Go old school with Microsoft retro wallpapers for Windows Phone


We always like to spice things up around here with some kitsch and rock it like it was the early 80's (we are that old after all). So it's with pleasure to find these wallpapers created by Go Windows Go for your Windows Phone lock screen.


You get three colors to choose from: black, white and navy blue, which should suit most of your needs. If they sound like something you'd like, head over to Go Windows Go to grab 'em.



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Nakazul says:

Really cool stuff

RustyU says:

Great idea, I approve of the black one on my black Lumia.

scottaii says:

Meh, not that great, the wpcentral app needs to update its wallpaper section thinking about it.

Arun3 says:

This is cool! Well, I see a pattern here: Each article that you post shows a different WP from the previous one... Nice way to showcase all the wonderful devices.... :-)

mjrtoo says:

Cool retro!

Sam Sabri says:

Thanks for sharing WPCentral. Just so it's clear I just took this awesome logo already made by Microsoft and made the barrier to put it on your lockscreen easier. By no stretch of the imagination could I come up with something as awesome as that :)

adamjon789 says:

Me, not that huge, the wpcentral app wants to inform its wallpaper part thinking about it.