Latest GimmalPoint for Windows update adds OneDrive support and more


GimmalPoint (www.gimmalpoint.com) for Windows 8 and Windows Phone enables consumers to connect to SharePoint and view documents, sites, lists, libraries and more in multiple views. It’s billed as the most featured-rich solution available on Microsoft’s app stores and is developed by Liquid Daffodil.

We've covered GimmalPoint in the past, passing through beta testing and going gold. Today, a substantial update has been pushed through the Windows Store for the popular Share Point client.

So what's new in the latest release for GimmalPoint on Windows 8? Users will now be about to connect to and add, edit, manager OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and Box content. Connecting to the cloud is a major feature many consumers take for granted these days, but it's great to see such support implemented in this corporate solution.


As well as the OneDrive and Box connectivity, it's possible to transfer documentation between SharePoint sites or even between cloud storage platforms. As noted above, it's quite the update should you actively use both SharePoint and GimmalPoint. This new functionality will hit Windows Phone late next week so stay tuned if you're a mobile user.

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hwangeruk says:

I could never get this to work with SharePoint 2007 via ISA server

Codesmith says:

Yeah, that seems to be an issue related to Windows Store apps and ISA, not necessarily the app itself. :/

Codesmith says:

This app is from Gimmal, the leading provider of SharePoint Records Management stuff. Its very, very good, IMHO, and the new Copy/Paste between sites is slick!

ryraansh says:

Didn't Liquid Daffodil do the beta though?

EchoOne30 says:

They need to fix SkyDrive syncing first before other apps start to try using it.

NIST says:

As an enterprise SharePoint administrator this is very interesting. Thanks.

dedracer says:

News arent coming faster than I accepted. Boring day! :(

But Robb Stark died in Game of Thrones. Sad.

darkdessert says:

Again, why do we need this when there is native SharePoint support on WP?

hwangeruk says:

Multi site support

Multi version support

Multi service support

GrayW0lf says:

Too bad that it doesn't support alternate authentication methods.

VinnyTheKid says:

Try AgilisPoint it supports the majority of authentication methods