Google Analytics now picks up Windows Phone as OS

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Google Analytics is now effectively detecting (and reporting) Windows Phone as a separate operating system to Windows. A few months back (August to be exact) we looked into how Google Analytics was ignoring Windows Phone as an individual OS, which was subsequently naming the mobile platform with "(not set)" when displaying reports to the end-user.

Whether the search giant was taking its time with the implementation to fix this issue, or just playing an irritating game of "we wont support it yet", we have no idea. But fast forward to just over a year since the platform was launched and we now have Google's analytics software picking up our beloved Metro platform (as can be seen in the shot above).

While this doesn't really affect consumers, it's a real pain for webmasters who are interested with reading into which mobile OS is most abound with website traffic. 

Via: WPSauce@ailon



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If you don't mind me asking, what is that pie chart showing?

Rich Edmonds says:

Traffic report on my personal website for the past 14 days.

It is displaying the percentages of total web site visitors for each OS.

Can it display pie pie charts? :P

eshy says:

I use getclicky for my website analytics, they've been showing the stats if WP and IE9 mobile for a while

thenet says:

LOL awesome i see it too on my analytics.