Google Maps on Windows Phone 7 [Homebrew] [Video]

We mentioned a few weeks ago about a proof-of-concept when it comes to Windows Phone 7 and Google Maps, namely that if Google didn't do it (and do it soon) someone else would because it's very easy to redirect an app towards Google's map servers.

Looks like Tech Autos has accepted the challenge and released a simple but fully functional Google Maps application. The app right just brings down the maps and shows your location, so not too useful. But the developer plans to add  Address / point-of-interest search, Directions and Favorites, making the program much more useful.

The bad news: You have to have your phone unlocked/jailbroken as a developer or by using the now defunct ChevronWP7. The latter is more difficult because you actually need a certificate that was hosted on their servers. Luckily XDA has your back on that one.

Source: TechAutos; via Ali waqas; Thanks, Ali!




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robnaj says:

Android gets Bing and WP7 gets Google Maps not the same but the cercle is complete
MS got what they deserve

federaly says:

What do you mean deserve? You think it was wrong of them to put their search engine on their branded phone running their version of IE7/8 using their caches of information paid for by their advertising(You see where I'm going with this right?).

They were perfectly within their business right and ethical and sensible right to only include BING. My god why don't you go bash SE for making a PSP phone because you know they should have made a Nintendo DS phone right. Make a phone with their name on it but use your competitors product...