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91, a background image library for Windows Phone 8

If you are currently using Nokia’s Glance Background Beta, you will want to check out the Windows Phone 8 app.

It is the official Windows Phone app for the website and delivers a healthy supply of Glance Background images to your Windows Phone. You can also register with to create and upload your own images to the collections.

The layout for is fairly simple with the main page offering up a small sample of the featured images. A menu tile is in the upper left corner that will pull up the full menu for Menu, Featured Page and Image View

Here you will find options to log in/create a account, view the Featured, Hot or New background images, and scroll through the various categories of Glance background images. Categories include Cars, Brands/Logos, Gaming, Scenic, Movies and more.

Once you find a background to use, just tap the download button and the image is saved to your Windows Phone Pictures Hub. From there you will need to launch Nokia’s Glance Background app to convert the image to a Glance Background.

The app delivers a ton of images to your Windows Phone and is a great companion app to the Glance Background app. It is a free, ad-support application that is available for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of here in the Windows Phone Store.

Keep in mind that while can be installed on non-Lumia Windows Phones, the Glance feature is only available for Lumia Windows Phones.

Thanks, Barry, for the tip!




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JoRdaNeK says:

I only glanced over the article, can someone tell me if this is about glance? :P

RaRa85 says:

Ha ha, clever.

theefman says:

I'll need a second glance to know for sure. :)

fwaits says:

At first glance, I believe so...

YA BILLY says:

I got no glance on my new icon, no big lose though.

lippidp says:

Take a glance at this!...

khipara says:

I'm glancing sideways

TechnoTim says:

Glance doesn't even sound like a word anymore

teaMJPx says:

Thanks! Taking it. jejeje

Paragon Lost says:

That is very cool. I'd use it if I could. Sadly my new Icon soesn't support Glance yet. :(  Though I did point my wife towards it since her 828 goes support it.

Zulfigar says:

That's pretty tight, nice work

SwimSwim says:

Awesome, thanks for sharing. I've been looking for some new images to spice up my Glance rotation, and this one really does the trick.

Laura Knotek says:

Thanks! That's really nice.

ldelvasto says:

That was pretty awesome, gracias!

Ordeith says:

Uses Google Analytics.

Boo! hiss!

WillBrown says:

What's wrong with that? Developers use it to better understand their customers and how they use the app. Helps them focus update efforts.

Ordeith says:

Google isn't the only suplier of ananytics.  I'd rather not give Google any more business than I have to, or their analytics engine any more data than can be helped.

rockstarzzz says:

BS. Don't need all those permissions for a photo app. Uninstalled without even opening.

spyridon says:

Indeed, actually when permissions are absurd i don't download apps at all even if i am really interested. Its like trusting a developer to give him your house keys because he promised that he will not get inside.

Yup... Shame really. Also immediately uninstalled.

Nimdock says:

Beat me to it.


Immediately uninstalled.

cesar ruiz1 says:


Jack Larson1 says:

It does not have glance.

Anyone else experience problems when Glance Background Beta is installed?
I would get random fuzzy screens (like an anolog TV channel without reception) and reversed colors.
Everything went back to normal when I uninstalled.

aaa6112 says:

Yes, I've had that happen to me a couple of times on my 720

Turanga06 says:

It happened a couple of times in in my 1020. But I think that is produced when a notification comes with an screen unlocking (unlocking from the screen turned off, not slide to unlock) at the same exact time.

Manny C says:

That happened to me and it made me a little hesitant to use the Glance Screen unfortunately.

SwimSwim says:

Yeah, I had that once or twice... Really weird, and freaked me out the first time. But simply putting the device to sleep and waking it back up did the trick. Not even a full restart is required, so I'm not very concerned about it.

Credo93 says:

Same here, but when i lock and unlock my 920 the problem is solved

hfcas says:

happened to me several times. Just do the lock and unlock

I'd rather not have to deal with that.
If a reset or whatever offered a permanent fix I would keep it, but I'm not going to be inconvenienced like that just for a grainy, battery draining image on my Glance screen.
Plus, I'm sure it causes other background problems.

Ixia says:

Happened here too. Only 3 or 4 times, panicked me the first time, but lock / unlock and it disappears.

DreadVenom says:

Happened a handful of times on my 1020. Freaky the first time it happened.

I bought lumia 920 yesterday,after selling my 8x after 6monthes of service :D
Was playing with glance and seraching for wallpapers,and now im seeing this
Tnx wpcentral

Formidável, cada dia que passa o Windows Phone vai ganhando espaço no cenário mundial.

Google now Bing glace right away! And tell siri to get back in the kitchen, and have cortana meet me in my room at 3am we have some ”negotiations" to do.

Laura Knotek says:

I deleted it without using it when it said it needed personal information for Google Analytics. A picture app doesn't need and will not get my location or my Microsoft account.

rockstarzzz says:

Why do they need permission to use my media playback, movement sensor and direction sensor???

Media playback - the API that allows the background to be downloaded.

Movement sensor - API for glance's 'peek' feature

Direction sensor - same API the movement sensor is controlled by.


But isn't this just a library of images for glance screen bg? It wouldn't need to access the movement and sensor api's, unless im missing something :/

Glance background uses glance, which needs access to those APIs. If you un installed glance and reinstalled it it would ask the same permissions that background is asking.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Kashyapjani says:

But this app is a completely different app which should only need media playback permission.

rockstarzzz says:

It shouldn't. It has nothing to do with my peek view or anything. It just should access my picture library. This is going way overboard to use Google analytics, collecting data on a Google ad loaded web page too. It feels too obvious.

Don't use glance much, cuz I need as much battery as possible during the day. But it sounds awesome.

Finally yay now I can get cool backgrounds!

I was actually searching for something like this recently.

I love this app! You can just glance right through it :)

BataBole says:

Our's HTC phones don't know what Glance screen is :D

diplomat696 says:

I glanced and liked what I saw so did some additional glancing :)

ortizang says:

I just want to see my notifications on my glance screen.

You don't have Black yet?

ortizang says:

I do. But what I mean is that I don't mind having an image on my screen.

SaberDahmen says:

thank you so much !! 

The app seems to work well and some of the backgrounds are nice. I'm a bit worried about all the permissions and google usage but it stays for now.

Jazmac says:

Google malware. Pass.

dortyboy says:

The glance does not work on my Lumia 920. Not one glance has showed up on my screen

rockstarzzz says:

Change it to always on, just to check

Hello. Can anyone shed some light on why I can't find "Glance Background Beta" in the Store, but was able to install it using the OR code in the original article. "" shows up in the store but not.  "Glance Background Beta". What is it I don't know. Thanks

deathdemon89 says:

Just search for the original article

Yes. I have the original article. Glance Background Beta is in fact installed on my phone from the QR code. The question was "Why doesn't it show up in the Store" during a normal search? I am using A Lumia 928.

deathdemon89 says:

Most betas from Nokia/Microsoft don't show up in the regular store search. Try searching for Nokia Camera Beta or Facebook Beta

O.K. That makes some sense. Thank you.

Kashyapjani says:

Whenever I need an app, I just search it on ie. First result is generally a link to the store.

ebradley says:

It seems like you can upload your own too. Am I correct with that assumption? I just glanced at the headline.

dortyboy says:

With one glance I just knew this wasn't going to work on my 920 and I was right.

Shekhar77 says:

Loves that Madrid logo

neyaldrich says:

I didn't even had to glance over the comments to know it was going to be filled with bad puns.

cgavula says:

Weird.  mostly I just get download errors trying to get these downloaded to by 1520.

anvesh N says:

Useless app uninstalled it immediately

dortyboy says:

I uninstalled this crap. Won't even identify my 920. It keeps saying 1020

Kashyapjani says:

Damn, son. It's a menu and once you select 920, it'll ask you to make it your default selection. This preference works after restarting the app though.

swizzlerz says:

Just installed neat

Kashyapjani says:

Who'd want a naked babe for a glance bg? Not me.

I'd prefer going to their website instead of using this app just because it asks for unreasonable permissions.

Nakazul says:

Thnx for the tip.

BroszB4 says:

It should be noted the app features pornographic pictures.

Barry Allott says:

I saw those as well.  The terms on registering say no pornographic pics... I'll bet they get removed..

Anyone using the last update of glance, when you turn on the screen shows only the bottom part in posterised colors? It scares me

bozvandam says:

I actually quite like the plain black screen. That is all.

Glance screen require very specific type of picture, but this app, like Internet, provides useless pics, what looks terrible on GS.

Sarang68 says:

Having problems with default phone. Always goes back to 1020.