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Spice up your Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen with OneStart

No Cyan until September

Some phones in India not getting Lumia Cyan until September

Cortana for your interests

New video shows how to add interests for Cortana

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Cyan going to Italy soon for the 1020?

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All green Lumia 1520 now available from AT&T

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How to speed dial on Windows Phone 8.1

Cyan on AT&T

Lumia 520 and 925 on AT&T finally get Cyan and 8.1


Microsoft ends Device Hub beta, included in Lumia Cyan

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Here's how to move apps to your micro SD card


Demo of the Animated Lock Screen for 8.1

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Microsoft launches new training portal to get you started on Windows Phone

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Lumia Cyan comes to the Lumia 925 on O2 in the U.K. and to the Lumia 625 on Ireland's Meteor

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Long awaited Lock screen app for Windows Phone 8.1 almost ready for public beta

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Microsoft releases helpful video to get you started with Cortana


Microsoft's aiming for flagship Windows Phones, killing Nokia X but selling MixRadio

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O2 UK shares details on the Windows Phone 8.1 update, teases visual voicemail

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Preview for Developers users need to rollback for Cyan

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Cortana showing a stock chart is a nice touch on Windows Phone 8.1

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Experiencing a bug in the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview? You’re probably not alone

Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft recently released the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, but already many consumers who opted to upgrade are experiencing some rather odd glitches. A popular thread is well under way on our community forum, enabling users to share issues they discover while using the latest version of Windows Phone on their devices.

Just like our previous article covering glitches on Windows Phone in general, we're interested to know what you've come across in 8.1. The thread is an invaluable place to not only file these issues, but also to help get some support by reading through to see if anyone has found a solution. There's also a handy reference with frequently reported bugs. Here's just a snippet of what has been shared already:

  • Bug: Store icon buggy – updates vanish if not attended to
  • Solution: Force check for updates from within the store settings area
  • Bug: No comma button in keyboard
  • Solution: Settings > Keyboard > Advanced and select the necessary box
  • Bug: Alarms don't work
  • Solution: Remove Windows Phone 8 alarms, set new ones
  • Bug: Apps stored on SD cards are laggy
  • Solution: Use Class 6 or Class 10 SD cards

Windows Phone 8.1 However, it’s worth noting that these glitches you experience in the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers aren't unexpected. This build we’re all using hasn’t been fully optimized yet and firmware updates from carriers and OEMs will likely address any odd things you encounter. A lot of this stuff is likely to be addressed in the final update before it’s pushed over OTA to regular consumers.

So what strange, weird and wonderful things have you discovered while using the Preview for Developers? Be sure to head on over to our forum to join in the discussion.



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DigitalDK says:

I can't change the photo for the lockscreen on my Icon, anyone else having this issue?

dhaval88 says:

But what about internet connectivity bug?when ever switch on the data,mostly it is not connected

Andrewnine21 says:

I can't get connected on WiFi or data. I tried two different networks and a luck.

vkelkar says:

Its one awesome lock screen customiser

dhaval88 says:

And what about mobile data option in notification +action?why it is not included ?it is most needed

uatalotigot says:

I'm with you ...

rbarnett98 says:

On my Nokia 1520 I had to change the photo on the lock screen, and then power off and back on for it to take.

sosan says:

I couldn't change lock screen photo on my 1520. Always now a piano keyboard pic is there.

DavidFlynn says:

That might be because your theme is synced up with your Windows 8/8.1 PC

Brian Callen says:

Works fine on my Icon.

duddy#WN says:

Yeah, I can't either. 3rd party app lockscreens work fine. But selecting one of my photos does not. I've tried restarting but does not work.

tkdmacgeek says:

Not so iconic is it?

yuvii007 says:

Mine Also, even calendar entries are not changing.

sadirehman says:

That happens with me too! But specifically for some third party apps. Simple calender, the app I just love cant change my lock screen!! It happens that whenever I attempt to do that one stupid preinstalled big wheel photo from the backgrounds folder gets pasted.... every time! Feeling irritated... 

danielgray says:

Yes sometimes not able to make calls. Have to put into flight mode to fix. No other error showing, not good as possibly not able to receive calls either..

PaulKinslow1 says:

Are you on T-mobile? I have an 8x on T-mobile and it is only either on the AT&T network or it says "no service".  All my other phones work fine and they are all showing the T-mobile network. The T-mobile store couldn't figure out a way to fix it either. I like the WP 8.1 upgrade otherwise, but this makes the phone unusable.

danielgray says:

No I'm in Australia, on the Optus network. I have a full signal at the time of the error, but but able to make calls. It has happened twice now.

I am facing this issue daily. Not able to make/ receive calls. SMS is also not working with latest WP 8.1 preview.

PaulKinslow1 says:

Mine cleared up and started working fine again the next day. Seems like t-mobile took a bit to get everything connected to the device.  Do turn off wifi calling though if you have T-mobile.  That T-mobile app has a known bug in the wp version that causes mms messages to not send or receive if it is near to or trying to connect to a wifi network of any kind. Typical of T-mobile, they still haven't fixed it after many months.

im not able to open texts too no one even MS can not solve it best way is switch to android and put this junk (wp) into the trash

vafo says:

None of these bugs are affecting my ATIV S!

2tomtom says:

Not affecting my Lumia 920 either.

tbonenga says:

I'm having a random bug on my ATIV S. I get a SD card error. Scan to fix. I have a class 10 64GB with about 42GB being used. It doesn't happen alot. Probably about 3 times so far. Also when I'm in a app I sometimes have to repeatedly hit the home button.

Romberry says:

I've seen that when doing soft resets with the volume down/power (lock screen) key on my Lumia 820. That's the only time I've encountered it. When has it cropped up for you?

itsjonyay says:

I've had this problem on my Lumia 820 twice now. My one has started restarting itself too and then showing up the 'Scan to fix' thing. Any ideas?

aafa says:

But we're getting that flash go off whenever we take a picture using the native camera app now....even with flash set to off.

vafo says:

Actually, I've been having this one too. Focus aide maybe? Still annoying.

peterfares says:

It's not an aide, it's a bug.

GG002 says:

You can change this behaviour in Photo Settings > Focus Assist Light (at the bottom of the settings list).

However, this is not a new issue.. I've had it before WP8.1, somewhere, I remember.

Xaphoon148 says:

Sure it's not the focus light?

yehiahassan says:

No issues at all on my Lumia 920

Mayur says:

Other than annoyingly filtered contacts still showing up when using 'Phone book' from PHONE app, my L920 is also working perfectly with WP8.1.

peterfares says:

The camera issue sure is though. Have you tried recording video? Siwtch between video and picture mode a few times and the camera will lock up and won't work until you reboot.

Martfo says:

Had this today. Had to soft reset the phone and then let it scan the card for errors.

AtivS8 says:

I also have ativ s which not struggling at all! loving it :) in uk thinking ativ se if it is released here

Walid1996 says:

I don't get notifications through mobile network. What can I do?

You might have data sense that has expired. I faced the same problem and reset the data sense and it worked.

Xsled says:

Really? Interesting...

Walid1996 says:

Thanks man! Worked! :D

That's right, games/apps on class 4 SD cards are really slow and laggy :P (need to buy new one)

tbonenga says:

Same on class 10 for me.

Westoncreg says:

I had lag problems on my class 10 card as well, hard reset fixed the problem

Claudio Luna says:

Hi, I'd like to ask you something, what is your phone? I'd like to know if doing what you did will fix my lag problems. I've a Lumia 520 ;) thanks

urbanleyend says:

I got the same problem with class 10 32gb and i can't transfer 1gb game OR bigger to my sd from my phone

ruddevil says:

Fine with me here on Sandisk Ultra MicroSD HC I 32GB. Asphalt 8, FIFA 14 runs fine.

link68759 says:

Class .... 10 I think 64GB. Things are perfect.

Should I buy a new card? I own class 4 card and I want to buy class 10 but people are saying that it's not got either :/

Claudio Luna says:

Hi, I used a Class 4 and games didn't run good, I bought a Class 10 and didn't change a thing ¬_¬ haha but you could try it ;)

Thank you for the comma suggestion. Was driving me crazy!

go1020 says:

It's actually (the box) still greyed out for me. Why is that?

caresrg says:

I started to install another keyboard, but before the required reboot, I checked the comma box and then deleted the keyboard I had added. No reboot required!

dortyboy says:

Can't select the comma option. Why is that?

lpforthewin says:

It's automatically selected if you only have 1 keyboard installed. If you have more then the comma is replaced by a keyboard selection button unless you check the box.

dortyboy says:

I only have one keyboard but I don't think I have any issues applying comma. It's right there on the screen

peterfares says:

Because it's always there if you only have 1 keyboard installed. Once you install a second keyboard it's hidden and the keyboard toggle is shown instead. The checkbox makes the comma show when the keyboard toggle is showing but makes your space bar smaller.

And this is most likely because people are forcing Cortana from non US regions.

You could always long press the dot.

Tips_y says:

Yes, that is also what I do. No problem at all.

I didn't know about long pressing the full stop, but I did find the comma when switching to numbers. It was annoying me with the fact it wouldn't appear all the time, but that setting is useful. I guess it's a nice option for people who would like a longer space bar.

it slows down your writing A LOT :)

especially if youre using languages like Polish wheres more commas than words ^^

Mavee Shah says:

Am using clasa 10,32 gb SD Card by Nokia Lumia 720...still feels laggy

ahmedjan87 says:

Guess it needs some more optimizations

2uiam says:

I also use class 10 32 gb sd card, Lumia 720 and works fine.

lpforthewin says:

I'm using a class 10 64gb sd in my 820 and apps don't feel laggy but storage sense never loads and music takes absolutely forever. At least music's definitely going to be fixed but I presume we'll need an OS update for storage sense to work.

Exactly my friend same here.. :(

Storage sense won't load for me either... Also, I can't add any email accounts to my phone. My second outlook account and my two Gmail accounts can't sync because the permissions sequence doesn't work. The dialogue box pops up, but when I tap connect it just goes back to the dialogue box endlessly.

My 925 is so laggy, and it doesn't even have an SD card slot...

I played Angry birds today, and extreme lag, to the point of freezing and then crashing. I have 920, so it is not the SD card problem. Anyone else having problems with this game?

dasfoto says:

I've had Anry Birds Rio freeze on me lately, but it was doing it even before I updated to 8.1.

srigiriraju says:

All the games I tried today are as smooth as ever. Angry birds, Asphlat 8, Temple Run. (L920). But there is a general Lag while scrolling in the Games APP,I noticed, even after updating it, this morning.

alijahg34 says:

App resume some times ends up shutting down my application

ahmedjan87 says:

That's a problem from the app itself I had this since WP 8

blessthejon says:

Same on my Lumia 420.

S_C_B says:

That happens with the podcast app for me.

Rem97 says:

I wouldn't call the last one a bug. Isn't it to be expected?

GR3EN says:

Not really a bug but Cortana is a big battery drained. Went from all day to 50% batt to 20% battery after just 8 hours at work not even using my phone. Shut Cortana off and some of the notifications in the notification center and all better.

Lumia 8x says:

Yea I made my Cortana to not run in the background and my battery life got better.

Cortana is so greedy.

xconomicron says:

Ftfy: Cortana is a slut

juanitoriv says:

She calls me "Big Daddy"!! Big old Hooker-Slut. She does aim to please though. 8)

neonspark says:

Biggest bug is probably IE11 absolutely nuking the battery life. I've noticed up to a 26% per hour discharge rate using various battery meters just by browsing the web under IE11. I've compared this to a non-flashed 1020 and IE11 drains power roughly 1.5-1.8 times as fast now....which is brutal if you're used to WP 8.0 where browing the web will indeed drain your battery, but now it nukes it. 

ryansstuff says:

I have noticed IE uses a lot more battery as well :/

saying that pages load quicker so should be open less.

sunnybyday says:

I thought I was dreaming when I saw on Battrey usage that IE11 used most of it at the top! Is there a way out? I have already stopped it running in the background

matfantastic says:

Turn off tab syncing, fixed it for me.

rblev25 says:

How do you do this, thanks.

matfantastic says:

Settings>Sync my settings>internet explorer

rbarnett98 says:

Didn't seem to affect my 920 battery usage.

srigiriraju says:

920- IE is affecting the battery; But Cortana is not. She is nice to me so far. I love the remind me feature. Especially remind me when I am at a <Place>

go1020 says:

I don't understand why IE 11 keeps reloading all previous pages/tabs when you open it. I usually kill all tabs from recent (using X) and disabled background process for IE.

toyotast165 says:

Ie11 loads to blank page now unless I hold

My drive mode is not working!

ahmedjan87 says:

Try to set it up again

kmukeshpark says:

Desktop view in internet explorer not working even if enabled.

devize says:

I have this one

DavidinCT says:

Yep, have this bug too...a lot of sites will redirect to mobile site...ebay was one I was notified this on...

Shimoner01 says:

I had found that this started to happen a lot more often after GDR3.

monotheist says:

A severe bug. Wonder why wpcentral has not brought it up. A big miss by microsoft

IE Tap no longer syncs with my phone

None of this on my LUMIA 820

izzykahn says:

I'm not experiencing anything. Not a bug or Windows Phone 8.1 itself. -coming from a Lumia 810 owner. :/

Soypan says:

You can get the preview like everyone else

izzykahn says:

How so? How would one go about previewing it?

ezeuzo1 says:

There's an article that talks about it on this website.

neo158 says:

I have a few words of caution if you do want to use the preview, be aware there are known issues with the preview, most of them relate to firmware though so they should clear up once new firmware is released. This has an effect on battery life and the camera in most cases.

So of the built in apps have issues as well but Microsoft seems to be very quick releasing updates for the affected apps, most notably Xbox Music.

Some people report lag after doing a factory reset and restoring from a backup, this is normal as the device is reinstalling all your apps.

If you do decide to go ahead and update to the preview, make sure you have enough space on the phone, 4GB should be more than enough. Keep the phone plugged into the mains while doing the update and most importantly don't mess with the device while it's doing the update.

Facing some problems with whatsapp...The photos and videos are saved in a folder called 'other pictures'. Now the problem is I cant access the photos or the videos from within the app but I can send from the picture hub.

Same here. Other pictures is added by wp8.1 OS. Somehow the folder is not accesible for WhatsApp. I hope it will be fixed in next WhatsApp update .

utkarsh13 says:

I had WhatsApp on my SD card. Now when I press home button then I see blank tiles for about 1 second and also my WhatsApp seemed to be laggy. After moving it to phone memory again fixed the lag.

In general my Lumia 620 has gotten very laggy after the 8.1 update. And I'm not talking about apps on the SD card, but the OS itself (I am using a Class 10 card though). Often times I'll hit the home button and see a bunch of blank tiles for a while. If I tap on a system app, like Messages, I'll watch the tile sink in as normal, then sit there for 5 seconds, then finally pop back out and begin the animation to open the app. Even typing on the keyboard lags at time. I'm not the only one with this issue either, but it seems to affect the 620s the most...

LTTG says:

Me too! My 720 is being laggy after 8.1 . I hope that Nokia optimizes WP8.1 with their Lumia Cyan update. If it keeps lagging then I'll have to go back to WP8, I just can't stand lag!

lpforthewin says:

Have you guys tried a hard reset? That sorted out all my lag. I performed three and it seemed sorted after that but that was only because I was having glance issues too.

LTTG says:

Yes I did a hard reset, still having animation stutters when closing apps, and it's really annoying!

R Robin says:

same here did hard reset three times and still it lags, feels like using a android device in my hand

wpfan2804 says:

Same here bro. Can't stand those blank tiles.

utkarsh13 says:

Experienced same lag but after moving apps like WhatsApp from SD card to phone memory and a couple of hard resets fixed the lag(L520)

Oris says:

Same here about the blank tile. Lumia 620.

Toink says:

The wonky WiFi connection should be 'highlighted' as a bug too!

Etios says:

Yes, The WiFi connection is very weak and inconsistent now. 

dorelse says:

Yep, Wifi issues are not exclusive to any one phone.

srigiriraju says:

Especially with 5G band, I see only a single dot for signal strength, when before it used to be almost full strength. L920

I have the same problem... Lumia 920

downgraded to WP8, but the problem continues. :(

psreloaded says:

I have a class 10 card. Apps run as fast as the on phone apps.. Glad i put in that extra money.

  • Bug: Alarms don't work
  • Solution: Remove Windows Phone 8 alarms, set new ones

I tried that and I also even did a factory reset on the phone.
If the phone was connected to a charger and then disconnect it, the alarm won't run.
If I setup an alarm, again, it will run.

Another thing that I noticed, after I unplug it, the level indicator still shows that the phone is charging.
If I leave it like that for a few minutes, it will show correct, or if I restart the phone.

Izzmox says:

Yep, same. I think this is also device-centric. I've heard some people on the 1020's the erase and reset working even if it is on the charger. On my 920, doesn't work either way.

vunder says:

I can confirm behavior with alarms: after charging I need reset alarms to make them work

DarrenSproat says:

Bug: WPCentral tile transparency comes and goes as if it has some kind of built-in intelligence trying to make me go nuts.
Fix: ?!?


2tomtom says:

I read on WP central update due next week. The transparency works when new articles appear and stops when you close app after reading an article. Roll on next week.

DarrenSproat says:

Thanks... I figured. It was a rather "tongue-in-cheek" comment. I knew they'd be fixing it. :)

CardozoRT says:

When I scroll up and/or down, sometimes quicker than others, the tiles are blank only showing the respective app a few moments after. And a bit laggy too... But hey guys, it's a preview!!

aldofarias82 says:

It has been happening to me as well, it's very annoying. Weird thing is that it started after hard reset

CardozoRT says:

I didn't hard reset it and is doing it...

Qiyamata says:

On my 521 with 8.1 my brightness settings are wonky now. Sometimes switching from low to medium does nothing, I have to switch from high to low to get it to react. And some times the low settings is actually the high settings and vice versa.

punkJD says:

The comma thing is not really a bug.

rockstarzzz says:

You will be surprised how many of such things are actually labelled as "bug" by so many users in the forum!

GG002 says:

I'm happy it's gone by default when you have more than one keyboard installed.. I've never been able to stop pressing the comma instead of space

Turanga06 says:

Battery indicator problems, jumps from 100% to 28% after a restart, restart again and now 98% per example.

I think the battery needs calibration after the update. Discharge it completely then charge to 100%. Discharge it back to 80% and then charge again to 100%. I did that and fixed most of my battery issues.

caresrg says:

That happened to my 920 after the Amber update. Eventually got a replacement under warranty from Nokia.

PPCFreak says:

Not getting any of these so far on my L928

RobinPaul says:

Screen becomes unresponsive once in awhile

juanitoriv says:

My 8X has become hyper-sensitive at times.

mslek says:

Internet Explorer Advanced Settings don't work, pressing on the button just returns the screen to IE. Also Reading Mode showing blank screen. Any fixes for this ?

I am using HTC 8X International.

Dan Preda says:

same phone same problems

+ screenshot don't work, hard reset with buttons don't work


Screenshot is now Power + vol up

Dan Preda says:

not working, already tried, looks no combo of power + vol up doesn't work, nor VOLUME UP > VOLUME DOWN > POWER > VOLUME DOWN sequence

I have the same issue, but it was not present at first. Just stopped to work after a while.

mslek says:

I even reset the phone, but no change.

Yep I tried many things, no luck.

afnan1 says:

I am also facing same problem on my htc 8x.

Kaosi Ezeagu says:

HTC clock doesn't work for me plz help

little_boy says:

same phone same problem htc 8X

Kaosi Ezeagu says:

Ikr it's completely transparent I have 8x too

noelito says:

Voice to text is not working

shamrock1988 says:

Maybe its just me but sometimes when I hit the search button by mistake the phone restarts :S running 8.1 with no cortona although I have had out on before when I had USA regional settings

vliebergen says:

I have the same problem/bug with wp8.1 preview on my Lumia 920.
When I try to unlock the screen and therefore inserting my pincode, I accidentally press the second letter, a four simultaneously with the search button... Than my screen doesn't respond anymore and the phone restarts. Quite annoying...
Have more people noticed this?

CombatRock says:

No bugs "yet" on my 822.

jchapman01 says:

I'm mainly experiencing battery drain issues. It's 3:45 and I have 24% battery left. Usually at this time I still have about 75%. I know it'll be fixed with the official update. Just gotta go find my spare charger...

Kooosh says:

This helped me, although my drain wasn't as pronounced as yours: 

Settings -> Applications -> Cortana -> Battery Saver -> Turn off "Allow app to run in the background." 



Did you check battery sense to see what's using up the juice? Might help you determine if it's a bug or app.

thesteef says:

No pictures in my rooms. Very annoying

Xsled says:

My buddy is having this issue too. My pictures and notes are there but Room live tiles have stopped working.

dpiranda says:

My Lumia 1520 bugs: Sometimes after unlock my phone the start screen takes forever to load; sometimes power button bug too.

rbarnett98 says:

My 1520 didn't wake up when pushing the power button this morning. After pushing it numerous times it still didn't respond. I then held out for about 15 seconds and it powered up, just like it had been turned off. It is just a preview though, and these things should be fixed in a short while.


Comma settings made my day, thank You sir

ms_geo says:

BUG ( on my phone ) : step1) Go to setting -> start + theme and remove the start background picture

step2) Now choose a photo and press the windows key to see your photo on start screen...

step3) Press back button and repeat step2 4times ( don't remove the picture , just change it )

On my phone , the background doesn't change anymore ( sometimes it shows the wrong photo on start ) unless I remove the photo and select it again...


RobinPaul says:

Yes i have the one problem too :)

tmac9127 says:

There is also an issue with using Cortana for directions. If you don't cancel completely out of your desired navigation app, it just returns back to the navigation an sits there without getting fresh directions.

Ronnet says:

Hardly any issues on 920. After lots of use whatsapp gets a bit weird though. It refuses to show messages on tile and in action centre. Have to open app to see them. However shutting doen the app via back button fixes it (for a while). This could be more of a problem with the app itself.

Shimoner01 says:

This might not be the same, but I'm running GDR3 right now and have been having trouble with whatsapp not pushing messages intermittently for a few weeks now. Every once in a while I'll just get a pack of old messages. If this is like the problem you're having, it could just be the app.

Ronnet says:

Sounds like a slightly different problem. What youre describing sounds like how whatsapp acted in the early days, before it had a dedicated wp team.

Madhu T C says:

Even I don't have any software issue on 920, but battery drains very faster. Do you have issue with battery?

Ronnet says:

Battery has always been an issue with my 920. Not sure of it got any worse. But I charge mine all Through the day so i wouldnt notice.

Madhu T C says:

I used to get 20 hrs at least after black update. Hope cyan update improves it.

ngilbert89 says:

I can confirm i have experienced the alarm bug also i have noticed when trying to select the clock to show 12 hour or 24 hour there is a huge amount of lag.

WinOMG says:

When I go to camera, click camera roll circle button, and delete all photos, I get a black screen and have to restart the app.

smartfonefan says:

So far no issues all working well. Even cortana and I'm in the UK... Love it its like a new phone.

Toink says:

Cortana is such a BIATCH... Oh wait! It's not a bug. I love her attitude! :D

davoben says:

I can't share items from apps via 3rd party accounts (such as Twitter) like I could in WP8.

realwarder says:

Pandora can no longer play music via Bluetooth without breaking up.

Not sure if it's BT that's the issue or Pandora not getting enough CPU in the new app model.

realwarder says:

Tried Nokia Music and that was fine.. looks to just be Pandora.

inertiaNokia says:

I cant send video messages via email!

inertiaNokia says:

People can receive them, but they are not converted before being sent

Tobyus says:

I can't attach videos to e-mail at all either.  And Gmail is misbehaving since 8.1 as well.

Jim Bob4 says:

I have always had a comma on my 521 keyboard.

xxcorpxx says:

No bugs yet on my 1020 but, do notice a bit of lag once in a while switching screens. I did lose a lot of battery today, never have before.

blessthejon says:

Also some apps don't show up under the action center settings.

markope says:

Yep, have that too. Most notably, Facebook does not register any notifications in the action center. (and does not show up in notifications and alerts settings)

Durishin says:

Make sure "Toasts" are turned on in the F'book App notification settings.


jharr100 says:

It seems the app must first have a notification in order to get them to show in the settings.

jarmopit says:

When having a Skype video call, your own video feed is mirrored version.

danielgray says:

Mine is upside down when on landscape.

Devmer11 says:

I'm having audio issues my lock and unlock and charging sound no longer work with all the respective sounds on :/ and heating issues and battery problems I hope cyan fixes it EDIT: Cortana apparently overrides the sounds :/

ilkkes says:

Same here with the sounds. How you fixed it? Just put Cortana off?

Devmer11 says:

Turn quiet mode on then off apparently Cortana sometimes forgets to enable those particular sounds again

markope says:

Facebook does not register notifications on the action center. Kinda important... :(