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The future of Microsoft: 3 screens and Metro

Just a few minutes ago, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrapped up his speech at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles. Most of the talk was focused on Windows 7, Windows 8, InTune and some other Microsoft technologies.

However, this slide came up and while it reveals nothing new (the Windows 8 UI, Windows Phone and the next Xbox Hub) we finally get to see Microsoft's "Three screens" vision (e.g. RC-Air Sim) including matching UI come to fruition.

We have to admit, it looks sharp and awesome.



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Los says:

I love it

selfcreation says:

very nice , i dunno if id get a tablet , but my 360+phone+pc are gona rock my world!!

theefman says:

Don't mess this up, Microsoft!

bc3tech says:

As a consumer, I love it. As a developer it makes me say "ugh" - but we'll see what comes out of BUILD.

selfcreation says:

HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!! The future of Microsoft: 3 screens and Metro think you mean: The future of Microsoft: 4 screens and MetroPC + cell + TABLET!!! + Xbox 360 ;)

noirsoft says:

Tablet is PC. 3 Screens are enough.

KeegdnaB42 says:

Every other company is playing off the idea of a "post PC" era dominated by tablets.Microsoft is taking the stance of a tablet being just another form of PC.

hardrock1a says:

And I personally love the idea! I really want to see the hardware, if Win 8 functions as smoothly as they demo'ed awhile back, I will be VERY much in line for say... a nice Sony or (maybe?) Nokia tablet, with a Super AMOLED screen, full windows functionality from printing out of the box, to full Network functionality, to being able to have a table that you can put in a cradle and via Bluetooth or USB connect a keyboard and mouse if you needed to and then grab it and go. On top of all that... being able to run full Office and any other currently compatible software. YEAH BUDDY!!!

jcagga says:

This is a brilliant idea, i mean if someone used windows 8 before but not xbox 360 or windows phone 7, they would get used to them really quickly, vice versa.

1jaxstate1 says:

That Windows 8 tablet will by the first tablet I own! I love it.

skiingallday says:

Love it, My PC Xbox and WP7 combo is going to be that much sweeter :)

boysenberry says:

Keep up the good work Microsoft... My MacBook Pro will be going up on eBay in the not to distant future...

fpostrow says:

So, what's HP going to do with their plans to run webOS on laptops? Next year they'll be selling laptops with W8 that look just like the MS phones and xBox? Sounds like their plans went down the toilet with the TP, appropriately named tablet I must say.Can't wait for the fall dashboard update and Mango on my phone. Bring it on guys.

Tansen says:

The motif looks great. If a tablet running Windows 8 could run as smoothly and efficiently as my WP7, I might just take it.

Miggy#WP says:

I just hope they all include Zune!

namikral says:

I want a nokia wp8 phone and tablet sharing the same design, colour and polycarbonate...