Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 7

It’s Friday night so it’s Facebook Beta update time for Windows Phone

What would Friday night be without Microsoft pushing out yet-another-update for their Facebook Beta program? Facebook mobile is kind of like NASA but a smidge less important, and evidently just as complex.

That’s the only reason we imagine there are so many updates from Microsoft, and yet oddly none of you are ever satisfied.

Tonight, Facebook Beta has been bumped to version for Windows Phone 8 and for Windows Phone 7.x users.

That’s the good news. The bad news is the changelog is the same as it was last week, which includes performance improvements and language localizations. To be honest, that just probably means this update is so small they couldn’t be bothered with listing any of the changes (but we imagine there are few under the hood fixes).

From our few minutes with the app we’re not noticing anything new, but perhaps that Chat feature is working better.

Anywho, head to the Windows Phone Store to pick up Facebook Beta for your Windows Phone. Sound off in comments if you find anything worthy of our attention, otherwise we’re going back to watching Honey Boo Boo (don’t judge us).

By the way, we're shocked (shocked!) that Hipstamatic Oggl and WhatsApp haven't had their updates today. Crazy times.

Thanks, RyoTGZ, for the tip

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aaa6112 says:

Haven't tried it yet, but it does feel faster.

alvarezjpr says:

Wow, you're right.  Just by looking at the picture above you can tell it's way faster....

Cleveland2k says:

You guys make me giggle lol

hopmedic says:

They're just reversioning the same build, pushing it out there, and letting people *think* it's faster.

Blade800 says:

I dont know how you guys but since last update (not this one) it got way slower, I mean when I turn the application on, the blue facebook screen is there like for 1 minute. Anyone have similiar problem? Ill try to update it and see how it works.

Lumia 800

F3rzz says:

2 seconds top for me with updated app on a 920.

JCas2011 says:

Yeah it slowed don for me too.. At least the blue screen. Lumia 900

PoohGQ says:

Seem to be that way on WP7.x. I was way faster before the last update indeed!

PoohGQ says:

My only complaint is that you still can't copy quotes on the timeline. I like to copy some nice quotes and paste/save them in my Onenote.
Oh, and also, it's still missing Birthdays in Events!

Alright, judge me, whatever.

ZX9 says:

It's ok, Dan. We appreciate your optimism. Usually.

Jas00555 says:

You've been sentenced to 10 years with an android for your distaste in tv shows *bangs gavel*

blackhawk556 says:

Running Motorola blur!! To make it painful. >:-)

Consider yourself judged.

Aryan Angel says:

I vomited a little bit in my mouth. What kind of psychopath watches that show?

hopmedic says:

the kind I work with, unfortunately. I feel brains dripping out of my ears every time they start talking about it.

What's unfortunate is all the other trash we watch on TV but how hard we are on a select few, expescially when its a poor, fat, under edducated family that people are going to sit behind their computers and make fun of because they're such an easy target. Go read about what these people are doing with the money they're making vs. all the 20somes that end up in mugshots in the years following their 15 minutes, or how other parents treated their celebrity children's wealth growing up. Honey Boo Boo and her family, for the most part, seem like pretty stand up people compared just about any other reality tv stars.

Aryan Angel says:

What kind of animal watches any reality tv at all? The only American tv shows I watch are breaking bad and supernatural. And why are you comparing bad to even more bad? Its not gonna make bad good or any less bad.

hopmedic says:

I turned on my tv for two hours last Sunday night. It was more than a month before when I turned it on prior to that. Our society spends way too much time in front of the tv, or other electronic time sucks.

Aryan Angel says:

At least you own a tv. I find tv completely useless.

hopmedic says:

Everything that goes to my TV has gone through a computer first, since 2004.  I stopped paying for cable/satellite in 2008.  I'm ahead of the curve.  ;)

Judge_Daniel says:

I will judge you.

Aryan Angel says:

Did you just seriously made an account to post this comment and judge Daniel? Wow

dhruv07 says:

After the update photo upload while chat ain't working

Any1 facing this problem!!

izzykahn says:

Haha. I would love some Go-go juice and sketti. :)

DJCBS says:

Also shocked that Oggl hasn't an update. Specially since the September 22nd removed the not-so-functional editing tools for imported photos.

As for Facebook...*insert here random comment about loading speed*.

raycpl says:

it is most definitely "faster"

It is going much faster than the previous update. I mean, the previous update made it fast, this one is faster. Is it fastest? I don't know if it is the fastest but it is definitely faster than the previous update that claimed to make it fastest. Hope the next update comes really fast!

Voxophone says:

You just went full Xzibit.

Lumia 8x says:

It is still continuously showing me the pages i blocked.....

manonthemoon says:

What is needs is notifications that occur in the time frame of few minutes instead of all the notifications for the past three days or hours ago. 

how1ard says:

"  What is needs is notifications that occur in the time frame of few minutes instead of all the notifications for the past three days or hours ago"
^^^^^^^ This X 1000

nizzon says:

Lol, that's by design.

manonthemoon says:

What design? None of the other platforms do this? Why would I want re-notified about notifications that I saw 3 days ago or hours after the fact when everyone elso has pretty much said everything not allowing you to be a part of the flow of the post. I still use JDB for Facebook Pro as its notifications are useful and at least within the timeframe. 

Sarang68 says:

I do follow NASA & WPCENTRAL. Both equally important for me. In fact i also have a space shuttle model including the rocket boosters & tank!

RyanAMG says:

My wife follows NASA and keeps me up to date on that front. I follow WPC and keep her up to date on this front :)

aussiedog61 says:

Good thing. I haven't been getting notifications lately.

Skunkwurx says:

Fair play! keep em comin... The "others" sneer and say it must be broken to get so many up dates.... I say nothing is ever perfect... Everything can get better... so why not asap

dkp23 says:

Seems faster especially when opening the app

Maybe on wp8. On wp 7 startup takes 40 seconds and a extra 15 freeze after splash screen. This occurs since I will wait for one more build. If i don't receive any feedback or they don't fix it, i will send the app to "recycle bin"

Dre325 says:

I agree with Jucan. This app is just terrible on WP 7.8. Really, how hard is it to make a damn Facebook app? I love WP, but the lack of efficient apps is really starting to bother me.

ilgulamc says:

I thought u were exaggerating but I checked and 40 sec is actually pretty close! :(

Blade800 says:

Exactly ! So I am not the only one

Snazrael says:

Well I did get a Facebook message notification from the Facebook app for the first time ever tonight. Wonder if they have anything to do with each other.

smk23us says:

That's true. Chat and messages are finally working :) I Just can't belive it... It took them quite a while

cwc2311 says:

It looks like they fixed the Posts by Others bug.

bahamut443 says:

Went from 9 to 13 MB. Something must have changed...

dxtr says:

Why am I not able to see "Files" in any of my Groups? None of the uploaded documents are visible in FB Beta, only in the web version.

Fellipe Abib says:

I still can't see recent people i've tag on check in.

Ultimateone says:

keep these updates coming!

JoRdaNeK says:

Seems more Facebooky

sholokov says:

But, but, but... Molly said you can't use Facebook on WP!!!

AlanUK78 says:

She said you can't upload photos taken on WP to Facebook. Despite, i would imagine, hundreds of emails to the contrary, she decided not to mention it in the mail section of her, increasingly crappy show. (i just watched it for sexy Jeff). She lead the mail bag instead with another "i love the show" email... Yawn.. Unsubscribe

chataddicted says:

I just wonder.. Jdb for facebook is only an one mb apps but its can do lots of things that this 12 mb official fb can't. Most importantly it gives push notification of any thing and almost real time!!!

smogg9 says:

Daniel, we are never satisfied because you just have to compare android's and iOS facebook apps with this one, the differences in terms of functionality, speed, and everything is just ridiculous, this has been for quite a good time in BETA, by the time this app is finished the least i expect it to do is to make me some coffee, cuz damn, pretty long time huh?

Agreed! Reliable notifications that clear the tile once read... Chat with stickers... Photos in comments... Photo uploads that take less than 4 minutes on LTE...etc

I sometimes go on 6tag to look at photos hash tagged with windows phone just to give me inspiration lol.

This is the BETA version of the app dufous, so will ALWAYS be beta. Every so often they release an update to the official app, based on the continued developement of this. *sigh*

smogg9 says:

i dont know if you did know this but the non-beta app still MAJOR CRAP *sigh* 

+1 not often that beta is better than official release. But that logic totally applies here.

ambroShuS says:

lol, i see what u did there

Arafat Sa says:

Facebook official Changelog:


1: Missing 1 semicolon at the end of the code.

2: Code Indention.

aaa6112 says:

3. Better comments in the code

Are u guys having problem with the news feed? The  news feed always shows Most Recent posts even if I change the settings to Top Stories. What about you guys..??

smogg9 says:

being honest i dont know man, i just go in this app to check if there are any messages that i didnt get on the messages thing wp comes with because shit's like that, you know, sometimes you just dont get messages but you open the app and you find a long ass paragraph sent an hour ago.

I have the newest version of the Facebook apps on my 920, Nexus 4, and iPad, and the Android/ios versions are much better and much more fluid. It makes me sad. :'(

Xaphoon148 says:

I currently have no Android/iOS products and that makes me happy ;)

iamtim says:

A long time ago I was developing a "knowledge base" application using the Microsoft Multimedia Publishers Toolkit.  I actually wrote a VB front end and used Windows API calls to do a whole bunch of stuff, however, it just wasn't as good as what Microsoft provided on Technet.
One of my company's developers asked me why I couldn't do with the MPT what Microsoft did with Technet.  Well, the answer was that I'm not Microsoft and I was bound by the MPT's paradigm, whereas Microsoft developers could write the whole thing from scratch and yank out just the parts of the MPT they wanted.  Use undocumented API calls and all that.
That's shockingly similar to the Facebook Beta app.  it's being written by Microsoft, while the Android and iPhone apps are written by Facebook themselves.  Certainly and without doubt there are shortcuts and API calls and stuff that Facebook themselves can do in their in-house developed apps which Microsoft can't do in their app.
Bottom line, you can't really compare the Android and iPhone apps to the Beta Windows Phone app. 

E Lizzle says:

I think this will always be the case, because I'd guess that the android and ios versions are written by facebook themselves, whereas the WP version is written by MS.  So the devs working at FB of course have access to all of the information they need on FB's inner workings, whereas I am sure the MS guys are stuck trying to wade through half-arsed documentation or deal with politics and red tape to get information.

EMajor75 says:

The app is faster now! Keep up the good work!

Chris Yahya says:

Go home Wp central ur drunk. Its saturday. *lol

Arafat Sa says:

In 'murica it's Friday. Learn geography kid.

Well when Daniel posted this, it was 30 minutes to Saturday for him, as he is in EST.

Chris Yahya says:

*trolling success* haha :D

Shobiz says:

This app is now slower on my Lumia 900.

+30 (seconds to load)

bahamut443 says:

Looks like they swapped a lot of the icon graphics in the app for higher resolution counterparts. That explains the jump from 9 to 13 MB. User profile pics are still low res. Perhaps they're getting ready for 1080p support?! Makes sense why they wouldn't list this in the change log.

blackhawk556 says:

Where's Rudy when we need him?!?!

francesco87 says:

Now it's 13 mb! Something must have changed!

neel07 says:

Need opera mini badly for efficient browsing...,uc and Nokia xpress sucks.

Aryan Angel says:

No. Opera browsers suck on every platform except Symbian OS.

schlubadub says:

Agreed, It's definitely the worst. FF, Chrome & IE are all better

neel07 says:

How IE is better,you can't save pages,no forward keys,pages reload if you switch tabs,which is a pain and no speed mode...,opera mini saves lots of data and time..,UI also beautiful

neel07 says:

Opera mini is lot better in all platforms than other browsers because of its speed and data saving mode...,it's my opinion though coz i have used in Symbian,androids...

Aryan Angel says:

Opera sucks on windows PC big time and I don't think anyone would disagree with me. As for android, opera mini is so so, there are still better browsers on there, like boat browser and UC browser is also very good on android unlike the windows phone version of UC browser which is very limited like the OS itself. And both uc browser and Nokia express have data saving mode and who's to say opera mini will be good on wp8, they might have to downgrade their browser on wp8 because of OS limitations and stuff.

Neo is sammy fanboy don't listen to him :)

neel07 says:

I ain't a cheapo plasticky......,but a solid built Nokia fan boy...., :)

neel07 says:

UC browser on windows phone is not good at all...,you will not find autocorrect features or autocomplete mode in speed mode after typing 4words..,it gets lost and some pages don't load properly....,and Nokia Xpress ..,it takes ages to load...,UI bad..,no forward keys...,pictures bad...,

I think this app would serve more better if the insights is fully accessible, you can't post pictures and all that.

discohaze says:


walter1832 says:

Donuts, onion rings & root beer

It's very laggy on HTC Mozart, but I think that the root of the problem is my phone. I really need a new one, but lumia 920 or 925 is so expensive here D;

thapau says:

Just updated and i notice faster response than before

daelumia says:

Aww. I thought Friday night was for getting Amber on my ATT 920...

cesar ruiz1 says:

Amber/gdr2 for at&t will be out on Nov. when the new Lumia devices roll out with gdr3, why cause at&t sucks with updates, Microsoft should direct update for all wp8 devices.

memories1000 says:

With this application I will be able to open and update my page anywhere I go. - TexasLending.com

bahamut443 says:

Anyone notice it takes forever to load the upload images screen? Can't back out of the app during the process also. Ugh.

soumitro316 says:

App has stopped working since the update...it just gets stuck on the Facebook logo...on wp7...reinstalling it now

Aryan Angel says:

Wait, there is a chat feature?! Where? I can only find messages, theres no chat in my app

thapau says:

swipe left and you can chat :D

Aryan Angel says:

That's not exactly a chat since I have to refresh every time to see new messages.

Urosh says:

Exactly, and that's so annoying. Even the chat on their mobile website has real time messages.

Aryan Angel says:

It's possible (and very easy) to make real time chat for Facebook and image sharing for Skype app. Look at whatsapp. Microsoft is just being lazy.

Shobiz says:

Use the built in Chat function. It works fine.

soumitro316 says:

Now it's working

jassp87 says:

Am i the only one who is experiencing a very late notifications?

francesco87 says:

no, man, you're in good company

nimatra says:

You can see attached photos in the chat now

Aryan Angel says:

Its been there since they added the ability to send pictures.

devize says:

Nope. It's quite annoying too, especially for messages where you can have a conversation with someone and end up having your phone vibrate every 3 seconds for 5 minutes for the 50 notifications it decides to send you the day after the conversation. I appreciate that they've somewhat got message notifications to work but seriously thinking no notifications are better atm.

Manny C says:

I haven't tried the update yet, but I have been noticing the in-app-chat doesn't update very much.
So hopefully this is addressed. .among other things.

Big Supes says:

I really wish Microsoft would put the same amount of effort into Xbox Music and the current sync set up on Windows 8.

rockstarzzz says:

They can't. Its baked into the OS. This is an app = more updates. This is what stops many people from Skype etc services baked in OS. More you bake, longer you wait for them to get fixed.

schlubadub says:

Friday night? It's already Saturday afternoon :P

Aryan Angel says:

Americans are slow and live under a giant rock and don't know that there is a world outside of America.

L2nak says:

Herp a derp.

Vistaus says:

See people? They haven't abandoned WP7 entirely yet.

Updated and got a message toast which is 2days old..

May be I missed something but why is it still a beta? I understand the problems with You Tube but what is the reason for Facebooks eternal beta state?

walter1832 says:

Its because........aw nevermind.

devize says:

A way to explain why it still sucks

neel07 says:

It's time for opera to show some love towards WP platform

how1ard says:

Until this shower of *** can produce an app that delivers toast notifications in the same week they were posted Microsoft can *** *** with this. It's the bare freakin minimum and they consistently fail. Pathetic really when JDB For Faacebook delivers virtually instantly or maybe 20 mins late, not 3 ******* days! Jesus christ!

Go fck yourself
thank you very much

walter1832 says:

Use some manners!
PLEASE go fck yourself
Thank you very much

how1ard says:

Aw little boys offended by some *** appearing on here, bless. Anyone would think it was directed at you two delicate souls. Not sure why you got so upset, unless you work for Microsoft you shouldb't be. Try and enjoy life, it's not hard. 

how1ard says:

Not interested until they fix toast notifications, it's pathetic that they obviously can't fix this. Really pathetic.

cybermoose89 says:

Faster but notifications need to be much faster to like the second they apear if possible

afgzee says:

its possible, as it does on ios and android they just be bothering to fix this issue

cybermoose89 says:

Cant say its right away on ios as i have the ipod 5th gen touch running the ios 7 its still slow

devize says:

I'd have my browser open on Facebook on my laptop and my Android phone and tablet gives me notifications before even the website does. My 920 takes atleast a day, if ever, before getting any kind of notification which is kind of pointless seeings as I'll check the app before then.

cybermoose89 says:

I have the 920 also until the next gen wp8 released of course witch is only a month away im sure once they sort it out when they do the fb beta will be all the more awesome indeed i check my fb regular two just it would be great once its nice and quick :)

jammyj77 says:

I've noticed it doesn't jump to the top of news feed after looking at a post anymore.

afgzee says:

it hasn't been doing that for a couple of versions now

Emshaan says:

The best part is the last part... Lol

abduz says:

Was the last paragraph a hint/tease that we're supposed to be receiving an update for whatsapp?? Yes please =)

Makxi says:

I hope they bring bubble chat just like on ios and android, thats the only good thing on android\ios..

chmun77 says:

Is just as bad. Slow in displaying comments when tapping on Comments links, and also slow going to previous page when tapping on the Back button. Notifications are still not coming through. When will this app be on par with Android versions? That's sad....

afgzee says:

live tile still not workng for me on a fresh install on lumia 925

neel07 says:

It will work but little late

afgzee says:

thanks, but how long is a little late? i left it over night and it didn't come

neel07 says:

It will,have patience.....,it took a day and half for me....,keep accessing the app.

Polkka says:

Faster! But notifications? This is joke!!! MS!

ojo otter says:

I got a notification only 1 hour late!! Must be improving it a little.....phaha

dvasudreddy says:

Did anybody noticed that the installation file size has been bumped to 11MB from regular 8MB, I wonder how many lines of code they had added ;)

danielm298 says:

Yes, way faster..did notice this

vc1994 says:

Why no they are working on chat?

All my notifications spawn on my Me tile.

t8ntlikly says:

I keep getting an error message OOPS Something went wrong............ guess I'll just have to wait!

aheinrich says:

Constantly says its having trouble loading data for me - very annoying.

MrNo says:

They really have to abandon the app and ask Facebook to develop a real official one! 
Why? Because of notifications! I think only Facebook can make them "realtime"... I'm tired of receiving messages notifications 2 hours later!

Josh Harman says:

This is a joint app between Facebook and Microsoft.

haltintoprak says:

Is there any way to send picture or video to the person you want(his inbox) ???

I cannot find Facebook beta in store. Where can I find it?

neel07 says:

Just type Facebook beta for Windows phones in IE..,you will get the links in wpcentral where the article is related to Facebook beta.or in wmpoweruser.

BrunoCruz says:

Rudy Huyn, PLEASE!!!  We need a "6book" urgently!
I have no doubts that would be awsome and 10000000000 ways better than that Official App. It's my biggest dream about a facebook app for wp 

Josh Harman says:

Its not gonna happen.

BrunoCruz says:

Well, we will see...

muitosabao says:

Satisfied?! Notifications still don't work, update after update. So yeah, not satisfied.

dusankos says:

Hipstamatic Oggl have update on store already..editing tools for imported photos still doesn't work..

now available on 256 MB windows phone 7.8 devices

Rick Smits says:

I have problems (sometimes) with liking statuses and (mostly) sharing posts.

mikeeemm says:

I manually updated last night and then had an update this morning pop up on the app store, im not sure if the update I did last night went all the way thru.

Now it takes forever for the app to start and the 2 times I actually let it open before I gave up on it it still shows the red bar saying it couldn't get new data or something even when im on WiFi. I have to pull to refresh to be able to see new post if I dont do that it doesn't show that there's new post.

With every update the app gets worse

Im on wp7.8

Josh Harman says:

Sounds like something went wrong, try uninstalling & reinstalling.

Jack Larson1 says:

"Facebook mobile is kind of like NASA but a smidge less important, and evidently just as complex.

That’s the only reason we imagine there are so many updates from Microsoft, and yet oddly none of you are ever satisfied"
I just use the integrated hub. Doesn't have everything, but it works.

F3rzz says:

At first i would get the "can't get data" error, but now what i'm getting is notifications working almost in real time  (maybe one or two minutes late)

F3rzz says:

well... my latest notification had a 19 minute delay :/

also... the PC says it was 19 minutes ago (it was, i heard the fb sound and checked the notification on the pc once it came on my phone) but the FB App says the comment was made an hour ago.

Recieved another notification on my PC 3 minutes ago (my fb app was open on the notification tabs and it also appeared there), the phone says the coment was made an hour ago too.

so it seems it a hit and a miss.

chmun77 says:

Bottom line, Facebook on Windows Phone just plain suck. Can't depends on People Hub because it is so crippled in functions as compared to a full fledged Facebook app on other platforms. Yet, the "official" Facebook app for Windows Phone is also just as lousy. No wonder Windows Phone is not gaining any tractions at all....

Josh Harman says:

You should check those stats again.

chmun77 says:

Facebook app is so buggy and lousy as compared to other platforms. Notifications is always be late. Even opening comments is so unresponsive. The fact is that wp8 adoption rates is still far from Android and ios. Those are the stats.

I just use the touch site in IE. I have it pinned to my start screen sadly it runs circles around the app lol The app is faster though I'll give em that.. Still have a ways to go especially with notifications! My girls iPad wakes up instantly after receiving something on Facebook. My 920, 2 days after the fact...

The three buttons on top (friend requests etc.) still needs some work, they lag too much.

brad4560 says:

Gonna try this out on my 620. I'll keep the non beta app as well

NikLumWP8 says:

This is the third times I installed Facebook Beta. The result I couldn't upload image with paragraph writing. I upload one of image from http://m.wpcentral.com/how-gain-back-temp-wp8-memory-move-photos-skydrive and including all this link articles, it said, "your upload could not be posted at this time. I tried again till three times, the result I couldn't upload my post, what update it is? I use Facebook (published by Microsoft too, but official, not Beta), it could upload without said anything. So, what for the update it still given to Facebook Beta if it couldn't upload my image with articles?