GOkey is an all-in-one smartphone utility device looking for Indiegogo contributors

Crowd funding sites like Indiegogo have spurred a tons of mobile-focused innovation, and the latest huge campaign looking for more contributors is called GOkey. The basic idea behind GOkey is being a bit of an all-in-one smartphone tool — a large key-sized device that is a battery, a charging and data sync cable, a device locator and a file storage device all in one. It's a pretty neat idea, and it's pulled in nearly $1 million after looking for just $40,000 to start.

The GOkey promises to charge up your phone for up to two hours of use, act as a pass-through USB cable for charging your phone from an outlet or computer, offer 8, 16 or 32GB of its own storage and help you track either your key ring or your phone if you've lost one or the other. As with any other crowd funding project there's no guarantee of any of this, but GOkey says it plans to have products shipping out in January of 2015 if all goes to plan.

Being near the $1 million mark means GOkey will reach its fourth stretch goal, which will add a file manager app, and if the project hits $1.2 million by the time the project ends tonight it will add more color options. Previous stretch goals reached added GPS location, USB 3.0 support and the ability to act as a phone remote.

If you're interested, head over to the Indiegogo page at the source link below, read the information and disclaimers then put your money down on this really interesting looking project. Funding levels start at $59 for an 8GB GOkey.

Source: Indiegogo; Thanks, Alec!



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SwimSwim says:

Looks neat, but also expensive. Especially since Microsoft has yet to enable USB-On-the-Go, so the file storage is useless to us. Also, I feel like one small bump while plugged in: And it'll be ripped out the port, maybe damaging the accessory or even worse: My phone.
Still, cool concept, so I'd like to see what comes of it.

Yousef Kawmi says:

i didn't see any OTG feature, it says a flash memory but you can use it on PC

Well I am 100% sure we will get USB OTG & USB Tethering I update 1 of Windows Phone 8.1.
There is already a hidden settings in WP8.1.
P.S: To Open these settings Go to Cortana/Bing & Type USB, then click on the USB Settings it shows you.

Nik Rolls says:

That USB setting has nothing to do with OTG ...

Well I know that setting is not for USB OTG, but if they are going to enable those settings in Update 1 of Windows Phone 8.1 then I am sure they'll add USB OTG too.

Yousef Kawmi says:

USB will be available with Cyan, so nope no OTG :\

Peg Leg says:

If you have USB, you have OTG...

Yousef Kawmi says:

That mean 630 should read files from USB, does it ?

Nik Rolls says:

What he means is that any standard USB storage device will work with OTG. The USB stick doesn't need to support OTG itself.

Peg Leg says:

Ok, if that is what he means, then yes. Like you said, the host device need the drivers.

Peg Leg says:

It has cyan, if it has USB support, it should. USB support is the Sam as otg, but you need the otg cable (tiny micro HDMI on one end, like our charger plug, and a female USB input on the other end to connect a mouse with USB cord, maybe keyboard, flash drive etc). I have had one for two years and only used it once on an Android device. I'm waiting /almost praying for cyan and OTG/usb support.

Nik Rolls says:

It's a Micro USB on the phone end. But no, USB support is not the same as USB OTG support when it comes to the host device. And there is no confirmation yet as fast as I know that Cyan supports OTG.

Nik Rolls says:

I want OTG as much as you, but I don't see any correlation between it and these settings. Low power notification and sharing your computer's internet connection are not related to USB OTG in any way.

josonjoy1986 says:

The said setting is already enabled in L630. It has nothing to do with USB OTG.

Whats up with The "ask before using usb data connection?"?

Nik Rolls says:

The drive itself doesn't need to support OTG, only the host device does.

Yousef Kawmi says:

What I meant was, in the video they didn't say anything about OTG.
They said flash drive as normal flash drive, so it's not useless like he said

SwimSwim says:

Yes, the whole point of OTG is that a slave device can become a master to another slave.

So of course, this can be used as a normal flash drive. That's exactly what it is. I'm just saying it's not really the mobile solution they're pitching it as, because Windows Phone users don't have OTG like Android and (to an extremely limited degree) iOS.

awneze says:

I just got an ad for this thing on my facebook feed. Coincidence?

adrian1338 says:

No. it just seems like you might figure out why people speak of tracking and ads in one context

SomeGuy11 says:

Wait so they have a goal of $40,000 then blow past that and then start adding more milestones for features that should be there for a million bucks?

Well the way its structured they're saying $40,000 gets the base unit. If they raise more they can invest more in adding features. Creating new things costs money.

Seems like an interesting idea but will it come OUT?????

Also a bit like the treasure tag the Finding it part

Richard_Indy says:

Also no guarantee that they will make a WP app.

madogmoody says:

direct quote from their campain page:

"Will you make an app for Windows phones?

Yes, we will make separate apps for iPhones, Android and Windows phones"

lizziej says:

Great, but what is the time frame? WP at release? 6 months? 18 months later?

Exactly what Nokia treasure tag should've been.

cruisezero says:

Dude, I tipped about this few days ago.

Yugiro says:

More innovative than Nokia Treasure Tag.

jjmurphy says:

I hate to be negative, but I'm not funding anyone's first product again. Still no Agent Smart watch. I'll only fund things from people who have gotten a product shipped, even if it's a small one.

felickz says:

Agent and pebble both on and timeline :|

Stevied1991 says:

Yikes, I backed AGENT only. First and last thing I'll ever back I think. I read the whole Pebble saga, I can't imagine dealing with both.

felickz says:

Lets hope these guys have hit the ground running, if not we are in for some delays.

marcosbabu says:

What happened to Agent? Didn't know this project, I'm just reading throught it, not a fan of the design tho. Whats your experience with it?

madogmoody says:

If you decide to help the campain:

Please use my special link it will help me out!! :)


Looks like a gr8 device u can find your keys, or find your phone, flash storage, charging.

AND BEST OF ALL.........It will have a WP app!


RandomAlec says:

Wow, what an honor to be thanked by WPCentral for the heads up about this device!

(Yes, I'm the Alec they're thanking...I think)

It truly is a must have gadget, I feel, especially for a lot of people like us that use a lot of different devices a lot and daily in our lives. I got one for myself and can't wait to see how the campaign ends!

If anyone wants to help me out by purchasing through my referral link I would truly appreciate it.

Thanks for posting about it WPCentral! Just trying to spread the word about it, glad you acknowledged it. 

XSportSeeker says:

Waiting for it to release and then see how it goes. I've been burned too much by physical gadgets crowdfunding initiatives already to know how many stuff can go wrong in this.

watcha says:

Totally useless

lizziej says:

Nice idea but its too expensive

ajay singh8 says:

This site www.gamergen.com stats that windows phone 8.1 is available for all 47 minutes ago

No updates available in Belgium

Anonymat says:

A cool gadget, but pulling in over $1million? When other Kstarters like ProtonMail haven't? The tech society clearly has some unfortunate priorities :/