Microsoft News

Microsoft Store allegedly coming to New York City

General News

New Microsoft Store locations revealead

General News

Microsoft to keep adding retail store locations even with restructuring


Destiny beta event to be held at Microsoft's San Diego store Wednesday

Windows Phone News

Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 now available from the Microsoft Store, supports LTE on T-Mobile

Microsoft News

Microsoft will open its 100th retail store Saturday ... sort of

Windows Phones

Microsoft won't charge people who pre-ordered Lumia 635 from its store site


Microsoft will give you $650 to trade your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3


Surface Pro 3 128 GB ship date pushed back by 10 days for new orders


Microsoft US cuts pricing of its Surface Pro 2 range of tablets by up to $200


Surface Pro 3 launch events to be held June 20 at Microsoft Store locations

Windows Phones

You can now buy a Windows Phone at Microsoft's UK store

Microsoft News

This is where Microsoft Specialty Stores are opening this week in the US

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Your local Microsoft Store just picked up the ultimate gaming laptop, the new Razer Blade


Win a free Windows Phone at your local Microsoft Store this weekend

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Microsoft Store offering 10% + $100 off the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 LTE for education customers

Microsoft News

Eleven new Microsoft Specialty Stores opening next month in the United States

Microsoft News

Deal alert: First 50 people who bring an iPad to Microsoft Store on Friday get Office 365 free for one year

Microsoft News

Microsoft Store slashes the price of Xbox One to $449.99 USD

Microsoft News

Microsoft Store giving away $100 credit; simply trade up your Windows XP dinosaur (US and Canada Only)

< >

Get $100 off the no contract price of select Windows Phones for a limited time

If you're looking for a new Windows Phone device but don't want to deal with the hassle of a contract, Microsoft has a few deals happening right now that you might be interested in. From now until April 7th, you can get $100 off the no contract price of select Windows Phones at Microsoft Store retail locations. Which devices are on sale you ask? Well, we've got the whole list for you.

  • AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 – Experience the quality of the Nokia Lumia 1020's 41-megapixel camera sensor1, PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization, and amazing high-resolution zoom. Take stunning pictures while exploring the world of photography with Nokia Pro Camera. And Nokia Rich Recording makes it possible to capture sharp HD video with distortion-free sound. Regular price (no contract): $599.00 | Sale price (no contract): $499.00

  • AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 - The Nokia Lumia 1520 comes with all the exclusive features of Windows Phone 8, like Live Tiles and People Hub. And they're all optimized for the big screen, making your Windows Phone 8 experience even better. Regular price (no contract): $549.00 | Sale price (no contract): $449.00

  • Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 - With the Nokia Lumia 928, you're prepared to preserve life's unforgettable moments with high-quality photos and video, no matter where or when they happen. Regular price (no contract): $399.00 | Sale price (no contract): $299.00

That's a sweet deal on some great devices and with Windows Phone 8.1 around the corner, you'll be all set to take the update when it starts to roll out. Again though, this is only available at Microsoft retail locations.

Update: It appears the sales prices are also available at Microsoft's Online Store. Not sure how long the online pricing will last, but it is a great opportunity to join in on the savings should you not have a Microsoft Store in your neighborhood.

Source: Microsoft Store



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AV2RY says:

Too bad Icon is not there. And I think you can find 928 even cheaper online, paid $560 for mine)

In LA you can get a new in the box 928 for less than 300 on craigs list

AV2RY says:

Well that's what I'm saying. Online and Craigslist you'll find it cheaper. But I got mine in MS store before it went to even Verizons store, that's why I paid that much

Five Finger discounted probably LOL

Joey86 says:

Omg I just bought my 1520 on Sunday!!!

If only it was the Nokia Lumia 1520 RM938. Model.

peterfares says:

Seriously. I want one but the cheapest I can find it is for $625 on Newegg.

Maybe if WP8.1 convinces me to switch back to WP full time I'll grab one.

psykojello says:

You might be able to take it back and say you want the new price on it (or return it within the 30 day period they sometimes have)

dante501 says:

I wouldn't mind the Lumia 1520

slayerhk47 says:

I assume they are talking about the 16gb 1520. Does that one have an SD slot?

slayerhk47 says:

Then that's tempting. I think I can live without qi for 100$

buffalosolja says:

adding Qi is not that hard mine has it now I think I need a bigger Qi charger now though.

I'm interested in adding Qi to a 1520 if I get one soon...How do I go about doing that?

PoohGQ says:

I thought you could buy a charging case for it!

RyanAMG says:

The ATT is setup to take PMA I think.

Joey86 says:

Yes u can as long as u buy a charging pad meant for that case.

Its a sign that new phones are on the way. If your smart you'll wait. If you can afford $450 than just wait.

Sean Maloney says:

You forgot *It's and *then.

schlubadub says:

Correct, but I guess you missed that I was pointing out the irony of him saying "if your smart" and getting such a basic word incorrect.

Sean Maloney says:

I did miss that.  Very nice!

runtohell121 says:

Too bad there's carrier logos on those phones.. Would wish there weren't any carrier logos on the 1520 or 1020..

PittaMan says:

Id get a 1520 if it wasn't gimped on AT&T - Who REMOVES a feature like Qi charging? Ass holes...

myrandex says:

Without a doubt they are such freaking idiots for doing that...I have one and am considering hardware modding it to get the feature but I'm not very happy with AT&T for that BS.

PittaMan says:

Is there a reliable mod for that? I'd consider doing that.... The 1520 is huge though....

Puredrive says:

Wow this is very tempting to get the 1520... Only $449??

Consider for a moment that for the same price you can get a Surface 2...

Puredrive says:

I have a sp2 though... And yea its a bit costly but that's actually really low for a smartphone let alone a smartphone with the 1520 specs

schlubadub says:

Try holding that up to your face to make calls... only slightly more ridiculous than the 1520 :P

ReV1VeR says:

I'd consider one for use on Rogers Canada, but I really don't want the AT&T logo on top of the screen.

Jackalneck says:

Its just a small logo and barely noticeable on both phones. I have them both and hate logos but it really isn't bad (like Verizon)

rdubmu says:

The phone is locked to At&t

SwimSwim says:

If only this deal was offered for the Lumia 520. Heh heh heh....

If that was the case, it would be free, although this could significantly increase WP market share by offering a free phone sans contract.

SwimSwim says:

That's the joke. In fact, if this was the case, they'd probably have to give you $20. Hahahahaha!

schlubadub says:

Retail cost is $150-200, so not quite :P

seattlebob says:

The 1520 can take the 128gb SD card. I have it in mine now

AV2RY says:

Btw are ATT devices are unlocked as Verizons?

spectre51 says:

No they are all locked. You would have to get an unlock code from ATT or buy an unlock code elsewhere.

dbgman says:

I thought I would miss the wireless charging but the battery life is much better than my 920.

cannon#WP says:

No 8X or ATIV?

Edwin Checo says:

That moment when you read a huge article then scroll to the bottom and find a video -_-

None of these are a better deal than what the T-Mobile 925 has been going for lately. 'Nuff said!

gregoron says:

Yup. Got my 925 from Newegg 3 weeks ago for $200 brand new, not refurbished.

Gunbust3r says:

Now $100 off on the 925 HSN $200 price would be something to talk about!

erzhik says:

Very tempting...but I think I'll wait for green 1520. Maybe it will come preloaded with 8.1

Ian Hanson says:

All of those prices will be increased because of tax, remember.

Posted via the WPC App

AV2RY says:

You pay taxes either way, but now you pay 100 bucks less

edsal says:

None of which I have!

edsal says:

Nothing from T-Mobile?

gregoron says:

Wait for another 925 sale at Newegg or HSN for a lot cheaper than this offer.

exkerZ says:

The best ones! Had this happened two months ago, I would have gone with a lumia 1520 over a nexus 5..

edsal says:

Nothing from T-Mobile?

larspassic says:

Surprise: get the 1520 global version at Expansys USA for $450 with 32gb and qi

Jackalneck says:

No AT&T LTE bands :(

Asrialys says:

Is no-contract the same as unlocked? And how well do these phones play with T-Mobile's LTE?

Jackalneck says:

They are not unlocked. I have a buddy with an unlocked one on TMo and everything works except he can't get his tethering enabled.

edsal says:

Even the 4g LTE works with tmo ?

EMajor75 says:

Yes! I want the 1520!

glassadam says:

The 1020 is more expensive than the 1520? Man, that's surprising. Also, this sale came too late, my girlfriend just ordered a Moto X unlocked last week. She wanted a windows phone (a good one, not a compromise mid-range) but they were too expensive.

teleri69 says:

yeah that surprising also is the camera worth that much more then the larger screen and faster processer? (Gazelle will give you more if you sell a 1520 back though. $170 nokia 1020 $182 nokia 1520)
I bought the 1520 from fry's when it was on sale for$79 with a 2 year contract and the free halo assault game the $25 app store credit from nokias site stuck a 64gb sd card in it and am very happy with it. I still carry both a 1520 and my iphone 5s do to apps. although one of the apps I need for the windows phone truecrypt is in beta

kylecpcs says:

The non-sale price on the 1020 is ridiculous at $599, considering it itself is coming up on a year old, with hardware that's 2 years old (save for the camera tech). Sale price of $399 and it's worth considering.

RaRa85 says:

$449 for the only high-end flagship with microSD expansion? Oh yeah!! All I need to know is can it be unlocked for T-Mobile and I'm in.

mohshehab says:

Anyone knows how i can get it unlocked ?

ecr80 says:

man, and i get payed on the 15. and this deal is until next week :(

deadwrong03 says:

If the icon was there I would have done this

I don't see the deal online :(

This is very tempting since I can use locked at&t phones on Aio. Will I get firmware updates on a different carrier though? How does that work? I'm still waiting for Aio to approve Black fro my 620.