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GDR2 update for Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 show up on Nokia’s servers, can be flashed now for the daring

For those of you who are super anxious to get Microsoft’s latest OS release, Windows Phone 8 build 10327 (GDR2) along with Nokia’s highly anticipated Amber firmware update, there’s some good news for you today.

Users in our forums and on other sites have noticed that the files are now available on Nokia’s servers for the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. The files can be downloaded and you can flash your device directly. The bad news is you need to flash your device, which means wiping out your current data and starting fresh as you install this new ROM. That’s opposed to the carrier-sanctioned method that will preserve your data. In addition, you are likely going to miss any custom firmware for your carrier, including possibly Data Sense, should you go down this route. [Note: checking under Settings > Phone Update won't yield any results]

Because of those reasons, we don’t really advocate you go ahead and try this method. It requires some instruction following and some software installation, but we know some of you are tinkerers who don’t mind losing all your saved games and app settings. If that’s the case, head into our forums to get started or follow the instructions on the fan site Nokia Views, who have links to the ROMs for the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 (no other devices are available yet).

Windows Phone 10327 (GDR2) is a minor OS update that brings FM radio, some enhancements to Xbox Music, WAV file playback for voicemail, fixed Other storage, and other minor bug fixes in addition to enabling the new hardware found in the Lumia 1020. Nokia’s corresponding Amber update, which is what is causing the delays for release, allows the new Glance screen, flip to silence, Lumia Color Profile and an improved camera experience, making the combo of an update quite interesting for consumers.

Carriers are expected to release the update in August directly to customers, which will also feature custom firmware for that carrier, enabling such things as Data Sense in select markets. Now that we know that the final base OS and firmware package is on Nokia’s servers, it’s a safe bet that the update is nigh, though as previous experience has taught us, the update will be staggered.

Thanks, willysocks2222 and Vincent G., for the tips and vinumathew, for the screenshots



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Jazmac says:

I'm going in....just as soon as I read the reviews. hehe  BTW, Any way to interpret that website?

icyrock1 says:

I used google translate to get the gist of what they were saying. 

Josh Harman says:

Bing translate, right click the page.

btgusto says:

only works in desktop browser

What device are you using? Give us some feedback...? Did it actually solved the other storage problem??

EJP86 says:

I will definitely wait for the update. 
Very very excited it's listed, though! 
Soon, soon! :)

I read the first few words and went straight to my settings and checked for an update.. I was disappointed

jassp87 says:

ahahaha same here ahahah

Credo93 says:

I'll wait for the OTA update :)

Clodderes says:

I'll also wait for the OTA update from my carrier

pankaj981 says:

And believe it or not....even the Lumia 810 is getting it, just verified from NCS

interopbyt says:

What about the 822? Don't forget us!

rmichael75 says:

822 is not discontinued.. so it will get it.. only question is when.. Verizon has been slow with updates.

tiny_hands says:

You'll forgive me if I don't believe it. Until it shows up, it does not exist.

I've been hearing that for a while now.  Not believing anything TMO does until I'm listening to local radio on my phone. 

Some people have an update too, in their lumia's 620

NightWatch71 says:

Orda "kullanıcı verisini sil" seçeneği koymuşlar. Güncellemeyi programdan yapsak verilerimizi koruyabiliyor muyuz?

banamisin says:

Her şekilde silinecek. Sonra da sadece açılışta mobil veri ile yedeğiniz geri geliyor. İstemiyorsanız telefona güncelleme gelmesini bekleyebilirsiniz.

NightWatch71 says:

Bekleyim ben en iyisi. Siz yaptınız mı? Türkiye'de Datasense falan kullanılabiliyor mu?

banamisin says:

620 kullanmıyorum. Fakat Data Sense Türkiye'de tüm operatörlere geldi. Ayrıca artık 620 eldiven ile kullanılabilecek. Tek gelmeyen FM Radyo. Nokia Smart Cam bile var.

NightWatch71 says:

Ben de 820 kullanıyorum zaten. Sağ olun verdiğiniz bilgiler için.

That language looks hard as f**k to read. O_o

NightWatch71 says:

Well, it is hard to learn but actually easy to read since the words are phonetically spelled.

alper60 says:

no man, it's not hard to learn Turkish. for example I could speak Turkish even when I was just a child. and I begun to write Turkish when I was six. as you see it's not hard to learn. btw, I'm Turk, maybe it helped a bit :)

NightWatch71 says:

You must be the chosen one then. The one who has been foreseen by our fathers. Congrats :)

Miti 1982 says:

Try reading this then:
Това е едно изречение на български език.
И аз ще чакам да се появи ъпдейта OTA за моята Lumia 920.
Поздрави на всички!

Hi Miti,
Bulgarian is reading phonetically like Turkish. But word placement in sentences are almost same with english (First predicate then subject).
Pozdravi i na tebe...

lcw731 says:

Actually, it looks like a cat walked accross their keyboard!

NightWatch71 says:

For me, it stopped being a minor update when they fixed other storage. Can't wait for OTA.

+1 about the Other storage fix.

L0gic Bom8 says:

Can't come soon enough. Still thinking of the balance Microsoft has to do between new and existing users/consumers. Honestly, I'd rather have one update per season as it gives Microsoft time to add/improve features per season. But if there's a crippling bug be it security or otherwise, immediately send that patch out and that's where the carriers should have no say!

zvery777 says:

Do Lumias 900 get it too?

You don't have Windows Phone 8, so no.

MacDaMachine says:

You shouldn't have Dan.

rodneyej says:

GDR2 is for WP8 Devices... Really❔

@rod No, GDR2' is for your car.

I thought my computer had GDR2 memory? (It's a joke.)

Unfortunately not.This is for WP8 Lumias only. :(

thirdday2002 says:

You're joking, right?

You can update your hardware and software at the same time (1020)

rmichael75 says:

good one..:).. BTW my mom has 900 and she is very happy with what is there.. so no complaints there.

index1366 says:

No, Windows Phone 8 devices ONLY.

Aaron M says:

Hahaha, thanks for the laugh.

rodneyej says:

I thought we couldn't look into Nokia's servers anymore... ❔❔

RyanAMG says:

I think that was OS files that weren't public yet. This site shows what you can download now.

nutzim says:

i rather see u guys inform us only for OTA updates. think we all wanna update things properly from the phone's own update system. right?

quantum tao says:

thats funny right there

nutzim says:

Over the Air

Aaron M says:

Dude, this is WPCentral, which catters to WP hobbists and enthusiasts. Your average reader here is much more likely to be interested in grabbing the latest updates and what not. So of coarse they should report on this. Personally, I'll wait until an official update because I doubt the new features are worth the effort of flashing my phone.

poddie says:

"I want less news!"


Tuan Em says:

Rom Lumia Amber for Lumia 520 AT&T, 620, 820, 920 download at here

xankazo says:

Can it be flashed to any L620, no matter the carrier?

xankazo says:

Those ROMs don't work for my Lumia 620.

Darren Walsh says:

i have flashed mine with vodafone ireland rom and can confirm data sense is there and everything else!! i finally have my fm radio !!!!

rodneyej says:

Did you really❔

Darren Walsh says:

yeah did it about an hour ago, she's running like a dream !!!

pankaj981 says:

Camera improvements? And what about smart cam?

Darren Walsh says:

yeah that's there too, a few short video tutorials to show you how to use it when first setting it up

silverbladex says:

careful though, you could get different results because youre living in the US. Im eager too but i think i will wait.

sph0308 says:

Once you have the Amber Update (and FM radio) do you need a radio app to run it or is it "baked" into the phone ?

Darren Walsh says:

no you don't need any app, just go into your music and it's right there !!

enzom09 says:

You do need headphones for the radio, which is a drag

Darren Walsh says:

i knew you'd need them all along! it's been the same on every phone "I've" ever owned !!!

theflew says:

You don't your heaadphones, but you'll need a wire sticking out of your headphone jack to make it work since it needs an antennae.

m477 says:

I think you accidentally a world.

arallan says:

what is your previous Carrier? can i flash my AT&T 

Mista_Calais says:

What's your phone's product code? And do you have the English language included?
Thanks :)

Darren Walsh says:

059R809 it's a branded Vodafone Ireland rom, I think its been pulled though, I'm in work now so can't check!!

Mista_Calais says:

Thanks for the quick reply, can you please confirm if this firmware version is the one you have?
The one I'm running is the Telstra Australia 1232.5962.1314.0009
I'm not sure whether mine is the newer version or yours is and mine isn't even the Amber update.
Thanks bud.

Darren Walsh says:

I wad on the 1249 then I flashed to the 1308 on unbranded firmware cos Vodafone Ireland hasn't released it, yesterday I flashed to 1326 back on the Vodafone Ireland rom.. I guess they skipped the 1308 update entirely! It's back to the 1249 on Nokia care suite now I think

Waited this long. What's another 3 months. Thanks AT&T.

poddie says:

Not sure why people always bitch about this. They've been really prompt with 920 updates. 820 took a while for storage check though.

Rhndy says:

What about the unlocked phones? When will they get the update?

index1366 says:

Does this kind of installing an update break your warranty? Just got my Lumia 920 today and don't want to cripple it the first day :D. 

rodneyej says:

Just wait for the official update.. Its not like your 920 is severely lacking in features, or in serious need of a bug fix.. Just wait a few more weeks... If it ain't broke don't fix it..

paulxxwall says:

Oh I'd say the other storage issue is broken and definitely needs a fix im sitting on 9gb of other storage

gazmatic says:

do you have lumia storage checker app?

swipe over to details for a proper breakdown of what is on your device

also be sure to click the details of the apps section

apps have app data that adds to the other situation. plus downloaded maps. and any file that wp8 doenst play...mkv etc

Tafkas373 says:

Check the terms. Do they allow the use of unauthorized software that is dedicated to use by support staff only? I mean, seriously...
Still, you should check. I don't know your warranty terms. I can, however, tell you that under German law, tampering with the device will jeopardize potential claims that whatever is wrong with your phone isn't actually your fault.

devize says:

No, its the same thing as you will get OTA. You just got the phone so I'd do it as it won't be so bad setting it up all over again

MooCoo says:

You should first check Your current version as the gdr2 and amber might be on Your device already.

WPUser111 says:

Good news Daniel.. On time..

cookgoose says:

What about OEM factory unlock devices lumia 720?

Darren Walsh says:

am not sure on that, i had my phone flashed with an unbranded rom and there is no update on that on noika care suite, but there is for my original branded vodafone ireland rom so flashed it back on,, very strange that vodafone has it first ! i can live with the branding as it's gdr2/amber! will prob flash it again when unbranded roms are updated!!

cookgoose says:

So i assune it will be a waiting period before the update is pushed to the unlock variants of the lumia 720?

Darren Walsh says:

yeah looks like that, i thought it would be the other way around lol

rohitsingh says:

Not available for any lumia 720 models. I have an unlocked model too.

Sarang68 says:

I was called to the Nokia center for the update but later found out that there is a specific code for each color of the handset. Only those handsets which were black in color were upgradable. Guess i have to wait since mine is red.

devize says:

It doesn't really make any difference. The different ROMs for the various colours are exactly the same except for the default theme colour i.e yellow has the yellow theme, red has red etc.

idlelimey says:

Have GDR2 on my 8X, waiting for OTA on 920. Since there is no Data Sense on my HTC, I'm guessing there won't be on my Nokia either (Orange, UK).

Blocks9 says:

It appears EE/orange have no interest in endorsing data sense. Shame!

rockstarzzz says:

+1, there wont be data sense on firmware for any EE umbrella networks - EE, Orange, Tmobile, Vectone, Lyca.

steppyhen says:

If that's the case, then I will update to generic firmware. I want Data Sense! I'm not surprised EE won't support it though...

mpelti says:

So this could be a dilemna. I'm going on vacation starting Thursday, and I don't want to risk my phone right before that. How long before AT&T pushes this, and how long to wait to make sure it doesn't kill phones?

Josh Harman says:

2 weeks for AT&T, actually that's somewhat of a guess. I have been hearing that AT&T has Aug. 20th set as a release date.

dainla says:

They have to test it to make sure it doesn't screw up phones.  It's coming from them, so they have to test and make sure it all works correctly.

That is what AT&T said with the Windows Phone 7.8 update (and even now, they still have not delivered the update to all of the phones that were promised to get the update).

Corepc says:

521 on ncs has well

Henry Ovalle says:

Really want to but can't let go of my YouTube app. :(

RyanAMG says:

That's why I still have my 8X. I go back and forth from my 928 & 8X. Does anyone know if there is a way to take the YouTube app off my 8X and put it on my 928?

rockstarzzz says:

Don't dare anything, you will lose it!

jes1888 says:

There's something I don't understand. If they're ota updates, why do we have to wait til the f..cking carriers release the update like WP7????

inteller says:

OTA is just the method to get it to your phone, not the origin of who approves it.  As long as your phone is branded by some dipshit carrier (ATT) you will always be at their mercy.

Josh Harman says:

Because they have carrier specifics added in the update.
Possible improved call quality, better cell/data signal, etc.

Gurggles says:

Carriers want to protect their networks from faulty software and test every device before its available to the masses. It sucks but be glad they do this.

djdan says:

Something tells me that VZW and the 928 will be among the last to receive...

Vasili Trach says:

Nokia, push the button!

alper60 says:

thiz iz fakin avsıımmm

kivancio says:

puhahahaahah :D

alper60 says:

çaktırma ortama girmeye çalışıyorum:)

aakyel says:

güldürdünüz amk 

kivancio says:

resmen gizli bir sürü türk varmış

aakyel says:

14 ağustos diyolar ne diyonuz?

kubimonsta says:

beklenmez flashla gitsin.

aakyel says:

ya flashlıcam da şimdi verilerin uçması durumu, yedekleme ile uğraş falan çok pis üşeniyom, ama merak da edip duruyom ne zamandır bekliyodum.

omersari says:

bende korkuyorum sd karttaki veriler gitmez dimi. bide ben mpatool adlı bi programla sanatçı resmi (hani kilit ekranı varya) indirdim flaşlasam gitmez dimi . elim güncelle butonunda. Telfeon nokia lumia 620

EngineerTuna says:

Gerek yok flash'a. o kadar elzem ne var arkadaş. Sanki bana ekranda saat görünmese 2-3 hafta daha öleceğiz.
920 var bende. hem de şu brick olanlar var ya. Anakartını değiştiler. Şuan çok seri ve stabil çalışıyor. Bence bi bekleyin. Güncellesin bir kaç kişi. sorun var mı yok mu görelim bir.

Do we still not know which carriers are going to support DataSense with this one? Will AT&T?

brianmakris says:

I am hoping they do but seeing as my shiny new 1020 doesn't have it I won't be holding my breath

Yeah that's probably a pretty good indicator, huh? :(

Gamby35 says:

Does anyone know if Verizon is giving us group texting back in GDR2? Please!

RyanAMG says:

another member said there is a way around this by setting up on a ATT phone and restore backup to your Verizon phone and it adds it. I can't confirm this works as I haven't had time to try but I will after GRD2 and if it doesn't add I'll be going this route.

inteller says:

"In addition, you are likely going to miss any custom firmware for your carrier, including possibly Data Sense, should you go down this route."
But gain internet sharing since you will exorcise any ATT "tweaks" from your phone.

MethodGT says:

I think the internet sharing permissions are server side, because as soon as I got the right plan, internet sharing started working.

inteller says:

that provides you with no reprieve if your phone is from ATT but your service is not.

JTDraper says:

I have Internet Sharing enabled on my 920 and I'm on AT&T. Works great.

Wen ll this b available on Lumia 720...????

Vistaus says:

The only thing I don't like about WPCentral is that they're always talking carriers, carriers, carriers when it comes to releasing OTA's. What about the people (including me) with unlocked, carrier-free devices?

? Sorry you don't like us for that, but there's simply nothing to say about carrier-free devices. If we had news, we'd report it. 

Josh Harman says:

Most people don't have unlocked phones.

Switchke says:

Euhm maybe in US. Europe is different. 

Vistaus says:

Indeed. There are many Europeans with unlocked Lumias.

Etios says:

Most of the phones sold in the world are unlocked operator/carrier-free phones. Only in USA do we see such tight carrier hold over phone sales. 

Fritzly says:

In the US.... Other Contries without the local carriers racket is different...

paulxxwall says:

On the contrary I feel as though non carriers have access to updates way before carriers look how many people have the update im on att and I don't have the update

Ummm... They do release news on unlocked phones quite often.  That or the bricking of unlocked HTC 8Xs article wasn't about unlocked 8Xs. 

Adi2 says:

OK,new to this what is OTA?

Rasool Shaik says:

over the air update

taymur says:

Over-The-Air (meaning you don't have to plug it to your pc/ mac to get the update, that's it).

Ali Assaedi says:

u ruined it :(

safesax2002 says:

And if you didn't understand the above people, Over-The-Air. :)

Adi2 says:

lol,I'm beginning to understand,a few more replies and it';ll be 100 % :)

rockstarzzz says:

Have to say this. Over the air.

tissotti says:

Over the air

P40L0 says:


Yuzawa says:

OTA update means Over-The-Air update. To update your phone using OTA, just wave your phone in the air and you will get the update fast. You don't need computer, software and USB cable just to update your phone. Cool right? :D

Adi2 says:

cool,how sould I do it ?from right to left or from left to right? :D

Yuzawa says:

You should do both! You are not waving in one direction, are you?

Adi2 says:

you should try from up down,you'll get gdr 3 :P

rohitsingh says:

Its available for all lumia wp8 phones besides the lumia 720 and apparently thats the one I have. Damn!!

Vistaus says:

I know how you feel bro. I too have the 720.

Daakkon says:

What about us Rogers 920 users? They don't even have it listed on their upcoming OS updates page. :-/

Mister Gore says:

I tried contacting Rogers support a while back on if they had a date, and they basically told me they only release dates in advance for Android updates. Not biased at all.

machina says:

Rogers = idiots

KKRLessey says:

But if you flash your device, will it be able to access the saved backup?

Rasool Shaik says:

yes. it will start everything from start.

devize says:

Yes, your backup will be accessible when you sign into your account on setup. So that means contacts, texts, apps and whatever else you have backed up should return. You will lose app data though, which means saved game data and such. You'll also have to set up your home screen again.

Spedez says:

That is good news. +820

No way I'm flashing my device, its one of the reasons I left Android and came to WP.. The simplicity... I'm not risking it, good luck to them who can't wait though

rockstarzzz says:

WP flashing is safest and easiest of them all.

Bailey199719 says:

Not available yet for EE in the UK. Typical.

Oakdale Dude says:

Flashing my phone sounds a bit to kinky for me.

Think I'll pass

MooCoo says:

LOL! If that is kinky, just think about all of those android fanboys with their custom roms. Now THAT i would call kinky!

rockstarzzz says:

Just a tad exhibitionist.

Big Supes says:

Please please please I hope this addresses the horrendous Bluetooth issues on Wp8.

Gurggles says:

What issues?

My car Bluetooth perfectly syncs' with my Lumia 900 however all the 920's (3 to be exact) seem to have trouble syncing to all speakers. Idk how that works but it seems that the Bluetooth on my 920 is the issue.

Gurggles says:

Hmm, is it a stock head unit or after market? My 900 had a lot of issues with a parrot head unit I had. Speaker issues could be a setting in bluetooth audio or car stereo (though I know you already checked that out)

I have a parrot unit installed in my car which needed a special connection due to the stock Bose speakers on my RX-8. Never had any issues with the 900 however the 920 needs me to raise the volume to the point where it gets distorted for all speakers to work. If I lower the volume slowly it seems to fix my speaker issue however some days it's more difficult to get it to work than others...
That's my only gripe with the 920.

Big Supes says:

I have an aftermarket headunit that rarely works without any issues at all. The phone (L920) either freezes or loses connection for no reason. Then I have the Nokia Power Up Speaker. All was working fine, but now the phone NFC no longer wakes up the devices and the BT cannot detect it. My partner's 920 connects just fine to the speaker. 

Mark Richey says:

Waiting. Thought mine is unlocked it is still AT&T which worries me. I have heard the wait is longer on that carrier (I'm overseas)
Just the same, my phone is less than 2 months old, so no hurry to flash anything. Curious about the color business (only black phones??) sounds suspect. But mine is cyan, so being the one of the rarest beasts, what are the odds?

I'm in the UK and about to buy the 920 off contract from Carphone Warehouse. My sim is T-Mobile (UK), If I do this, will I receive this update automatically if I wait until it's released? If not will I need to flash it?
I am not tech-savvy (as you can probably tell!), so any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

rockstarzzz says:

Wait for official OTA Update notification. Should be by mid Sept latest!

Thanks rockstarzzz. Will do!

rmichael75 says:

Ths SIM doesnt matter. If you are buying unlocked you will get the update when Nokia releases the update. If it isa Vodaphone or Tmobile or ATT branded, then those providers will have to test it and release it.. so it will be a bit late. Sometimes the phone companies might not relase it like how Tnobile Lumia 710 is not getting windows 7.8 update. But i think 920 should be safe for updates irrespective of branding.. So dont worry.. but the phone and wait for the updated.. it will come.

Thanks rmichael75. I shall wait...!

Daakkon says:

I'm pretty sure all 920's are getting the color profile.

Gurggles says:

Comic book guy "longest wait for an update ever!"

rockstarzzz says:

Can anyone PLEASE tell me what are these "minor Xbox music fixes"? I ask everytime there is a GDR2 mention with Xbox music but no one wants to tell me. I'm in if that is substantial. If not meh!

theefman says:

Probably because there aren't any, no review of the 925 has mentioned any and neither have 925 or 1020 owners.