GIF Chat arrives at Windows Phone Store, send self-destructing animated GIFs to friends

GIF Chat

Combine animated GIFs with text messaging in GIF Chat. The app is from Pinger, the creators of the popular free texting and calling app, Textfree. Quickly record videos, add captions and swap them privately with your friends. It’s like putting Snapchat and Vine together in one app. The app has been available on Android and iOS, but has just been released for Windows Phone 8.

Head past the break to watch our hands on video and walkthrough.

First time users need to register with a phone number. You also need to have friends using GIF Chat so they can view the GIFs. You can send invitations via SMS or email in the settings page.

Tap the red button to start recording up to 6 seconds. Set the loop speed with the slider at the bottom. Slide left for slow motion or right to go faster. You can set the number of loops on the left side. By default, the animated GIF disappears after 3 loops. You also choose to loop the GIF over and over. Add text and then send it privately to a friend just like a text message.

GIF Chat screenshot

Unlike 6snap (Snapchat app for Windows Phone), you can’t move the position of the image caption. You also can’t draw on the GIF.

We’re also disappointed that there’s no way to tap on a subject to focus before recording. There are only two camera options available. You can change between the front or rear cameras and you can turn on or off the camera light.

GIF Chat is free at the Windows Phone Store, but it is ad-supported. The ads are visible below the conversations. Are you planning to use this app? Let us know in the comments! While you’re here, tell us how you pronounce GIF!

Via: Microsoft

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jsnod25 says:

Hate it when people say it like that....

Stereocool says:

Did you know the creator says it has to be pronounced like that?

jsnod25 says:

Yes, but I hate it still, despite his intentions... To say its GIF pronounced "jif" is ducking fumb...

Daniel Curry says:

What a golly jood app!

aemehran says:

Lots of apps seem to be making their way to WP in a short amount of time. I take it as a good sign that our platform of choice is rising up! Keep it coming. :D

esabe says:

Yet another way for our teenagers to send each other completely appropriate secret messages. :)

Forc3 says:

Cool app might give it a try! :) btw Mark whats your dogs name? He/she is awesome! Tired 24/7 :P

Mark Guim says:

His name is Google! The adoption center gave him that name. Sounded cool, so we didn't change it

jargonz says:

Is that pronounced as Joogle? :D

Adi2 says:

how do you talk to him? "OK

google now? :)

Glad to see increased development on the platform...

..but in reality, this should be baked into the OS and function with SMS

not in a standalone app 

Duffau says:

Hopefully the message hub API will be more open in the future to allow something like that to happen, but to say it should be is a bit much imo.

DaveGx says:

Man it sure would be good to be in high school with stuff like this. I graduated years too early

Mark: "alright...looks like he is a cat owner"

Why do I have a feeling that Mark was judging me? lmao

RockmanNeo says:

It does match your personality tho.. No judging ;P