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Gchat Google Talk client for Mango phones now available

One thing that is lacking on Microsoft's Windows Phone is some solid Google apps. Sure we have IM+, but not everyone is in love with that IM system nor the price. Gchat, which supports Google Talk and only Google Talk, is now available in the Marketplace for Mango enabled phones. And our first impression? It's pretty awesome. Here's why:

  • Push notifications for messages
  • Pinning any of your contacts as a secondary tile, with independent unread message count.
  • Off-the-record conversations, with special and delicate handling.

It's looks to be fast (app is

The app is free and looks to be ad free, so if you have a Mango phone and need Google Talk, you'll want to give it a shot as this looks very promising. Grab it here in the Marketplace.



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PhilR8 says:

Just downloaded it, logged in, and:Connection error: unable to contact server. Please try again later.

We're in contact with the devs. Server issue on their end and it should be back up soon.

limitedmage says:

Everything should be working now :)

edm4life says:

Please add the ability to save password?

Saljen says:

With Mango, aren't devs supposed to have the ability to bake things like this right into hubs? As in, add Gchat functionality right into the Messaging hub, like facebook and msn messenger.

limitedmage says:

Unfortunately, Mango has no APIs to add additional IM services to the Messaging hub.

batterybank says:

Please fix it now!! I need it before sleeping tonight!! :)

eric12341 says:

trust me u'll live, Google sucks.

limitedmage says:

It's been fixed, try to connect again :)

rikkit says:

It'll be brilliant when we can do this. Imagine the possibilities!

ealexand#CB says:

Thats unfortunate. Gchat baked in is really the only thing left on my wishlist for Windows Phone.

PhilR8 says:

Agreed. Lot of haters here for some reason, but GMail and GChat are daily necessities for me.

eric12341 says:

who wants to use crappy Google services?

ealexand#CB says:

a lot of people. I'm not a google lover, but all my friends are on gchat. I dont know a single person on windows messenger anymore

limitedmage says:

We had a small bug on the server but it's been fixed :) Try to connect again.

Reloaded#WP says:

Seems it's working now and it looks really good :)

batterybank says:

Still doesn't work for me. Keeps loading but never finishes.Also, one thing i'm wondering is.. that why they have to connect to their server. They should connect to google straight.!!

limitedmage says:

We had a small bug on the server but it's been fixed :) Try to connect again. We use a proxy server to reduce data sent to the phone and to use the push notification services.

theefman says:

Kind of surprising that people so heavinly invested in google would not just have bought an android phone in the first place. google obviously doesnt want to play nice with MS on this one, confirming why I dont like the company in the first place.

PhilR8 says:

I had an Android phone, and while GChat integration was brilliant, the rest of the experience suffered. I love my HTC Arrive and don't have any desire to return to Android, but I really, really, really want a reliable GChat client. My GMail and my Google Calendar already integrate brilliantly with my WP7 device - they play nice alongside my outlook email and calendar. I want a similar experience for GCHat.

blackmission says:

shouldn't we be redirected to google for authentication?I'm not sure I want to give my access details to any app...

limitedmage says:

The app does use Google for authentication and does not save your password. You can take a look at the source code yourself if you're really paranoid: :)

Sam Sabri says:

I wonder why they couldn't tell Mike about the pizza run.

starblade876 says:

Apparently, he's not good enough for their clique, those stuck up Google Talk-using **** (¬_¬)

ctafield says:

I'm still struggling to login... Have tried logging out, and logging back in again but still get the server errors.

joshpollard says:

I just updated my Focus to 7720 specifically to get this app and now I don't see it in the Marketplace. Any ideas why?Update: Nevermind, it must have been the market issues. A couple of phone reboot's fixed it.

skaschimer says:

Just downloaded it to my HTC Trophy. I get the same error that alot of folks have: Unable to contact dserver. Please retry later.Any thoughts?

Still constantly getting "Connection failed: please try again later" or a litany of other similar messages when trying to connect.
Also, push notifications do not work all the time, maybe for 25% of messages.  Also, if you happen to be logged in to any google services anywhere, you will get no messages at all, because the app only grabs "offline messages".  Very disappointing.