Frozen Free Fall for Windows Phone 8

Frozen Free Fall warms up on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

They might not always achieve release date parity with other platforms, but Disney Interactive is still a major supporter of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. This year we’ve seen new releases like Where’s My Water? 2 and Where’s My Mickey arrive in fairly timely fashion, and even a few slightly older games like Wreck-it-Ralph make the trip to mobile Windows platforms.

Today Disney’s latest mobile game Frozen Free Fall has popped up on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, just a few weeks after the iOS version’s November 21 release. Free Fall is a free-to-play match-3 puzzle game, not unlike that Candy Crush Saga game that everyone raves about. Head past the break for impressions and Store links!

Cool as ice

Frozen Free Fall for Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8 version

Frozen Free Fall is based on Disney’s CG animated film that is still going strong in theaters; it took the top spot at the US box office last week. The movie tells the tale of two estranged royal sisters, one with dangerous ice powers, and their attempts at reconciliation and protecting their kingdom. It features very strong female leads, better-than-average songs, and is just fantastic on the whole.

Being a simple puzzle game, Free Fall doesn’t match up to the movie it’s based on quite as closely as Temple Run: Oz. Basically, players progress through 75 unique levels spread across a frozen landscape. During each level, you’re paired with a companion character from the film that animates according to the action. Since the game lacks actual story scenes (that I could notice), the setting and companions are about the extent of the Frozen-ness.

Let it go (and make matches)

 Free Fall for Windows 8
Windows 8 screenshots

The actual gameplay involves matching three gems of the same color, just like Bejeweled and its many clones. But unlike Bejeweled, players have a finite number of moves in which to reach a target score. Fail and you lose a life. Succeed and you’ll receive a star rating based on how much you exceeded the target score. You can eventually gain access to powerups like torches and snowballs as well. Nothing revolutionary, but still fun stuff.

Being a free to play game, Frozen Free Fall needs be monetized through In-App Purchases. Players start with five lives which they can lose by exiting a level (boo) or failing it. You get a new life every thirty minutes. To refill your lives sooner, select the life counter at the top corner of the map screen. A full batch of lives costs $1.49. Of course, buying lives is optional and you could just wait it out without paying. Note that the Windows Phone version makes you sign into your Microsoft account and agree to SkyDrive access before playing for some reason, just like we saw in Memory Battle Time last week.

 Free Fall for Windows 8

Frozen Free Fall is sort of a mixed bag visually. On Windows 8, the 2D background images look very low resolution and washed out. Perhaps Disney went this route to avoid distracting from the gameplay; I don’t know. The actual animated companions come to life through 3D models and fare much better than the backgrounds. The jewels and visual effects for matches don’t disappoint either.

It might not fully take advantage of the Frozen source material, but Free Fall is still a fine little puzzle game. Give the game a try for free. And if you like animated movies, don’t miss the film before it leaves theaters!

Source: Windows Phone

  • Frozen – Windows Phone 8 – 25 MB – Free – Store Link
  • Frozen – Windows 8 and RT – 65 MB – Free – Store Link

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Lipe13 says:

Seems to be a very pretty and fun game. I am gonna pass it though, got my 920 already full of stuff :(

Jazmac says:

I never thought it could happen Lipe13. But mine is pretty tight too.  Already I'm pitting one app against another to free up space.

guillams says:

^lol I have a 822 and also is full!

blakkrobb says:

1520 here and the only space I have left is going to GTA:San Andreas....stupid AT&T

blakkrobb says:

* I meant Vice City lol

Lipe13 says:

Haha good idea to get some room for new apps! I have quite a lot of .FLAC albums, that's why I'm out of space. I use MoliPlayer to play those albums.

QilleRz says:

Going to download this in my lappy ^^

Jazmac says:

I put it on my touchscreen laptop.  Its not half bad either. Well written app too. Very fluid and very smooth.

DWTrump says:

Hope Disney keeps the kids stuff coming. My girls love playing these things on my phones and tablets.

Deamion says:

My main memory is full as well.

If I could install apps onto my MicroSD card then I would install it for the Kids Corner. 

Cough, 8.1, cough

Jf.Vigor says:

Lol thanks for the hint, figured as much. I'm very optimistic about windows phone updates especially after mango's goodness

Mike Joseph says:

It's getting into flu season, maybe you should get to a doctor. 


now if only my 920 had an SD card.

DreadVenom says:

Thanks for the hint Daniel. I got my nieces the 520 for Xmas and just rolled out the 625 as our new low end company phones to replace BBs so this news will be a welcomed bonus as both devices have only 8GB storage.

dermotf says:

The reason it asks you to sign in is so it can save your progress to your Skydrive. This keeps your progress synched between all your devices. I so wish all games did this.

Jf.Vigor says:

All games NEED to do this. Matter of fact, Xbox live on phone games is useless to me because irs only for achievements. What would really make Xbox live worthwhile is if it had SkyDrive syncing baked in

fwaits says:

I really hope that's where things are going with Xbox One and the rest of the Windows family.  It seems to be the direction given how the Xbox does things and the way the Stores and such are moving to line up eventually.

DreadVenom says:

I really hope that the 300k servers ms hyped at the x1 reveal makes your request a reality. All devs should be given access to azure and skydrive backup/sync. I for one am tired of having to restart games due to lack of backup feature.

Samst22 says:

Mine seems to be syncing ok, but for some reason on the windows 8 app I can acces all the levels up to 75 from the start, which is odd. I can only acces the current and previous levels on my phone. Might just be a little bit glitchy.

kidjenius says:

THIS GAME IS SO ADDICTING OMG. I have a question though, it asked me to sign in to my ms account. I have 2 step verification on, so when I switched to my authenticator app and then switched back, the sign in page disappeared. How do I get back to the sign in page?

That happened to me, too. I opened Authenticator app, waiting for a new number, then quickly started Frozen.

jaymin00 says:

I need brave and oz for 512 mb device.and wer is the WhatsApp update??

azarighty says:

Oh boy! You are such a whiner

WavingReds says:

It's like Bejeweled or Candy Crush but not!


I saw the movie, it was a good movie too

Good to hear more games coming to wp8. Btw the movie is fantastic!!

How much space does this take up once installed?

samy_a says:

74 MB on my Lumia 920.

frett says:

Hmmm... Getting error 805a0194 from the app store when I follow the link to the game.

and now I'm not. Never seen that error before.

Asrialys says:

I've never played Candy Crush. So I never knew how crazy people can get for it until I saw how much people are begging for it to be on Windows Phone on their forums.

bitemeblinky says:

Why would anybody play Candy Crush when there are two awesome versions of Bejeweled available?

monotheist says:

Yes many people I know who want to change their phones are skeptical about WP as it does not support Candy Crush yet!!! Come on King games, get it done.

frett says:

I agree. This is a lot bigger problem than some would like to admit. When EVERYONE is playing or using an app on iOS (or Android), it does increase skepticism about WP as a legitimate OS. For all Microsoft's marketing, they should be doing more to pay developers to dual-develop for WP, like is often done for iOS/Android. I realize it does happen, I'm just saying they could be even more aggressive.

Paul Acevedo says:

Definitely - as soon as a game enters the public consciousness to the extent of Candy Crush, etc. Microsoft should hash out a deal to bring it over to Windows Phone. Not a year later or whenever.

mics_kiss18 says:

when will they bring taptap revenge?

yellowmage says:

I think Disney is the only company to release Windows Phone versions of its games concurrently with the iOS and Android versions.

That said, still waiting on Stack Rabbit.

dj0502 says:

Rovio would want to have a talk with you.

yellowmage says:

Angry Birds Seasons and Rio.

And we still don't have Bad Piggies.

shukuist says:

My 920 's loads of storage for this

frett says:

I've played for a couple hours now and it's nicely done. I don't like the cutesy, juvenile versions of the characters, but then they probably planned for kids to play this, and not their dads. ;)

Now, the movie otoh, they totally made that for kids and adults. I think I may take my kids back to see it just to watch Elsa's "transformation" again. Haha!

It's following the progression of the movie in which they are kids in the beginning. Looking at the screenshots they get older as the game progresses.

frett says:

Good catch! Unfortunately I'm too sucky to get past level 23 at the moment and I'm too cheap to spend money for in-app upgrades, so I will probably never see much progress. Haha

John20212 says:

Same here, I am stuck at level 24 now, took me ages to get past 23; but I will never spend on in-app purchases as I despise that type of game model.

I would have happily paid $2.99 for this if it was a full game with no in-app crap, and perhaps more if it had Xbox live integration with achievements.

It's such a shame Disney decided to ruin a great game like this.


Happy Disney put this out! My daughter is obsessed with Frozen right now.


Disney is rockin' with putting out apps for WP lately. Very happy about that. Wish they'd make a Parks app though!

DavidinCT says:

Sigh, another AAA dev that does not use Xbox live......  #SaveXboxWP (search Twitter for this hashtag and you'll see tons of posts, Use it if your on twitter, let's get xbox live support BACK for WP !!)


NO xbox-Live NO buy.

John20212 says:

It's a fun game, but its ruined by the free+ in app purchases model. Some later levels can be really tough to pass without buying the various powerups. This combined with no Xbox Live supports damages the game further. Overall not bad to waste a bit of time with the first 20 or so levels.

Would have been an incredible game if it had Xbox Live and a fixed price without in-app purchases.


itsanixtha says:

Love this game buh also looking for candy crush saga :)

Phrozty says:

I love this game! have it on both my 1520 & 2520. Seriously my favorite game.