Full version of FB Pages Manager on sale for just 99 cents

FB pages manager

The developers behind the popular third-party app FB Pages Manager for Windows Phone have reduced the price of the full version to just 99 cents, but that deal is slated to end soon. The team behind the app has also announced plans for future versions of the app.

The first version, which allows Facebook users to manage more than one of their pages, was released just a year ago and has received several updates since that time. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the app, its developers have announced the full version is on sale for 99 cents, down from its normal $1.99, from now until Friday, July 11.

The FB Pages Manager team have also announced that the app has had over 300,000 downloads since it launched and currently has over 100,000 monthly active users, with an average of 1,500 new users added every day.

The bad news for Windows Phone 7.x owners is that the current 1.8 version of the app will be the last for the older OS. The upcoming 1.9 version may also be the last version for Windows Phone 8 as the team plans to move development for version 2 exclusively for Windows Phone 8.1. It will be released "in the coming months".

You can download the full version of FB Pages Manager (Lite version - right QR code) from the Windows Phone Store right now. Thanks to John for the tip!

QR: FB Pages Manager



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cactuz911 says:

Very good app actually - I'm using it since over a year now!

Bought it when it launched! Very good app. Consistent with updates. Works great!

Pich Sovann says:

Will it be the official one or not?

a-Tree says:

Great app this, use it on my work phone too!

SoloXCRacer says:

Que the "why is it not free" threads in 3....2....1.....

Why is it not free?

dalydose says:

The cult of "official" will be right behind them.

I asked for parody. Don't misunderstanding.

Pich Sovann says:

Glad to be paid

eashwar says:

I tipped about this yesterday. No credits for me? @wpcentral

Does this really matter ? Anyways Thanks for the tip ^_^

eashwar says:

lol....! that doesn't really matters at all....Anyways I'd love to have some credits na?

adrian1338 says:

fishing for credit of a handed in news.. you must be popular around your friends

Good guy Himanshu :p

I remembered you from 75K post bud :)

FFugue says:

This app is really good. I just wish they made this version universal for Windows 8. They already made a Windows 8 version but it's really not as good and useful as the Windows Phone version.

DVDPT says:

We are planning on making it so ;) But first we need to update the app to WP 8.1 and close and redo Win8 version ;)

FFugue says:

Awesome!! Thanks!

Yousef Kawmi says:

For a second i thought it was "Full version FB" and i was like "oh god open open fast !!"

eddlang says:

How secure are third-party applications like these? Can they intercept the username and/or password or the contents of the pages? Just asking.

Rcoil says:

I'm curious too. Looks like it uses Facebook API with Facebook login so they don't have your credentials but you never know. Sadly i'll pass on this one and wait for an official app. Not that you can trust Facebook but at least they won't post bullshit on your company's page ;)

DVDPT says:

We can't really know your username or password. We just use your token to make stuff you want. That's all ;)

eddlang says:

Thanks for clearing that up. You're doing a good job here, a job that was supposed to be done by facebook themselves, but since they don't give a crap... keep it up, just hope you're not spying on our stupid content. (Just kidding :D)

Great and extremely useful app, I bought it more than a year ago...

Sabe002 says:

What's the difference between the paid and free?

DVDPT says:

The free won't let you pin the pages to your start screen, see the insights and manage the albums, and is ad driven ;)


irsyadhhs says:

If only it's free. I will download it even though i really don't need this app. ^s

josonjoy1986 says:

Download the lite version....,. It is free.....:)

Coolaaron88 says:

I love this app and paid for it a long time ago. I wonder if the creator of this app would be against creating one for facebook events. I would love that.

DVDPT says:

Funny enough we did started an app to events and another to groups, but then facebook improved a lot on their official app these two aspects so we stopped the development ;)

I do like it, even though I only have one page to manage.

Jazmac says:

No thanks. Don't need the more access to FB bullshit experimentation. If I need that I know a cable news channel where that is all they do.

dalydose says:

Amazingly helpful comment. You even snuck in some pointless politics into a tech article. Brilliant.

Jazmac says:

Hall monitor much?

bozvandam says:

"It'll be released within months"? What the 8.1 only app or 8.1? ;)

DVDPT says:

No the app WP 8.1 version ;)

Witness says:

Well, I've been waiting for an official app, but after seeing positive responses here, the reviews, and the screenshots... I skipped the Lite version, and am installing the Full version now. Thumbs Up Dev Dude.

DVDPT says:

Thank you ;) and thank all all our users that made this app awesome with suggestions, feedback and translations ;)

cowboy6201 says:

I use this app all the time works great on my business page love it and I know the creator of the App he also like my page as well.

fxkenshi says:

Great app, bought it months ago but I have an annoying problem. It seems that it can't open some photos. It just takes me to the cover photo. For example notifications show you have a comment on a certain picture, when you click the notification it takes you to the album cover photo not the one that has been commented.
Hope this gets fixed in the next release.