Full House Poker updated to Mango

Good news for players and especially those who managed to grab this title when it was the Xbox Live Deal of the Week not so long ago. Full House Poker has been updated to Mango, which brings the usual goodness with fast-app switching and more. But the interesting feature that's now included is unlockable ringtone achievements, which is something we haven't seen yet in a game on Windows Phone.

You can download Full House Poker from the Marketplace for $2.99, be sure to check out our full review!

Thanks Will for the heads up!



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selfcreation says:

the ring tone thing is COOL!!but it still doesnt have multy player :(

TheWeeBear says:

Parachute Panic has a ringtone no ? Not as an achievemnt though so i guess not. I'll get my coat!

Goodeye says:

Where are the ringtones? I see nothing in the game showing there is any new ringtones.

hoodoo#WP says:

I couldn't see any reference to them either.

selfcreation says:

in the Achievements Jacks Over ThreesDJazz Daddy Riffslippery when wetbluffing On twosStrait flushthey all have that MUSIC icon next to them :)

MastrMeatWad says:

WOW, freaking cool. I personally love when games have avatar unlockables (love the helmets like Costume Quest pumpkin mask and Gears3 Locust mask), and it sometimes influences my decision on arcade titles. I may be the minority but if an arcade title is on sale for 5 dollars and has awesome unlockables, avatar items, achievs, I buy it. So to see this for win7 games is great and the addition of Ring tones, even cooler. Lets not replace avatar items w/ ring tones though-utilize both please. :)