Get Zune Pass for 3 months if you pre-order a new Windows Phone

For those of you who have not yet joined the Zune network, Microsoft is giving away 3 months of it for free if you pre-order a new device with Windows Phone 7.

In the U.S. (where this offer is only valid, sorry ROW), this adds up to a savings of $45 ($14.99 a month) and is a great way to give the Zune music and video marketplace a trial three months. As mentioned numerous times here, a Zune Pass allows unlimited streaming and downloading of music to your phone, Xbox 360 and PC, plus you can "keep" 10 songs a month (MP3).

According to Microsoft:

Sign-up to be notified to pre-order the new Windows Phone, and we’ll give you unlimited music for 3 months with a Zune Pass—FREE*. Just give us your email address. When Windows Phone is ready to pre-order, use the same e-mail address you sent to us, and when your Windows Phone ships, we’ll send you a 3-month Zune Pass, free.

Not a bad deal if you ask us (especially since we're huge Zune Pass fans, but you knew that already).

[Microsoft via Neowin.net]



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keen#WP says:

Thats a good deal


i'm already planning on getting a Samsung Focus on launch day, and i'm not yet a Zune Pass subscriber so this is awesome news to me. It`d really be cool if the offer was extended to anyone who buys a WP7 phone this year.

erenken says:

The link "give us your email address" goes to a no-reply address. Is that correct?


Yeah, that's an email address to let you know when you can pre-order, lol. So you sign up for that, the pre-order is announced, you pre-order and then you can get Zune Pass. Very meta...