for free though I found the tilt controls awful and have stuck with touch!

NebZoNe says:

Thanks for the link...
Breeze is not available in France yet...

MastrMeatWad says:

Great little title.  I have to say, MS needs to keep this up.  A free xbox live game per month could do some advertising wonders to the xbox 360 install base.  That and create some Halo/GOW/Disney titles.  Then toss us a bone and give some dlc for said titles for free as we will probably pay 5 plus for them. :)
I have enjoyed the last two free live games more than some of my paid apps!

DavidinCT says:

Nice, free Achievements...
Grabbed it...entertaining for what it is...