Game spotlight: Rainbow Rapture [Video]

We love silly games. Especially when they're good. And free. Rainbow Rapture by Kindling meets all of these criterion. The premise? "Rainbow is unhappy with the way things turned out down below. He wants a clean slate. Help him wipe humanity off the face of the Earth."


The game has strong, bold graphics, smooth gameplay, a catchy jingle and high re-playability, making it our new addiction. It's like those jumper games, but instead you need to try to go a certain distance, all while catching mad air and eating people.

We would like to see some type of leaderboard system thrown in for extra value and perhaps some achievements--even if those are for a paid version of the app, it'd add extra value to an already strong title. Still, being free, we really like this little game. At first, the controls are a bit strange, but after a few tries, mastery is possible.

Pick it up here in the Marketplace (Zune link).



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ducttape36 says:

went to download it and noticed it requires access to my location. why is this? i won't be downloading it for now as i am concerned about privacy.

Ads man, that's how they work. They're based on your location so local businesses can advertise. All ad supported apps do this.

CAVX says:

Just so you know, "criterion" is the singular form of "criteria". So it would be "all of these criteria".