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gMaps Pro updated for Windows Phone, StreetView improved

WP Central

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we brought you a video overview of gMaps Pro for Windows Phone. The popular app has now received an update bringing a few welcomed feature improvements.

  • Improved and slick StreetView
  • Your places (with favorites, recent and pinned items)
  • Latitude as layer on your map
  • New localizations: Portuguese, Japanese
  • Offline Chinese offset detection

The big difference for me is the StreetView update. It was a bit jerky to say the least. The update and made is smooth and sweet, just like on the web. Nice job gMaps.

You can download the free (ad supported) version of gMaps here or use the QR code below for the Pro version. I can't stand adverts on my apps!




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MA7mgte#WP says:

The maps still load very slowly on my HTC Trophy...

timwp12 says:

Haha loaded fast on my htc wp 7.5.

percistratus says:

I've had this update for a few days now

HD7guy says:

Hmm... Maybe I'll give it another go. I uninstalled it a couple weeks ago, after it left me to fend for myself without any useable bicycle maps in a city filled with gobs of bike trails.

schlubadub says:

It uses google maps... So if that has it, then this will. You can switch to use bing maps instead, although I don't get any bike (and other) stuff on bing, but do using google maps.

HD7guy says:

I don't see how it's possible to switch the app to Bing Maps. Anyway, after the update the app now shows bike trails that it refused to show before the update.

firehouse31 says:

I own the app but it does not say there is an update. I have the pro version

schlubadub says:

Patience, grasshopper

Freuder says:

Even after the update Streetview remains the weakest feature of this app. Images are not stitched as you pan and the aspect ratio is incorrect. However, it's still a very good app overall.

iggypop120 says:

Patching the images is a decent bandaid . The maps still slow to load on my trophy. I still need the ability to access street view in areas that aren't my current location. I don't need to know what my view is now. I need to see where im going

hungtt7 says:

I use Lumia 710 and already updated this app. It 's very useful for me in Vietnam.