Get social with your beats with JamTiles for Windows Phone


Liquid Daffodil has released another app for Windows Phone, titled JamTiles. So what's it all about? JamTiles essentially enables users to share music and tastes with other Windows Phone owners around the world. Each song (or "Jam" in this case) can be published online with notes to share thoughts on that particular track. That's the basics of the app, but there's slightly more to it than that.

The best way to get the most out of JamTiles, as well as sending out your own thoughts on music you play on a Windows Phone, is to pin the JamTiles to the start screen. Up to six can be pinned at any given time and each will update automatically every 30 minutes with a random Jam from other users. Jams will be locked in on each tile until selected and cleared.

Recent Jams can also be viewed and accessed within the app, making use of the simple layout. When interacting with Jams other users have published, the ability to rate that Jam, as well as search for the track on the Xbox Music store is present. This is helpful for those who desire to use the service to discover new music and easily download / purchase said music from the store.


As this is a new app from Liquid Daffodil, Unification support is included. Users can make use of the third-party notification centre, which is available on Windows Phone and Windows 8. Notifications of new Jams will be displayed alongside updates from others apps. Sure, it's not an app that will change your life, but it will at least make sharing music with other Windows Phone that slightly easier.

You can download JamTiles from the Windows Phone Store for free over the next 24 hours (listed for Windows Phone 8 only). Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 versions of the app will launch next week.

QR: JamTiles



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budney says:

Cool idea! I would want Facebook and Twitter support before I would try it.

Codesmith says:

You can always Share any Jam with your Social networks via the app. :)

Great idea! Would be awesome to support original music. Maybe a more intimate alternative to soundcloud or something.

Codesmith says:

That's a VERY good idea...lets hope for it!

splacka99 says:

Does this work with Spotify or does it have to be Xbox music?

Codesmith says:

Support for both Nokia Music and Spotify coming next week!

apocacrux says:

I've been waiting for something like this since Zune Social died.

Same, I hated when Zune's social aspects were taken down. I've half-used Last.FM as a replacement.

apocacrux says:

Same, Last.FM just wasn't the same for me as they never officially supported scribbling from the Zune player and just for plenty of reasons. Also, I miss the old Zune players that allowed you to wireless see what other Zunes were listening to. They need to bring that back.

out0fplace says:

This looks exciting! Liquid Daffodil is definitely the most innovative WP developer.

Bigsro says:

Superb app...added a few Jam Tiles already...

I was about to sadface because there's no WP7.x version, but then I read the last line of the article and saw it's coming next week. I love sharing music and discovering new stuff, I can't wait :D

smontoya2 says:

I read WP7.x support coming soon but am anxious to test the WP8 exp when I ditch my HTC Trophy for the Lumia 928 next week. Great apps to look forward too. Keep them coming!

Tjalsma says:

Very cool idea. I am liking it but wish there was a friends list. Awesome app though.

Yeah, I think it'd be cool to make it similar to the Last.FM experience, where you can add friends and see what they have listened to recently. Just pin a specific friend to your home screen to see what that person is listening to at a given time.

I just installed it and will be checking it out regardless.

Jazmac says:

Liquid Daffodil has become the undisputed King of new WP development.  Seems everything they do is guided by forward thinking, design and sheer awesomeness.  Just out of the blue.  Thanks for the work guys. I would love to see what you guys can do for a google free RSS reader, Instagram and even Facebook. IN THAT ORDER.

m4tthall says:

Weren't they doing something called Flipbored? Or was I dreaming that?

Codesmith says:

Flipbored is still VERY MUCH in the works. For mental reasons they took a break to work on The Zombie Project and #Hashpipes for a week or two, then back to Flipbored! :)

Jazmac says:

Pant, Pant, I can't breathe.  Flipboard? In the works?  Giggity.  I got to say, Windows Phone 8 is a NATURAL platform for Flipboard. PLEASE make it available for Windows 8, RT and Pro. I can't wait for the big announce.

m4tthall says:

Not quite the same I wouldn't have thought, notice the name change. If you want something right now I would highly recommend Collector.

budney says:

OK, so how do you share to Facebook and Twitter??? Also I noticed that it won't work with music streamed off of Xbox music, just music the from your phone works.

Dadstar0410 says:

Really??? That's a shame, as I only stream my music and would love to share songs as Jams to others.

rockstarzzz says:

+1 I rape my Xbox Music pass with unlimited data allowance. Been couple of years since I downloaded songs on my phone.

Codesmith says:

That's true in current version but if you know Liquid Daffodil they update at least weekly. Stream coming shortly. Should be Share menu when viewing a Jam, BTW.

If we had a tile that would. Show movie previews on the home screen that would be awesome a horizontal wide tile running HD movie previews of new movies is perfect

Codesmith says:

That does sound awesome! Maybe future releases of Windows Phone will support that kind of content on Tiles!

Its an idea iv had for a long time

apocacrux says:

I haven't figured out what all the "tap to pin this tile" are for. They appear to do nothing.

Codesmith says:

Make sure you give permission is app Settings to update them with Jams. This way you can turn on/off as needed.

I think that Liquid Daffodil is trying to do a lot for the platform but I can't buy anymore of their apps because I hate the design of them.

Codesmith says:

Funny considering they are award winning designers by trade and a number of their apps have win awards like Best Design and Best User Experience. You're definitely in the minority on that one. :)

aerosmillie says:

When is the App that plays the music on multiple phones using Bluetooth to sync getting released?

duncan0622 says:

<p>Liquid Daffodil always make good and creative app for us. Luckily windows phone platform has him</p>