Funny Faces allows you to embarrass your family for the holidays

Whoaa...I turned into a Santa!

If you haven't tried Funny Faces yet, the augmented reality app from Schulte Software Development, then you really should. The app allows you to use the camera to take pictures of people and then add hats, mustaches, pacifiers, etc. to them in real time. And since the app has a custom facial-recognition algorithm, you can effortlessly make someone look ridiculously silly just by pointing your camera at them.

Now in version 1.4, you can go back and add over-lays to existing photos in addition to the new Santa Clause hat and beard-- seasons greeting! Just ask legendary metal singer Glen Danzig! He loves his fluffy new beard and hat.

Funny Faces

Anyways, we love this app as it's pretty hilarious and perfect for those holiday parties. You can even share to Facebook or Twitter for rapid humiliation. The app fetches for $0.99 and has a free trial, give it a go here in the Marketplace.

Funny Faces



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RSM87 says:

lol never thought i would see danzig with a santa hat and beard on 

erichon99 says:

Funny Faces is one of my favorite apps and I'm glad it's getting updates! I bought it a few months ago after having so much fun with the trial version. 

aubreyq says:

Tell your children not to walk my way...