Glitch spotted in Windows Phone Store, allows installation of Nokia exclusive apps on all phones [Updated]

Nokia Collection

At last count, Nokia had well over 50 exclusive apps or games in its Collection, giving Lumia owners a slight edge in features.

But that advantage may be no more, at least temporarily. According to Chinese site WPDang, there is a freshly spotted glitch in Windows Phone Store that could enable everyone to download exclusive apps from the Nokia Collection.

Yes. The picture above shows Nokia Glam Me being installed in a Huawei Ascend W1. Not photoshopped.

Basically, the server glitch is exploited like this:

  1. Someone sets up a proxy server which disguises itself as a Lumia phone.
  2. Users anywhere connect to the Windows Phone Store through said proxy, effectively disguising themselves as Lumia phones too.
  3. Users perform search via the proxy in the Store, searching for Nokia-exclusive apps by name. Normally a device model/brand check would be performed by the Store server, and refuse to offer any result upon finding model/brand mismatch. But since now those users are cloaked, the server will spill app descriptions and download links without a fuss.
  4. However, the proxy server is not able to pass file download streams to each user request, therefore non-Nokia users who just managed to get app download links are not able to really buy or download stuff.
  5. This is where the server glitch actually exists: in common sense of this universe, the Store should perform a model/brand check upon each search AND download request, to make sure what's supposed to be exclusive will stay exclusive, no matter how hard people try. However in Microsoft's case, download requests are NOT FILTERED AT ALL.
  6. Therefore if a user switches into WiFi setting, turn the proxy off, then switch back to the app description page and click the download button, he/she just gets the app. Microsoft is assume that if this button is displayed on your screen at all, your device must be well qualified, what could possibly go wrong? Just go ahead and make yourself comfortable.
  7. End of story: Nokia-exclusive apps ending up on non-Nokia phones.

Yes I agree with many of you in the comment thread, this is technically not a glitch. But no, I won't call it a hack, which emphasizes efforts on the client end. I'd say this is more a server-end problem, a design flaw, a loophole, and a rather naive one. It's like protecting confidential files in your computer by putting them into a hidden folder, instead of having them properly encrypted.

Unlike some are concerned about, I don't think this problem will cause Lumia phones to devalue for losing the advantage of exclusive apps. Because: 1) the loophole seems rather easy to patch up; 2) even if one manages to load a Nokia app to a HTC or Samsung phone, quite likely it just won't work, because most of these OEM-specific apps utilize special drivers, APIs, or even hardware modules to run.

And there's another effect of this loophole. If a user on a low end Lumia (like 520 or 720) connects to the Windows Phone Store through a proxy disguised as a top notch Lumia (920 or 925), he/she easily gains access to all apps that are originally hidden to them for not meeting RAM size requirement. That means being able to try out some of the most impressive apps and games on Windows Phone with merely an entry-level device. But again, there's no promising that blockbuster apps installed through this trick will actually run smoothly on low end phone, if they run at all. Microsoft decided to hide them for a good reason: those functions, features and graphic charms just do need more horsepower and RAM size to come into full life. Trying to force them onto weaker devices might result in hellish user experience, or even crash phones.


  1. Yes I saw the outcry in the comment field. Personally I don't think it's piracy, because all it does is to let the minority of the Windows Phone ecosystem get access to some free apps freely, in a more often than not very buggy way. Nothing is stolen, just a cluster of people having a bit geeky fun in endless trial and error. But thanks for the reminder, guys. I'm all ears.
  2. Still, after thinking better of it, I've basically rewritten this post. The tutorial for exploit is no longer there. Instead, I've decided to explain how exactly it works, and why Microsoft is to blame in this matter.
  3. If any of you still wants to try the trick out, click into the source link and puzzle the Chinese stuff out.
  4. I'm a proud Lumia 920 owner like many of you guys. But I'm kind of in support of this exploit. So often I want to show my wife how awesome Nokia's exclusive apps are, and why it's wise to ditch her HTC 8X for a 920 or the EOS, despite the bulky form factor. Nothing says the endorsement better than getting a few of Nokia's killer apps onto her own phone, and make her grown dependent on them.
  5. I'd suggest Nokia release a stripped down version for all of its key apps (panorama, music, Glam Me, etc) to all Windows Phones, like a free trial. Except that these trial apps won't remind users to buy the full function, but rather ask them to consider buying a Lumia. That would be very powerful advertising. Just pack all those apps into one, and name it "THE Lumia Experience" or something like that. Windows Phone makers differentiate themselves in apps and services instead of user interfaces, so let the apps and services do the talking. 


Source: WPDang, Sina Weibo



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DennisvdG says:

Wow looks really usefull, luckily I'm a 920 owner anyway

TechnoTim says:

Wow sounds like a huge security risk, passing all of your traffic through some random proxy. Do not do this, even if you switch it back.

JoseCortesP says:

That's what I'm thinking...

TechnoTim says:

Owned by
China Mobile Communications Corporation or most likely some rogue proxy on their network.

adrian1338 says:

true.. better keep routing straight through NSA servers 

That made me chuckle Adrian. On a more serious note, I wouldn't do that proxy.

mixtnet says:

Funny as hell!

hutuka says:

You won the Internet for the day sir!

PeterFnet says:

TechnoTim is right. Extremely unsafe.

John20212 says:

Exactly what I thought Tim, not advisable to connect to random proxy even if tempted by Nokia apps. I wonder how many peoples private data will be compromised by doing this.

Epic Pie says:

I wonder how this glitch was discovered

Boris Gong says:

The author has jailbreak W1 and HTC 8x, also has a custom rom installed. I guess this was a by-product.

Choorp says:

Great news for non-Lumia owners! Enjoy the Nokia apps, guys.

I see non Nokia WP users switching to Nokia when their upgrade is due BC of this

rmichael75 says:

And why are you advertising it?.. If there is a glitch then inform nokia or MS. Whya re you publishing it here so that other can install it ?... this is not a site for taking advantage of loop holes.. Am disappointed with this article

Choorp says:

Should they also not post other loopholes like the one to force an OS update?

Residing says:

OS updates are inherent to the OS!  These are apps, that Nokia has paid for and subsidized for Nokia Lumia users - in other words, these apps are not inherent to HTC/Samsung, etc,. users.

Duffau says:

Actually you're still breaking the rules because when you force an OS update, you're breaking the rules you agree to follow by using a carrier's network. Would you also not want them to talk about leaks and info that they get from 'reliable' sources because MS and other companies have NDAs? You have to take into account all of the types of news you get from sites like this. Not to mention other sites have this same info; WPCentral would miss out on revenue if people just go elsewhere and read it.

Residing says:

For the record, I'm not condoning either method; just trying to point out that Nokia did not intend for HTC and other oems to have access to Nokia apps/exclusive apps (at least until NOKIA says so).

adrian1338 says:

thats the good thing about journalism.

I'm happy for non Nokia WP users... Obviously this is temporary

Residing says:

Michael75 - True words, and spot on. 
I cannot believe this article is posted here - where's your integrity, Chassit?

the92playboy says:

I too would put this in the category of (light) piracy. People are getting apps for free that they would have/should have otherwise paid for. Disappointed.

Aren Clegg says:

Not all the nokia apps are free. I  also always thought you needed the Nokia drivers to run some of these programs.

Selfie13 says:

I'm also very surprised to see this posted by wpcentral.

spcdog says:

They care more about advertising revenue from the extra traffic, than the fact that they are helping people steal from Nokia. Sure, you could argue that it's already being reported by other news sites, so the cat's out of the bag. But, integrity. It's not the first time, though, and probably won't be the last. Just remember guys, when someone finds a "glitch" to steal the paid version of your WPCentral app, I fully expect to see that proudly displayed on your front page.

Jay Bennett says:

That already happened :(

Residing says:

Really?  And you linked the article and instructions on your front page?  Link please?

Jay Bennett says:

I mean our app has been pirated in the past, and I sent take down notices to the sites hosting the content. As is the appropriate legal response, most of the sites complied. Chassit posting this information does not constitute piracy as the apps still require purchasing where appropriate.

Stravincy says:

Agree 100%

-1 for WPCentral

Fully agreed, i was expecting just an informative article when i saw this on twitter. But a step-by-step how to? That could've surely been left out. I wonder how Dan would explain this.

VI Slick says:

Really..... We expect better WPC

Nik Rolls says:

Agreed, especially with the security risk of connecting through a proxy we have no info about. Many people trying this won't realise the risks.

iknowsingh says:

You can most likely download the apps, but once installed some of them will error on loading saying 'Not compatible with this phone' or an error to that effect.
It's a nice way to take that smile off your face after thinking you're '0mg, s0 l33t'.

Sam thing here... 
Got stuck on installation process.

baileystein says:

Try restarting. ;)

I wish there was a glitch to get non-Nokia apps on my 920

That be nice. I wonder what they're playing with at HTC and Samsung

Duffau says:

You can if you have a dev or student unlock, you can sideload the store zap. Presto

Any way to use this to get the HTC clock on a Lumia?

Minor Abian says:

Data sense would be nice as well

Kindis says:

GRD2 will bring this to all as I understand it!

True. But a temporary fix is always nice

adrian1338 says:

lets see when the update is rolling out. still waiting for nfc payment and data sense as confirmed wp8 features to arrive at uk

Graven Pshya says:

Orientation lock please! Haha.

shreyas15 says:

Nope. But side-load the TimeMe app. Works and looks just like the one on HTC. You can download from store, but that'll update only every 30 mins due to os limitation.

Gmotagi says:

So WPCentral is now publishing articles on how to get round copy protection on Windows Phones.  How about taking it one step further and post links to the sites that have the cracked xaps on?  After all it not like us devs spend any time and effort writing the software in the first place.  Perhaps you could also start up a side line in illegal warez.  Call it WPBay perhaps?

killer rin says:

Oh please stop, just stop it. You may be able to download these, but like a previous poster said they won't open up.

denis7 says:

They aren't posting any cracked xaps or illegal warez, so what was your point again?

Paul May says:

People still have to pay for the apps buddy, more money in the developers pocket.

the92playboy says:

There are apps that Nokia users get for free or discounted. If you use this workaround to get them, then its theft/piracy, plain and simple. The fact that a dev comes on here and complains about it, and then for a week straight we will see comments and articles about "wah, why won't WhatsApp devs update? Why won't app X developers make a WP version?" is fucking hilarious.

Treat the devs like shit, then get pissed off when they don't support the platform. Fucking genius.

seanles says:

Give this drama queen an Oscar already..

karelj says:

Sorry, my cat won that award this morning for his "OhMyGawd..I can see the bottom of the food dish!" performance.

seanles says:

What the hell did i just read

Duffau says:

You should also not read any rumors/speculation and info from inside sources since there are NDAs in place for it. Also, don't update your OS aside from official updates from your carrier and at the time its rolled out to you.

I'm also surprised that you publish step by step instructions! And not in a good way

Its KINDA worked ...
After I started the download ( with a big happy smiley face ) I got stuck on installation, it takes me back to the start with "authentication required" note.

arkhale says:

I own a Lumia and I am not bothered by this loophole. Good luck running those Lumia exclusive apps on a non-Lumia device. ;-)

I'm happy for them too... Guess Lumia owners want everyone to experience the Nokia goodness.

baileystein says:

This doesn't work, it gets downloaded and then when about to install it says attention required tap here.
EDIT: It works, but you have to download one by one.

noelito says:

did you ge tthe panorama app to work? i can't install it, i only go tman of steel

baileystein says:

No because the panorama app only runs on 1280 * 768 or 800 * 480, the 8X 1280 * 720.

cybermoose89 says:

Wouldn't risk it for a biscuit i use a 920 in any case

This may be not be technically illegal, but something just doesn't feel right.

Residing says:

Really?  Why are so angry to spout STFU to someone who doesn't agree that this method or practice is illegal?

adelino_btt says:

You have no right to ask about STFU to whom said STFU to you. In this situation, you can only reply GOAN.
 Then you wait for the "GOAN what?". And then, and only then you can enjoy a trully intelligent reply:
"GOAN and FU"
My job is done.

Musicman247 says:

This isn't a glitch, it's a hack. Someone has set up a proxy to spoof being a Nokia phone. That's intentional, so not a glitch. Title should reflect the truth.

gerrymad says:

Definitely not a glitch. Somebody found an exploit in the security setup and created a hack to take advantage of it. Nokia likely paid a premium to have the apps made as exclusives for them and WP Central is posting a way to get around that. I'm not sure about legality issues, but it does feel wrong.

SteggyDad says:

Poor form posting the exploit imo, even if it can be found via a search.

seanles says:

Could you please explain how that's bad form? I dont think you've thought it through, is what im getting at, so im trying to get you to actually think about what you've said.

SteggyDad says:

You kidding? This is something for certain phones only as stated by the publisher. Telling people how to work around this and thus ignore the desires of the publisher is poor form. If you would have thought about it you might have figured it out. Then people have a sense of entitlement about things these days

Boris Gong says:

Oops, I am late. By this glitch, you can also install Temple run on 512mb phone.
And the author said he's doing this to show people with HTC how amazing WP can be with Nokia Collection. "So please support Nokia". He's also working on a jailbreak project

paras chugh says:

thanks a lot.........tested and downloading on my lumia 720

With this method, could Temple Run be installed on a WP7 device? (Probably not, just wondering)

paras chugh says:

dont have a wp7 to test.....you can try and tell

I was curious to see if this works. I have Bejeweled Live + on my 920 & it's now now on my 8X running just fine. I will point out before anyone has a hissy fit it has been deleted because I can wait for the official release & I have paid for the Lumia exclusive.

Daakkon says:

Wonder if I can do a similar trick for htc apps?

Boris Gong says:

the author said most htc apps needs driver, so he won't bother

DannyBiker says:

Man, I just wish these apps were available for all Windows Phones (and my 8x)...Nokia may think it will push me to buy their products next time but it just means I'll go back to Android.

dalydose says:

So Nokia loses either way. You're never going to be their customer so why should they care?

theefman says:

And how ethical is it for this site to publish the exploit in detail? Would they do this so paid apps of their fav devs can be downloaded for free? Pretty poor form.

seanles says:

Your reading comprehension is top notch. I like how your morals are set in stone though. I'll expect a similar condemnation when the next WP update is released and they post a workaround to install it. Im sure i wont be disappointed. Good talk.

SteggyDad says:

Different situation, does require thinking to see how it is different.

Residing says:

Again, OS updates are inherent to the OS - Microsoft releases it for all WP devices, even if the oem/carrier blocks it.
These apps are paid for by Nokia for Nokia Lumia devices only.

seanles says:

1) I'd bet the number of people who actually utilized the hack was insignificant (minimal loss in income).
2) People now know that there is a whole world of Nokia-exclusive apps that they are missing out on, if they hadn't heard before. (I was surprised at hearing some of the exclusives myself. Lumia is looking better than ever.)
3) Everyone who has used that proxy (definitely wasn't one of them) has given their data to an unknown 3rd party with unknown intentions. That's very bad.

To be honest, I don't think this is the end of the world, and I don't think WPCentral should have done anything differently. I bet Nokia had some choice four-letter words for the WPC staff, but if anything they are in a stronger position because now it's more evident than ever that Lumias have exclusive apps that people *actually want*. I'd bet some people at Nokia have realized how good this is for their brand (assuming that they can and will block this sort of thing from happening again).

@seanles- you are not weakening his arguement.....theefman has a valid point here....WP OS update provided by Msft is meant for all WP irrespective of oems...workaround is for the users who will receive update at a later date due to carriers/oems thus it is not illegal/unetheical to force the update.....but apps in nokia collection are meant for the people with nokia products not all wp users......so by hacking/workaround you are illegally downloading these apps hampering nokia's business.....hope you got my point :)

seanles says:

Actually your point about those two situations being dissimilar is misguided. MS updates the kernel, then sends it to the various OEMs and carriers. Circumventing the due process always leaves some party in the dark. With the nokia circumvention is may be the publishers, or may be nokia, depending on how you look at it. With OS updates, it's likely your carrier, which may have to deal with customers bricking their phones due to their use of as-yet-untested software on their phone, or an increase in support calls because of bugs which wouldn't happen if the customer waited for the carrier to push the update officially.

Just because you *want* the situations to be different, it doesn't mean they *are* different.

Can the glitch be exploited to get HTC exclusive apps on the 920 (for instance the clock app)?

Kane Gao says:

Theoretically yes. But first someone must knows how to set up a HTC proxy, and actually goes forward to do it. This I believe isn't very likely, because given the tiny number of HTC exclusive apps, few would bother doing so. Then even if you managed to download and install the app, there's no guarantee it runs on your 920 at all, since it might need HTC specific driver. So...

Iumia says:

Chassit, do you not want to respond to the posts regarding WPCentral promoting piracy? Or are you just going to continue to ignore everyone?
This applies to the rest of the WPCentral team too.

Graven Pshya says:

If you developer unlock your phone you can side load the Time:Me app. Essentially it is the HTC clock app and updates every minute. Or just develop your own app and keep it for yourself. ;)

Mooncow27 says:

I'll be getting a Lumina in a few weeks so nuts to this and General Chaos Chicken.

DarkKrystof says:

Congrats on your future vehicle purchase.

Jaco Ra says:

There should be a glitch to download WP8 exclusives on 7.8

neo158 says:

You really didn't think that through, did you?
Different codebase, so even if you could download them they wouldn't even install!!!!!

WPUser111 says:

Use your mind

Jaco Ra says:

Use yours.. I wasn't being serious.

Dazzi says:

So what is the purpose of this so called 'glitch', if nobody can install any of the apps? Does this mean it is possible to get a virus on your phone?

Sorry if my question sounds dumb, but could this be possible if you are going through another server. Or have I totally got it mixed up?

Kane Gao says:

According to responses here and in Chinese, it looks like people could download basically all of the *free* Lumia apps, but only a portion of them will actually work. So I guess the best purpose of this loophole is to give non-Nokia users a taste of how great it is to be a Lumia owner, and maybe stimulate them to convert in the near future...

And the trick above apparently bypasses the 512MB RAM limitation as well, allowing low end devices to download and install apps that should normally be invisible to them (but again, can't promise they will actually run). Somebody up there mentioned installing Temple Run Brave on Lumia 720.

And yes, theoretically it's quite easy to contact virus through a proxy server. But the lucky thing is that Windows Phone itself is a pretty sturdy OS which is basically immune to all viruses and malware (thanks to the sandboxing some have been complaining about all along). Thus even if any virus streams itself into a Windows Phone via a proxy, it won't lodge. Of course, it will be a very different story if the Windows Phone is jailbroken...

Dazzi says:

Thankyou for explaining Chassit -- I'm so glad I chose L920, as I don't need to use this 'glitch'....!

bdlou says:

Sounds like something that could potentially be accomplished through Fiddler.  Might give that a go later.

Fistivus says:

The nokia exclusive games work...I just installed NBA Jam on an HTC 8x.

jlynnm350z says:

Well if everyone didn't know about this glitch they do now. Nokia thanks you

Fndlumia says:

Just buy a Lumia ppl, best WPs anyway.... China...unsecure proxy ahh no thanks... Have 920 & 925 so I'm happy... Wonder if this works for Samsung and HTC apps on Lumias, anyone tried?

WPUser111 says:

Can u cnfrm for notification light on lumia 925?

j_jabbar says:

Will my phone beam me to a warmer climate...

Fndlumia says:

Sorry bud but no my 925 does not have a notification light, my n9 and n8 do so I understand the frustration that a 2013 phone does not have it, have heard rumors of a future update enabling the windows logo as one but just rumours.

sip1995 says:

That's not fair....i paid so much money to get a lumia phone...and now it's useless :-(

seanles says:

That's a joke, right?

Clearly not a joke. Now that others can download Nokia apps, his Nokia phone no longer works

JoRdaNeK says:

My 720 is starting to melt as i type, i came on WPcentral to find out why and now i know, thank for leaking this and turning my phone into warm liquid goo *phone dies* :P

I'm not against writing an article about this, it's news after all, but clearly endorsing it (it is a hack) by posting a step by step, it's a bit too punk rock. Or something.

noelito says:

i was able to get man of steel app on my phone but nothing else for my samsung ativ s, i really realy want the nokia panorama app but it just wont complete installing

Kane Gao says:

Man, just consider this a free tiral (albeit a buggy one) before buying a Lumia phone. Nokia has done a lot for its firstborns, and this is the time for the world to feel it. :)

Photosynth is a better (and full 360) panorama app. I believe it is also free.

Agent-P says:

While I agree with this, I really like the Nokia panorama app for a quick and simple "side to side" panorama because it handles it so well. But otherwise I use photosynth for all other panoramas.

Iumia says:

The exclusives from Nokia will soon stop if websites such as WP Central from illegal downloading on other devices.

Musicman247 says:

Nokia has done a lot for its customers. If HTC or Samsung users want good apps, they should ask the phone maker to invest in making those apps. Nokia has invested who knows how much money and manpower into these exclusives to draw people to their devices. It's not right to give away their work like this.
I'm glad the proxy went down, but now the idea has been put into countless minds that they should try the same thing.
Not cool to backstab Nokia like this.

Daakkon says:

I want that HTC clock. Lol.

Pleistoros says:

S**t, they found that out? Damn....

wizmagister says:

Pretty sure you're giving your username and maybe more to that proxy server. Is it worth it ?

Really interesting topic. Wonder how many will get burnt...

wizmagister says:

We'll hear a story in a few months that outlook.com identities have been compromised and won't remember why ... ;)

I think I'll try this on my 8X before I send it off to USell.

Anyone managed to install Nokia music app ??
Got cinemagraph and creative studio now but can't really install Nokia music which will be great to have.

Agent-P says:

I don't understand all the whining. It's not like you can get all the apps anyway and for paid apps you'll still need to buy them. And really, do you honestly think enough people will go through with this that it'll make a difference in terms of overall downloads? The majority of WP users are Lumia owners anyway (according to the latest breakdown that was posted here), so this is more like giving others a taste of which Lumia exclusive apps are available and what they're like. I feel like the majority of people complaining are Lumia owners that hate the idea of losing their "exclusivity" because they won't feel as "special".

(this is coming from a Lumia 920 owner)

Micah Dawson says:

In my opinion, it is not even the hack that is the issue. It's just the fact that it is a bit of low quality reporting(in my opinion) from wpcentral. That's my only issue with this. It's basically saying here let me show you how to get apps you aren't suppsoed to get from a company who is single-handedly more or less the backbone of wp.

Not sure about non-Nokia phones. As a 720 owner, and for those of you who've been screwed by Nokia by the HERE DRIVE+ BETA scandal...good news is...with this you can install and run HERE DRIVE + BETA!!
Well, now we're level Nokia!!! 

Nice! Successfully installed App Highlights, Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, HERE Drive+ Beta, HERE Maps, HERE Transit, Lumia storage check, PhotoBeamer, and Ringtone Maker.
HERE Drive+ Beta and Lumia storage check don't work though.

How could you find the storage check app? Searched for it under Nokia apps with no luck

Dazzi says:

You might be able to go through WP Central app updates link, to get storage check -- that's how I got Facebook Beta

I downloaded the setup file for that app from windowsphone.com then put that on my phones SD card.

jordandrako says:

Can't seem to get it to work on 7.8 and it doesn't say in the article if its WP8 only or not.
Enabled proxy with that address and port
Opened Marketplace
Searched Nokia Music and Cinemagraph and neither came up.

cannon#WP says:

I think it's assumed that this is WP8 only. Nokia's app collection for 7.x isn't really growing or desired by others.

Nokia City lens the best app :p just nokia not samsung :p i luv nokia

paras chugh says:

proxy stopped working for my lumia 720 for 1 gb ram apps......could download temple run and faceswap only.....any other free app with 1 gb requirement ?

Stravincy says:

I find it very strange that you guys put this online instead of just warning Nokia about it.
You guys always praise Nokia with just about everything and then you put this online?
Weird decision.

Tafkas373 says:

Well, it's public now. But I agree with you.

OMG55 says:

Well I don't think its a security risk seeing as you can see them but not install. After about half an hour I could no longer even find any of the Nokia exclusives by name.

mvpspl619 says:

Yayy. This glitch let me install TEMPLE RUN on my Lumia 720. TEMPLE RUN BRAVE showed up in wpstore app search. So this proxy kind of lets users bypass the device specific check. But unfortunately it worked only once. When tried twice, wp store doesnt connect through proxy.

Aryan Angel says:

Really? Fuck, I wish I had WiFi D:

mvpspl619 says:

Yeah. But now the hacker seems to have closed the proxy. It doesnt work anymore.

OMG55 says:

Yeah, you have a lumia device. I have an HTC 8x. Have fun with temple run, I do!

mtiede says:

This is just like finding someone's pin code and publishing it and the instructions on how to take money out of the guys account. If everyone doesn't see that, I feel sorry for you.

Micah Dawson says:

I see that wmpoweruser(the other windows phone blog) also has it on their site. I expect slightly lower quality from them but it is a bit disappointing to see that wpcentral is essentially stooping to such low quality reporting and this is supposed to be the premier windows phone community.

gerrymad says:

At least wmpoweruser calls it a hack.

Tafkas373 says:

Good example to make a point. I'm surprised too.

Iumia says:

Pretty poor for WP Central to promote piracy.

How is it piracy still downloaded from the marketplace

Musicman247 says:

The apps were made by Nokia exclusively for their customers. It's like downloading Halo 4 and playing it on a PC.

What if someone buys an app from Nokia and downloads it to an 8x is it still piracy

Musicman247 says:

It's definitely violating the terms of service on the app. Again, it would be like ripping Halo 4 from a disc you bought and playing it on a PC. That's not the intended use, and it's against the license agreement you made when purchasing the software.

What if you buy it for when you get a lumia device but don't currently have one

Musicman247 says:

Now you're graping at straws. Buy it when you get your Lumia device. It's not like these apps are going to go away in the next six months.

Yeah I know but sales don't last forever

Micah Dawson says:

I am a bit surprised at wpcentral. I mean this theoretically could hurt Nokia or whatever and I'm a nit surprised at the fact they would post something like this and instruct ppl how to do it. It's way below their usual standards of writing.

I agree that it is not nice, but Nokia is pretty good at firing into its own feet, hope they fix this soon.

Tafkas373 says:

Seems to me both risky and very likely a serious violation of some term of service or another. Probably won't put you in jail, but if something goes wrong, support will hardly be overly supportive, I guess.

joelsilva says:

It doesn't work anymore, i just downloaded cinemagraph, nokia music and panorama. :/ 

Nokia music ? And its working ? What kind of phone you have, couldn't install it on my 8x

clappenings says:

I thought Nokia Music was open to all WP users now????

joelsilva says:

I have a Huawei w1.

Tafkas373 says:

And 'glitch' seems a nice euphemism for a hack. If I wanted news like that, I'd check more dubious blogs. I come here for serious news and quality blogging.

Freuder says:

+1 Who is this chassit person?

the92playboy says:

I agree. I sent Daniel a polite tweet along the same lines and was basically told to go piss up a rope.

dammit . its not working on my htc 8x ...
plz help !
what should i do ?

Micah Dawson says:

i guess someone from Nokia finally patched this "glitch".

seanles says:

She's gone buddy. Gone forever.

oh no...
why ?

procen says:

Because you guys don't deserve her like I do. :-P

You need to open your phone a put the battery upside down for this to work. Cant you read directions??

what ? "put the battery upside down for this to work"
8x closed battery frame . what is that dude ?
which directions ?

I love the internet.

Musicman247 says:

Buy a Nokia device, then it will work without a hack ;)

walter1832 says:

Don't listen to him. Flip it over, not upside down.

I have a feeling the82playboy is Justin beiber in disguise

Freuder says:

Given how many people clearly feel let down by WPCentral for publishing this, I wonder if they'll be man enough to apologise?

Why should they? WP central is just putting up pressure... So it gets fixed soon!

Freuder says:

No, if that was their motive then they need only have reported the existence of the "glitch" and not how to exploit it. The article ends by encouraging readers to try out the glitch. It's clear from the comments that some people consider this unethical and lacking in integrity. The question is, do WPC care? I'd like to think they do but fear they don't.

hutuka says:

What if this was a controlled glitch to lure other customers to Nokia xD haha just kiddin'. At least they'll know what they're missing though ;)

donoester says:

I would have downloaded Drive+ beta for my 720, but 30 mins too late, I guess.
Maybe I should just throw this phone away since it apparently takes Nokia forever to make a purchase-able version. Yes Nokia, I want to PAY FOR YOUR APP!
The reason why Drive in Europe is totally useless is that Nokia don't understand how their so-called "regions" don't coincide with how the traffic patterns at all. Why would a German want to know all about Luxembourg, but a Dane would be lost in Germany. Apparently, Danes do have the pleasure of navigation in Finland, Norway or Sweden in the rare case one brings his own car there.
Hooray for utter failure!

clappenings says:

Illegal downloaders will be shipped off to Hong Kong ;-)

Can't wait for the follow-up article titled "Glitched Nokia Apps actually spyware from China"

LoL ... Hope we don't see this anytime soon

rmichael75 says:

I hope wpcentral gets into trouble for aiding this.

I could always install Nokia apps on my focus but I'm not saying how.

your phone is non-lumia ?