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If you visit Windows Phone Central on a regular basis, you most likely have a Windows Phone. That means you should be using our top-rated app. Maintaining a 4.5 star rating (out of 5) from 1700 reviews, our app, developed by Jay Bennett, is always one of the top downloaded in the Store.

Today, we are happy to announce in conjunction with myAppFree that the Windows Phone Central app is completely free for the next 36 hours. Technically, our app is already free but if you pay 99 cents you can remove our ads that help support the site. However, if you act now, you can unlock that feature and not have to pay a dollar at all. Once unlocked, it is your forever!

We know many of you may not have a credit card or access to carrier billing, so hopefully this can help you stay on top of all things Windows Phone, Surface, Windows 8 and Xbox! If you have never tried our app you should check out what it has:

  • Read home, reviews, apps, games, tips & developers sections
  • Live tiles for the latest headlines
  • Toast notifications
  • Full comment functionality
  • Watch videos and view pictures posted in each article
  • Full search for any previous articles, including by section
  • Search through YouTube videos from the site
  • Deep links to the marketplace with articles featuring other apps
  • Listen to the latest podcast on your device through the app
  • Clean, simple, customisable user interface design and great user experience
  • Sharing of articles through E-mail, SMS, Twitter and Facebook
  • Full integration with the WPCentral forums
  • Custom app and tile accents
  • Lock screen wallpaper support

Make sure you download it today and please spread the word wherever you can, as we'd like for as many of you to take advantage of this as possible. Also, if you enjoy the app (and our giving it away for free) please leave a review for us in the Store as it greatly helps visibility of our app for others.

BonusDowload the WPCentral app for Windows 8.1

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Windows Phone Central is proud to be partnering up with myAppFree, a free app and service that highlights special deals for software on the Windows Phone Store. Make sure you download their app to keep track of all the specials they run weekly, as you'll never know what you may find.

Windows Phone Central is also highlighting select apps from myAppFree going forward as a benefit to the greater community. Stay tuned.

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kenzibit says:

Ooohh I have it already...since WP 7.5 days.

I've had it for a while now. I subbed to WPCentral right after I got my 920. Was a reader before that with my Omnia running 7. 

hotraia says:

I've bought it yesterday:'(

kenzibit says:

Horry shit!!!

ryaoni says:

Same here. Check it every day.

Already bought :)

Jazmac says:

Same here. Its worth it. Now if they can just make the forums more TOUCH friendly I'd feel like I got my monies worth.

VS729 says:

The joy is gonna kill me ! Aaaaa woohooo. ....!!!!

PepperdotNet says:

Can I get my dollar back? ;)

Rehan Saleem says:

Its still free? 9th of july? Huh? :D

shaurya negi says:

The best thing! Although I bought it and its worth every penny :D

2tomtom says:

I paid and so so worth it.

This. Glad I could support the Developer.

kingjah says:

It IS worth every penny. I already bought is within the first week using it. Even now I would refuse to take it free. This is ridiculously cheap for the amount of work it takes. I salute you developers who build high-quality useful Apps.

Yousef Kawmi says:

But it's already free :)
just some ads..

thekinghippo says:

Now it's super free.

Asceish says:

I won't mind ads unless they pop-up everytime you working with an app... It isn't such for wpcentral but still just got the free one...

poken1151 says:

Never knew. I thought it was strictly 2.99. Thanks for the note.

kinaton says:

No idea if I have paid or free version

chada398 says:

Windows 8 version without ads?

Didn't we just announce our Phone app is free and now you're asking for another app of ours for free? Anything else you want? Want to come live in my apartment, take my car?

Daniel Meek says:

... well I mean, if you are offering...

sd173 says:

I'd like a Surface Pro 3 please.

S Vaibhav says:

Lol now that escalated quite quickly :D

Well, if It's a Porsche...... Pannamera, why not? (just kidding)

TechnoTim says:

Daniel hit me up if you come to Minneapolis and I'll hook you up with some free drinks and a tour.

lol it's one of my most used and useful apps.
If anyone doesn't yet own this, now is your chance to.

F3rzz says:

Can i sleep in your bed? With you by my side? Holding hands and spooning? .......?

kenzibit says:

Hahahaha.....oohh Daniel ;D

Rob1520 says:


(no i don't have a 2520 but this comment deserves it)

Dave_Arg says:

I´m interested in the car thing LOL

mdram says:

Party at Daniel's house!!

rodneyej says:

In his house, or mouth?.... :-o

Aksuli says:

Maybe he just asked if this was about Windows 8 version too.

Nerdy Woman says:

I didn't mind paying for both. You guys are still cheaper than a coldstone creamery love it and way better for me!

Nice Offer Daniel :P

Lumio says:

Daniel's comment turned out to be a fodder for all WPTrolls. :lol:

Do you have a sister?

OK - only joking.  I've installed your app.  I have to say WP Central has risen above the competition to be my daily go-to source of information.  Very well designed and written.  It feels a lot more "live" than any of the ohers.

nakialj says:

Been a windows phone central fan since June 2013. Loving this app.

Eas195 says:

same here ;) even since I didn't have any Windows Phone phones... um, well, I mean, phones with Windows Phone... right until February 2013.

yawns says:

I paid for it right after joining WPCentral :)

viky4640 says:

Got it thanks

Tluck619 says:

Got it... :) ThankYou Buddies :)

Amey Shitole says:

Done already! Great gift with a new phone- 630!

manspach123 says:

You guys are the greatest! Thank you!

Got it as soon as I saw the title and am now viewing this page ad free :)

cure92 says:

Gladly paid for it awhile ago. A little sluggish when scrolling on my 925 but not a huge deal. Keep up the great work!!!!

Jay Bennett says:

Hopefully fixing that for you in a week

pan_ani says:

Keep up the good work, Jay!

Valkyria says:

Jay,you da real mvp

Ankmeyester says:

Paid for it back when I had windows phone 7.5
Actually it's time this app got a refresh of some sort. Just to stir things up.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Like pull to refresh  ?

Jay Bennett says:

Next week hopefully

Yousef Kawmi says:

Wow awesome ! 
maybe better commenting section ? 
i find it hard to understand which comment is to wich one :\

S Vaibhav says:

More Larger fonts in articles, comments and forums...... Please please please... It just looks too small on my 620. C'mon Jay please include this on the next update....

You can already increase/decrease font size in articles by pinching over the screen with two fingers together. There's also an option for large fonts in "app appearance" settings of the app.

S Vaibhav says:

Yeah, but it still looks small on my 3.8"screen. Besides, this setting doesn't apply to the comments and the forums, only to the articles. You can't zoom in on the comments and forums.

Yeah, the setting doesn't work for comments and forums. There should be an option for that too.

12Danny123 says:

They should unify the look with the Win 8.1 app with the WP app

blackhawk556 says:

Wait, you mean I had to polar for this app!!!

mylumia928 says:

Same! Got it right as soon as the article popped up. Thanks, guys!

Aashish13 says:

Waiting for wpcentral new update!!!!

reichembach says:

No more ads!!! *criesofjoy*

nothanks91 says:

Why i can't install myappfree??? It says that its incompatible

titoyees says:


for poor people like me :)

erzhik says:

One of the very few apps that is worth every penny.

Meh bought it a long time ago.

sd173 says:

Wasn't there going to be a rebranding of WPCentral by now?

I wasn't aware I announced a deadline...

sd173 says:

Well I remember reading a comment you wrote a while ago saying it'll happen in the coming weeks, so I was thinking it would be sometime soon - it's just that I can't wait to see what the name will be!

hopmedic says:

Is WPCentral going to be rebranded? If so, how did I miss this news?

I missed it too but I wonder what name it would be? I'm worried it shouldn't lose "WP" or "Windows Phones" words :(

sd173 says:

I think the name "MicroCentral" would cover that subject.

With most Microsoft products/service stories covered by WPC, its not impossible though... But then Android Central also publishes a lot of Google news (non-Android)
Well maybe Microsoft/MS Central... I've no clue :/

Would like to see some updates to the apps as they haven't been updated in a while

terrokkinit says:

Do it!! Best app BY FAR on Windows Store!!

hd7b4radar says:

This is wack I paid 99 cents for this its not fair. Jk jk love wpcentral app and probably would have paid a lil extra for it

fazdoc says:

What if I have it installed already? How do I get rid of the ads? Do I uninstall & reinstall? Honest question guys...
Edit: Got it! Love it even more now! Thanks a lot guys!

Victoroos says:

Just press install in the store..

DreamerUP says:

It says ' view' to me. Had to uninstall to install

MikeLuna says:

I just followed the link from within the app and installed. Ads vanished when I got back into the app.

Just go to store n install it again...u need not uninstall it..

Was wondering the same thing being a 360 user & all. the arcade trials you always had to do that for it to take effect it seemed.

Victoroos says:

It is wwaaayyy more beautiful without adds... I wanna support the app m.. Is there a donate button?

Zulfigar says:

The only app I use daily that I paid for, haha. Love this app!

anon8649069 says:

Love WPCentral

Raalvige says:

No more WP Central Feeds. Thank you so much!!

cmy102 says:

Nice! Got it! Thank you!

Jabid21 says:

Hell I even bought the app even before I officially had a Windows Phone. I flashed WP7 on my HD2 when I bought the app.
Posted via the WPC App for Android because my Lumia 920 decided to die so I fell back to my One X.

hopmedic says:

Ah, the HD2... The phone that refuses to die!

Deaconclgi says:

I got $100 for my T-Mobile HD2 as an ATT trade in to get my wife a 920 2 years ago. She went from a WP 7.8 ROM HD 2 and weak hardware relative to 2012 WP devices to a brand new yellow Lumia 920 upon release. She was sooooooo happy. Since then she has moved from the 920 to a 1520 to her current 1020. Gooooooooo Windows Phone.

Thanks WPC for the free full access to the WPC app.

spoofer09 says:

Thanks!!! I get 99% of window phone info here!!

Rick_Air says:

Use it daily. Any news on if we'll get the ios, android, etc counterparts? All the teams do a great job with their reporting and coverage.

hopmedic says:

Paid long ago, and running the beta myself, but posted it on my Facebook! All WP users should have this ago, and today is a great day to get it!

sd173 says:

There's a WPCentral beta app?! How do I get it?!

hopmedic says:

Be an ambassador or moderator in the forums. ;-)
Most of the time it is the same as the store version, though. Jay is good about getting features out to all.

sd173 says:

Ohhhh... I thought there was some opportunity to get the beta that I missed. Since the features are the same, I guess I don't mind not having it then.

hopmedic says:

No, you didn't miss anything. Generally if something new comes out we get it a week or so in advance is all.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Next week we will get an update ! :)
with pull to refresh !

Eas195 says:

ahh, are the Trusted Members able to join the beta, too?

Knew it in my HEART>. this app will be FREE SOME DAY.. & that lucky day is today.....

Joeul_Ramos says:

Lmao love the hashtag

Eas195 says:


Joeul_Ramos says:

Been had it! Paid that 99 to take out the ads also. They were annoying lol. Gladly bought again for a friend of mine who also has a Windows phone :D

So much more beautiful...
Thx Wp central....a ton.. :)

Alienhead95 says:

I wish it could load the images from the forums.

Jay Bennett says:

Me too :( I really do hope I figure that one out soon

Alienhead95 says:

I know you have been working on it. May the forces be with you.

sarim_xyz says:

Yes, please figure it out. Thanks for the awesome app anyway.

mrshots says:

Also in comments section can we have most recent first

Eas195 says:

Hope so. Also, I'll be glad is the profile pictures are also shown on the comments section. Anyway, keep up your good job! :)

tw1st3d83 says:

thank you very much :)

Makm says:

Thanx a lot guys :) You rock!

Bought it when I got my 920 best app I ever bought looks good and the links are brilliant to app store videos etc. 10 out of 10...

Was there an update? Strangely didn't show any notification in the store. And also with the last install, the app has already asked me to login twice in 5 minutes, once in the forum and the other here. Never experienced it before.

I know the forum inbox isnt working right now in the app guess its backend problems

Smashing. Just upgraded my spare phone on my other live ID. Yay!!

jammyj77 says:

Download now folks to get breaking news on apps that are coming soon (that don't come at all) latest news on google & apple + great promises from Microsoft that come to nothing!

glassadam says:

Just a ray of sunshine right here...

sahmraw says:

Yay!! Just upgraded my Lumia 525 which is on my other live ID. So happy as I love this app

DreadVenom says:

Although I gladly purchased this(money well spent btw) this is a nice deal and highly recommended app for anyone that doesn't have it. Jay, can we expect a new update once wp8.1 is officially released? ;)

Sahil Raj1 says:

Done. Thank you! :)

BsyewCP says:

What about us who already bought the app.. I take want a refund now :\

Eas195 says:

dude, it's just for 3 days, and it's now paid again to unlock the ad-free feature.

jaywinjv says:

Thank you very much!

At the bottom it indicated that the 8.1 version is a bonus, If I am already running 8.1 will that automatically get installed when I install the app? Or is there a seprate download? (Slightly Confused, new WP user)

wopsterix says:

W8.1 =/ WP8.1

Oh man, epic fail....I am at work and wasn't reading well enough. Thank you for clarifying that for me. UGH

wopsterix says:

Am i the only one, who usually has to open the app twice to clear the live tile? It's not that I don't wait for the app to refresh, the refresh just goes infinite sometimes (while the connection is stable and up). Happens with 3G and Wi-Fi as well on my 520 (8.1).

Was thinking to email @Jay about it, but this article gave me a chance to stay lazy :P

cesar ruiz1 says:

It happens a couple of times.

cesar ruiz1 says:

DUCK I just bought it 3 years and 5 months ago then i paid for it again 1 year and 7 months ago. ( wouldn't mind paying for it again.)

UchilHasmit says:

How does this MyAppFree thing work?? I have seen some good stuff go free for 24 our so hours.. What's up with that?

daftrobo says:

Go to the Store, install it, and see how the magic works.

Hi UchilHasmit,

I'm Massimo from myAppFree. MyAppFree gives to you the opportunity to discover one apps (plus some apps in the deals section) that is free for a limited time straight from developers pushed to you.

UchilHasmit says:

Yeah.. @Massimo ..i have this app and do use it daily.. So what does it mean when a dev says "in conjunction with myAppFree" You pay them for their losses or something?


devs receive visibility (downloads and reviews) in exchange to their pricedrop.


UchilHasmit says:

Yeah.. That makes sense... Thanx.

daftrobo says:

Thank you! Danke! Terima kasih! Now I can fully get rid off the ads without losing a penny. (And ditch Nextgen Reader to view your articles - which means I will also ditch the other Windows Phone related news sites e.g Windows Phone Bl*g, Windows Phone F*natics, WMPowerUs*r, etc.) So thank you once again! =)
PS: This is my very first comment. Please expect to receive a whole lot more. =)

Martinio32 says:

On my lumia 920 long time already installed, today 1020 got this.

LTTG says:

I LOVE you guys!!!!

Nice now I dont have to deal with ads sucking my data when im in spotty coverage areas that the articles dont seem to load in

erda0 says:

Already purchased..... :)

Love you people!!!!! And thank you myAppFree! :D

crispal says:

Thank you men!

trekgraham says:

I bought it couple days ago,no big loss it's just 99¢

I've been having problems setting up my credit card with my L920 since I got new cc, so it is perfect timing for this deal to "heal my wounds" with problematic credit card. Thank you, WPCentral team in general and Jay Bennet in particular :-)

Suhasa Su says:

What's the point in having myappfree app when I have wpcentral and /r/windowsphone to inform me about free apps?
Or is it some collaboration?

TechFreak1 says:

Well some people *cough* (not naming names) don't want to pay for apps. On the flipside there are those who don't have the means to pay other than via carrier billing, which is also not available in some countries.

Its for non Nokia handset users

If you wish to keep updated everyday on deals and discount I suggest to you to download myAppFree and check it daily.

bitterblood says:

How does one unlock it?  Or is it already unlocked?

str00pwafel says:

just search for wpcentral in the store, you'll get an option to install instead of purchase

mandoctor says:

Yes!! Got it! Thanks WPCentral for giving us your app free!!!!!!!! So excited!

Slim Makay says:

The best thing is getting the WPCentral app free....

sumton says:

got it thanks

nicfromwales says:

Intended on paying to remove the ads today... now I don't have to. Cheers!

Greece2014 says:

Yeeeeeeees :)

Bas Driessen says:

I was hoping to read 'Thanks, Jay, for the tip!' at the bottom :(

ogracia says:

Best 99 cents I spent on an App in my life...

2tomtom says:

+ 920000000000