Games for Windows Live Marketplace is officially dead

If you have yet to receive the memo, Games for Windows Live Marketplace has been shut down for good as of yesterday. Microsoft states that userswill no longer be able to purchase new content through the marketplace, but previously purchased software will still be available to re-download. As Microsoft’s Xbox platform switched from Microsoft Points to local currency, the Games for Windows Live Marketplace was left behind in the dust.

In-game downloadable content offered in some games will still be available, but users should first check with the specific game publisher to confirm. Users who had a remaining Microsoft point balance in the Games for Windows Live Marketplace before it was killed, have now lost their funds (You can complain to Microsoft about that one).

Games for Windows Live was originally launched in 2007 and struggled to keep up with other game distributors including Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam.

Has the shutdown of the Games for Windows Live Marketplace affected you or have you been using Steam to download your favorite PC games?

Source: IGN



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curly722 says:

I just downloaded this yesterday... Lol

Arfy says:

Good riddance

Warren Dance says:

I actually never had any issues with it..

Skunkwurx says:

No neither did i but its kind of pointless in windows 8 with the xbox games store.... The smart move would be to reload the gwl onto that... Considering its windows i don't know why this hasn't already happened... I want "big" "real" "full" titles thru the store

Mad Strings says:

So since Arkham City uses XBforPC, if I purchase it on Steam, will I not be able to play it?

simphf says:

If you buy B: AA GOTY it won't work on 8, unless you also buy B: AC GOTY. It took me a hour to figure it out. I didn't use 'an' on purpose.

allos autos says:

You pronounce it "hower" instead of "our" on purpose too?

DAZTK says:

Just like xbox live games on windows phone! I fear the worst

i hope i can get "Tinker" game now or at least have it ported to W8/WP8

awesumjon says:

It really was a good challenging game, and free! I don't have much hope that we'll see it again though.

Bob101910 says:

GFWL used Microsoft points. So funds should still be useable. Just on GFWL.

schlubadub says:

Yeah, I don't know why it says we have lost our funds. It says everywhere that points will be converted to local currency.

Ratman826 says:

Steam is much better than this,

timmyisme22 says:

Good riddance indeed! Such a horrible service that hasn't been touched in years.

It was long overdue.

Justin5267 says:

Can you still buy GFWL games on steam? Like Bioshock 2, Batman, etc?

gioany says:

Time to go Sony. What's your thoughts.

AriesDog says:

Yes, by all means go to Sony's PC gaming service. Oh wait...

K_lando says:

neither, wait for Steambox

cadwr says:

I'm pretty sure I own more games on steam than there are total on GFWL. What a terrible service that was... No great loss.

AriesDog says:

GfWL was replaced by Xbox for Windows 8 and the Windows Store. Not sure why everyone's making a big deal about this

MikeSo says:

Just another opportunity to hate on Microsoft.

K_lando says:

Yes, the Win 8 store/market and Xbox for Windows is meant to 'replace' GfWL and Zune, so the shut down is not a big deal.
However, tell me where to find Fallout 3 and Mass Effect in the Win 8 store.  Those were the kind of games one could buy via GfWL... not Angry Birds and Doodlejump.
I think MS has to have something coming down the pipeline in this regards, but right now... Steam it is.

andreirlopes says:

My only complain is because of Age of Empires Online which is not on Windows Store (I guess that's why some people are bitching around...). And no, I'm not going to use Steam.

Jack Larson1 says:

Hopefully the win8 store will improve. It already has halo: Spartan assault, but right now, I only use steam. Remember, team fortress 2 is free on steam, and did I mention that valve needs some smart people to build Source engine 2? (source is an engine that powers l4D, TF2,HL2, and L4D2)

_Emi_ says:

AoEO is dead anyway, its better to see it die. Not even the Twitch channel cares about it since all i can see its AOE3 and 2 :P.
and im sorry but using steam was the only way Microsoft AoEO guys told you to download it from. and it had a bug they never fixed it, it was nightmare to use steam with AOEO.
so my point? just let it die, its free and it was good but AoEO team ruined it. and its better if this just ends the life of it. so they can focus in a win8 game (if they ever do AoE4 for win8)

xankazo says:

I have quite a few GFWL games. I like the achievements system, does it affect achievements?

DJCBS says:

Neither. I like my games on discs. If the idea is to download...we all know we can do it for free. I don't like Steam nor anything alike and I refuse to pay for a download the same I would pay for a disc.

So none of this affects me.

K_lando says:

I hear you. There are, however, Free to play games on Steam you can't play anywhere else. Star Trek Online, DC Universe online.. etc etc.
I understand wanting a physical disc when it comes to spending hard earned money... but for free to play games, its worth have Steam as well.

Jack Larson1 says:

And all steam games and achievements are in the cloud, safe and secure.

MrSimmix says:

When you buy a game that uses steam it adds that game to your account, thus if you lose the disc you can download the game. Pretty neat...

Paul Acevedo says:

Disc-based PC gaming is either dead or dying. You're already missing out on like 90% of all new PC releases. Not really a good attitude to have if you use that platform for gaming.

I don't have enough expletives to state my well-informed hatred for GFWL.
I suffered through two GFWL games. One was totally wrecked by a combination of being a small company and having Sega as a publisher - A deal which included GFWL integration.
It killed all chances of the game ever taking off.
This is a grudge that I will probably carry for all of eternity. It sucks that Microsoft are now the ones to push out Windows Phone and hybrid systems.

m3kk says:

I'm so confused about Xbox games for wp8 & win8 and then there is ordinary games and then there is real Xbox games on Xbox etc..i went exploring on my Xbox "games" on my Xbox but I was so confused..some games that costs money you can click and "download demo" but some games is there as stand alone demos and only them shows up in category "demo" I just downloaded dead rising 2 instead killed all zombies full with rage and confusion, crying and laughing eating too much ice cream and nacho chips so I felt sick and almost throw up. Thank you Microsoft .

Marco Enxuto says:

It's pretty obvious this shutdown. The goal is to converge to the Windows/Windows Phone Store

eddlang says:

They might bring xbox live to windows. Who knows.
P.S. I mean for desktop games, not metro.

That's what GFWL was.
Just speaking of it will incite hatred amongst gamers.

eddlang says:

I don't mean to simply rename the GFWL to Xbox Live and bring it back. I mean to implement the service that is used for Xbox, WP and metro on desktop windows.
I suppose Xbox Live is liked by gamers, isn't it?

_Emi_ says:

yeah because i cant play win8 Xbox live games on desktop computer /s..........

CobraJ82 says:

Its the worst service ever made anyways.

This is awful. Most of my LIVE enabled PC games are purchased via GFWL. So disappointing.

So this means the games like Microsoft Flight are no longer available?  That was download only and the god dam best flight simulator I have every used.  OFRR is a great game too, at least I have the disc for that.  Completely disappointing.  My laptop with windows 8 cant run any of these games with its specs, but my Windows 7 gaming PC keeps losing good games to stuff like this.  At least I have WOT since the xbox version just sucks.
Origin is better than steam, steam pulls too much bandwidth and cpu usage at idle. Never had an issue wtih GFWL.

D_A says:

The Pirate Bay ftw !!! :)

In Limbo says:

Am I the only person that didn't know this existed? lol

Robborboy says:

I don't quite understand why Microsoft is doing all this. Why not, instead of killing services in favor of others, just rebrand and renovate it? Like Zune? They should have rebranded it Xbox Music and updated it to real currency instead of making Xbox music. Especially so since downloading music isn't something Xbox music allows.

MrSimmix says:

It doesn't bother me that much except for GTA IV. But I mostly use steam. I think I'm glad they got rid of it.

Nejcooo says:

wait what?? i can still play gta iv online (played 5 minuntes ago)

darth3pio says:

That's because the marketplace was shutdown, the service itself won't be axed until July next year.

MrSimmix says:

But will we still be able to play GTA IV online after July?

darth3pio says:

Unfortunately not.

Nejcooo says:

srsly? rockstart better fix it or im gonna be realy pissed

teriansilva says:

Use Steam next time.

MrSimmix says:

My internet is not good enough to download GTA IV on steam. So I had to buy the disc.

darth3pio says:

In the case of GTAIV, Steam isn't going to make a difference.

Nejcooo says:

gta iv is not using steam servers

Gamemassa says:

Technically, Nejcooo is right. If you buy and launch GTA IV through Steam, it still makes you launch GFWL to run the game. However, the online is run through Rockstar Games Social Club, which is still active.

glassadam says:

I think I'd use steam if I were a PC gamer.

Means that I'll need to buy Ultra Street Fighter somewhere else or re-purchase the whole game on steam. That sucks, because, if I knew, I would've bought SSF4:AE on sale for nothing. And no more bulletstorm for me:'(

Dang3rMause says:

Good riddance! I remember the perils of using GFWL back when WH40k Dawn of War 2 came out. Man it made plays games such a hassel!

hanna34 says:

this should be alive one more time and marketplace will succeed by this.