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We want to know what games you are playing on your Surface Pro

< >

Get ready to "Spin That Wheel!" with Wheel of Fortune for Windows 8

Wheel of Fortune for Windows 8

The hit game show, Wheel of Fortune, is now available as a downloadable game for Windows 8 PCs and Tablets. The game includes over 1,000 different puzzles that you can tackle alone or with friends in multiplayer mode. Pat Sajak will be your host as you rack up the dollars and fight for first place. 

The game also includes a "split-screen mode", so you can play locally with your friend, but it is only available on select machines including the Dell XPS 18, Sony Tap 20, Sony Tap 21, HP Rove, Lenovo Horizon, and Acer Rio. We are unsure if select machines have actually been handpicked, or if only machines with larger size screens can support the game (let us know). 

wheel of Fortune

The game currently costs $2.99 on the Windows Store and is available now - click here to download.

Will you be testing your Wheel of Fortune skills with this latest game? 

Source: Microsoft



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Hopefully it'll be available for WP8 in due time. The graphics are awesome.

Awesome! Not for me, but something that will definatly help out our marketplace :)

simphf says:

Same. I would like to see Jeopardy.

Im not falling for this again. I purchased this for Windows Phone 8 and then they came out with an update that removed half the game and half the features. Stick it Sony...some of your consumers have a memory.

tendoboy1984 says:

The Windows Phone version is not the same game.

sumothong01 says:

Its a fun game. Been playing it since Saturday. It hits bankrupt way to often though. I hit it 3 times in a row. Guess I should add I've been playing it on my Dell Venue pro 8.

jhoff80 says:

The split-screen pass and play definitely seems to be based on size and resolution..  It doesn't work on my Surface Pro's built-in display, but it works on a 27" 1440p external display.


What's really dumb to me is that it doesn't have notifications when it's your turn on the online mode... or at least if there is, I haven't seen one yet.

blends says:

This game is also available for WRT.

N1NJ4K1LL3R says:

graphics are nice, even if they are a little on the bland side.

willied says:

No trial? That's bloody lame, mate.

tendoboy1984 says:

The WP8 version is not the same at all. It's based on the old iOS version with bland 2D graphics and static characters.

Bill Long says:

Anyone know why this app is no longer available? I installed it on 2 or 3 machines last week, but when I went to install it on one today, it's not available. If I type in the name in the search it shows up, but when I click on that result, it says that it's not available for my PC - even on a machine that already has it!

sumothong01 says:

wondering that myself.


Xtina H says:

So, I paid to download the game from the Windows store on my HP (running Windows 8), but I cannot figure out how to make it spin.  Does anybody out there know the trick?