Want a gold Xbox One for Christmas? Harrods UK has one for £6,000

Xbox One Gold

You can joke and laugh about gold mobile phones, but what about video game consoles? Harrods has a 24-karat gold Xbox One at its London department store and it can be yours for just £6,000 ($9,800). If you're wanting something extravagant for the kids this Christmas and have the cash to spend, a gold plated Xbox One might just be the perfect gift.

What's different about this console compared to the standard Xbox One? Not a lot, except the fact that it's most definitely going to look out of place in anyone's home. That said, we're used to such products being on show at stores such as Harrods. You've had the black, white and now gold variants on the console.

Are you considering some "bling bling", or should we say Bing Bing?

Source: Reddit, via: Pocketlint



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Xaphoon148 says:

Wow, what a bargain...

sholokov says:

Must be plated.

Better buy 100 Lumia 520s

DJCBS says:

Too cheap. Probably the quality isn't good. I'm not paying less than £10,000.

greedypnguin says:

Oh you're so money supermarket

bobsentell says:

I have to agree £6,000 sounds pretty cheap. Why are you holding out? Don't just plate it, make the entire chassis out of gold!

BldyIdt says:

One word: heat

spcdog says:

Actually, it would make a great heatsink. You could probably get rid of the fans entirely.

BldyIdt says:

And you're right! The thermal conductivity of gold is one of the highest (the other being copper, diamond and silver) which would indeed make the heat dissipate quite fast... Hmm interesting. At least I've learned something today :D

enzom09 says:

I wonder how hot it's going to get since it's metal? My buddy told me he doesn't turn his off since its connected to the tv and it already gets hot as balls...

TrustySnooze says:

Mines on pretty much all the time, haven't had any issues with heating.

djSupport says:

Then it will melt, then you can make 10K on xbox one gold jewellery!

cuwe says:

Lol . What an investment !

Mines on 24/7 and I haven't had an overheating. In fact I'm surprised how cool it has stayed.

Micah Dawson says:

That looks horrible to me tbh

Great deal says:

Thinking about it, it's actually a really good investment!  In 20 years time at auction it would sell for at least 20k. Depends how many are made.


ravi.tandon says:

In 20 years invested money can at least become 4 times, so its a loss of 20000 as per your equation :)

KasakDesign says:

I can just buy hundreds of N64'S at this price lol

Does this have a warranty, and can I get Microsoft complete? :P

spcdog says:

Imagine how mad you'll be if you ever have to send it in for service, and they send you back someone else's refurbished unit.


Buy a regular Black Xbox One, a tin of Hi Gloss Gold Plastic Model spray paint and boooom same thing

fromage79 says:

Same thing ?! I beg to differ !

You won't get f*cked in the ass.

greedypnguin says:

I don't think he wants to be fucked in the ass

aeonstar says:

Actually gold is very good at conducting away heat. That's why the Radiators of the Bugatti Veyron are made of gold. It should in effect prevent over heating

cybermoose89 says:

That thing will melt like butter

RyanAMG says:

Um no. Gold melts at 1064C

cybermoose89 says:

Fair point still bit silly a gold xbox never been a fan of gold tbh

Chemilinski says:

The Sheikhs will love it.

Corvodin says:

Now, why would you do that?

NIST says:

It will match my gold finger.

Antluv82 says:

I want one lol

Everybody who buys such a vulgarity is obviously degenerate. With products like this something is wrong in this world.

Jombib says:

So lets say someone buys it and then auctions it for charity are they still a degenerate?

A golden Xbox is an obscenity looking at the world far away from our western, warm homes. Just give the money to people in need, no auction necessary.

And i was obviously commenting the offer at Harrod's where probably an investment banker or a sheikh wasting his peoples money would buy such a thing.

ngc891 says:

Does it come with an xbox live gold subscription too...?

ajvanbreen says:

That thing looks tacky as hell!

Cellus13 says:

Make a gold 920! We don't care about the gold HTC one or the Xbox one! Gold 920! It still looks good though.

Chris Yahya says:

Beware electrical conduction and more