Goals, a Windows Phone app to help sort it all out

Goals for Windows Phone

Goals is a Windows Phone app designed to help you keep track of your goals and the steps needed to accomplish them. Be it a long term goal such as losing weight or the shorter term goals such as planning a vacation.

Goals is laid out in a very clean, straight forward fashion. You just tap the "+" button at the bottom of the main screen to create a goal and then add steps to that goal. As you complete the steps, the goal listing will become shaded to show your progress.


Goals is a nice looking, simple task management app for your Windows Phone but does lack in a few areas. First, your steps are arranged in order of entry with your last entry showing up first.  You will likely enter the first step to achieving your goal first, which will place that step last on the list.  Add the inability to re-order the steps and things can be a little confusing. Goals has no due dates, notifications, or live tile support to show your progress with a particular task. 

Lastly, as typing intensive as this app is there isn't predictive text. Tapping into this Windows Phone feature would improve the efficiency of creating goals and steps a lot easier.

While there is room for improvement, Goals is a simple app for keeping track of goals or tasks. It is nice to be able to check your goal progress at a glance and add steps as needed. I like the simplicity of Goals but it needs just a little more gusto.  The predictive text and step organization would improve things noticeably.

Unfortunately, there isn't a trial version available for Goals and the full version is currently running $.99. You can find Goals here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Nakazul says:

Seems to look great, but with no SkyDrive support its impossible to replace my OneNote lists.

longshark says:

My goal is to wait for this until it is free.

wpos8 says:

dont really need this I just use simple Microsoft word write my goals are hahahah

astroXP says:

If only it had live tiles ...

schlubadub says:

no due dates, notifications, reordering, live tile support, predictive text, or trial = no deal

"clearer" is so far the best 'To-do' app out there for me. it looks very nice and it does the job really well. I love the fact that you can email the 'to-do' list.
sadly .. I live in a country where marketplace is not supported so I am unable to purchase the app. Using the trial. Can't wait for Win8 to come out and get me access to the marketplace.. yeey!

Very impressive. But, isn't it free?- Texas Lending