geoDefense now available on the Marketplace. Start building those towers!

It’s the third week of Microsoft’s Must Have Games promotion. This week’s Xbox Live release, geoDefense, comes from Critical Thought Games. It’s now available in the marketplace.

geoDefense is a traditional tower defense game in which waves of enemies travel along a path on their way to the player’s base. Building and upgrading towers along the way is your only defense. geoDefense’s claim to fame is its Geometry Wars-inspired vector graphics. Everything is made up of colorful neon outlines and explosions are accompanied by a cool background warping effect. geoDefense gets pretty hard eventually, but I found it much easier to learn to play than the existing Xbox Live tower defense games,  Battle for Hoth and Zombie Attack! 2.

geoDefense costs only $2.99 and there is a free trial. Tower defense fans will definitely want to grab it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.



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mark6IKX says:

heyy guys, found a glitch on this, dont know where else to put it, since i visit the site regulary.After failing a mission, i left my phone on the side till it locked, and when i unlocked it and let it load, i could carry on the game, even with 0 lives left, and enemies attacking it wont make me fail either, just saying as this could damage scoreboards couldnt it ?Model: Htc 7 Mozart

jtn05 says:

I noticed that to.

Dark Mirage says:

Good, simple tower defense. Freaking hard though. Learning exactly where to put the little turrets is real trial and error. Having a decent amount of fun though.

gearhead05 says:

Downloaded and played the demo on my lunch break and had a lot of fun. I love the geometry wars-esque graphics. I will be buying this as soon as I get home!

greendot#WP says:

I loved all the geo** games on my iPhone. I can't wait to buy this one.

thomasward00 says:

This game is Free to 99 Cents for the Iphone... Why would they expect 2.99 for a old game.

Trib#WP says:

Great game. Just purchased, well worth $3 bucks.