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Songza curating multi-million dollar bid from Google

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Songza has just been acquired by Google


Google is taking on Apple's acquisition of Beats Music with its own acquisition of Songza, a streaming service that delivers "contextual expert-curated playlists" to listeners. Right now, Google is running Songza as a separate company, but Google Play revealed in a Google+ post that it expects to roll Songza's beloved features into Google Play.

"We aren't planning any immediate changes to Songza, so it will continue to work like usual for existing users," Google Play stated in a post on Google+. "Over the coming months, we'll explore ways to bring what you love about Songza to Google Play Music."

We're also hearing that Songza's features could also appear in the future in YouTube as well.

Source: Google Play



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Sam Sabri says:

Balls. I love Songza. Hopefully they continue to support Windows Phone / Windows 8.

The beasts have captured another prey. Not a good thing for WP users looking at the way Google has played with MS over Windows Phone.

ImNotRPG says:

Don't worry, a year later of the Waze acquisition they continue supporting it for WP8.

neo158 says:

Yet Waze was last updated in February, putting it behind in features.

felickz says:

Nope, waze has said no more development

neo158 says:

That was my point, last updated in February with no more development.

I know there going to stop support, maybe not tomorrow, but in the not so distant future... Well, on the bright side, my MixRadio works fantastic. (Although, I wish they would update there, literally, six year old Afrikaans mixes)

rodneyej says:

So Apple has Beats, Google has Songza, and Microsoft has Mix Radio.... Weird❗

Switching to Mix Radio in 3,2,1...

sip1995 says:

And now Microsoft owns Mix Radio.

rodneyej says:

Microsoft needs to integrate MixRadio into XBM so that we have one place for all our music.

Dean Lewis says:

Completely agree. Microsoft too often have too many overlapping services. The more they get the best of each service and integrate the better. They did well to ditch Office Live and Live Mesh for SkyDrive (OneDrive now) back in the day.

Yeah, we could call it a Hub. Sorry for being too revolutionary.

Fiann says:

Mix Radio sucks. No matter what station I select they end up playing all sorts of weird crap I've never heard of. Even if they play an artist I know it is almost always some obscure B side that isn't very good.

MS needs to buy Slacker or Pandora or SOMETHING decent.

rodneyej says:

IDK about MR sucking, but I do agree that it would be cool if MS bought a more popular service..

MacDaMachine says:

Agreed bro. Never liked mixradio

Dean Lewis says:

I thought these services were about music discovery, right?

Fiann says:

Sure but if all the music you discover is complete crap... plus if I pick like 80's Rock Hits or whatever I expect to actually, you know, get all (or mostly) hits, not a small handful of hits and a bunch of b-sides and artists I've never even heard of (usually because they suck).

No way man, how it works is MixRadio learns what you like and don't like. It takes the data from the "thumbs up", "thumbs down" and your skips, and next time you refresh it'll be more personal. I've been using it for the wells now as my default when driving, jogging or playing songs in my apartment, the first two wood kind of sucked, but i stuck with it "thumbs downing" and "thumbs upping" the songs, today i literally have no need to download any songs ever because every song on my MixRadio is NIIIIICCEEE. It also very often plays songs I've never heard of but that you can clearly had it has the same rate as the music that i love. I really do have only two complaints with it and that is, i wish there where more than thirty songs in a mix (for when I'm driving long distance) and that they would update the Afrikaans mixes, it's literally six years old Microsoft!!!!

BTW, I'm typing this message using the new android L keyboard on my android device, just to let you guys know: it has been soooooo frustrating, doesn't come close to WordFlow =)

And Pandora has 30% of this market

tallgeese says:

This sucks. I foresee WP support being dropped.

neo158 says:

I think you're right considering the hatred Google have for Windows Phone.

This probably means Songza wont be supported on WP for much longer. My Google trust level is very low.

ricsip says:

another competitor company bought, yayx! Lessalternatives to choose from in the future. I guess the less players in the arena, the betterthat for endusers. Oh wait... there must be an issue here...

I was going to download the Songza app after your strong review in another post... but now that Google's buying it, forget it.

Hope they don't pull a HopStop

ChaddieBoi3 says:

There goes the updates for WP

ericjojo says:

Nokia MixRadio

neo158 says:

Actually just MixRadio by Microsoft Mobile Oy!!!

rreszler says:

Hahaha nice one!

umangpop777 says:

Actually it is not Oy.

Just look now it is just Microsoft mobile

Mix Radio is okay, but could use tons of improvements in their selection algorithm.  Always results in odd artist choices.

Craigtrain says:

It's more than likely I'd say that Songza will get folded into Google's All Access Music

vansiv says:

Bye bye Songza. Uninstalling, i dont use any Google Apps or related. I loved Songza, but FU Google, you and your lack of support on WP. So, if Mix Radio get International ...but not, im Just stuck with Spotify.

Hoekie says:

+925 on ditching any Google owned service.

BTW Never heard anyone over here using or mentioning Songza. So no big deal over here (The Netherlands)


neo158 says:

I'm just waiting on BBM for WP then Google is gone from my life.

semerdar34 says:

Just closed mine and uninstalled the app

Talk4Lig says:

Google, i hate more you more everyday

morpheusxp says:

Good, good. Focus your anger. Let it make you powerful.

WinFan1 says:

Good, Good let the hate flow through you.

astroXP says:

That's it. Goodbye Songza for Windows Phone!

trwrt says:

Remember when they bought Waze and pulled the WP app?  Yeah, me neither.

dalydose says:

Yet. It also stopped updating, so WP is still behind other versions.

neo158 says:

Thank you, I wasn't sure about that. Google is the exact reason why I refuse to use Waze.

SocalTouch says:

Same here. I refuse to help Google with using traffic data collected using me. Although I have nearly all major paid GPS apps, Here Drive is my navigation of choice and has served me real well in the last few months (I am in Southern California).

trwrt says:

What features does it not have?  For me it works just like the version on my Android phone, but I don't really do any of the "points" or social stuff. 

BTW, the Android version was totally broken on my phone for months before they finally got around to fixing it, so it's not like it's a panacea over there either.

James8561 says:

Alright. Time to delete the app and my account

buggyglint says:

Songza isn't bad but I prefer MixRadio and Pandora.

davidaddison says:

Pandora is so 2010.

IamDefiler says:

Actually Pandora's song selection is very limited compared to other like services which, IMO, puts it near the bottom of the list.

Jabid21 says:

I'm hoping Google play music bleeds into the platform through songza instead of losing complete support.

xankazo says:

Another one bites the dust.

Ugh, another win for google. I hope this doesn't escalate too much. Or is it already is?


The mobile battle is pretty much over, and the winners are Apple and Google.   At <5% market share, MS was never IN the game.

Ah, came over here from Android Central I see

Kamil712 says:

Well I guess we can kiss goodbye to the app on Windows Phone..

erzhik says:

Looks like they will rip songza apart and implement into google music instead. Shame.

Jagar Tharn says:

meh .... google will devour itself at some point

VS729 says:

I was just thinking about downloading it! Damn!

Micah Dawson says:

I don't use apps like these but I worry for those who do. Google is turning into the worst of apple and Microsoft

You are correct sir! That's what i hate about Google, I'm a student studying a business degree with a lector who likes using practical examples from current discussions made by these big tech company's, so i see the strategy's begins the decisions apple, Microsoft and Google makes. The problem i, and many of my fellow students have, is that Google also make, like apple and Microsoft, huge aggressive strategic decisions to take on the opposition, but where Microsoft and apple stays within respectable boundaries, Google does not. Our theory in the class room is the age of the company's, both Microsoft and apple are old company's both has received a shot to the face resulting in a very bloody nose, whereas Google is yet to recieve such an ethical or strategic head shot.... Must wait they will get there, and then it will be them who will have to play catch up for a few years...

P.s. android L keyboard SUCKS!!! took me like ten minutes to type this message with all the mistakes this thing's swipe gestures made

AtOmIc031 says:

These are sad news. I really liked songza, now google will scroogle it :(

Continue to work as usual, definitely. Check the app in the store... Oh yeah, it's not there!

hakmi says:

What is that? Sounds like a bird?

So pissed! I just started subscribing to club songza. Its the only app I use on my Nokia lumia

I just hope they do not discontinue songza as a separate service. They can integrate it into play music or any other google crap but I would be seriously pissed if they stop offering songza. Come on google you have ducked with enough of the internet.

altbrian says:

I couldn't try this service, it's only available in United States. That's stupid in Internet era.

TechFreak1 says:

Sucks for those who use the service and WP in general as no doubt they will pull support for WP.

FFugue says:

Damn, another service I have to stop using. Damn you Google!

Who read Google+ indeed?

cuwe says:

Come on Microsoft ! Spend some money !

buggyglint says:

I heard something about them spending some spare change on Nokia.

sip1995 says:

Microsoft must kill Xbox music and spend money on Nokia Mix Radio.

cuwe says:

Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! Lol.

apocacrux says:

That sucks that it will likely be removed from Windows Phone because Google doesn't play nice with Microsoft.

aeonstar says:

Microsoft needs to buy either Spotify or Pandora

SEKKDS says:

Pandora is really, really overated.

MaxyBley says:

Yes, really overrated. I do believe that it's actually quite good but not as among as people seem to make it. I have some little problems/announces with it. But, I do love the fact that the WP version doesn't have any ads at all.

carloswin07 says:

That just means no more apps for the Windows ecosystem :'(

Ksnoo says:

I hate to see how all these litlle companies are bought from the big ones!

Who is going to buy Soundcloud, 8Tracks, Discogs, Musicbrainz,, MusixMatch Lyrics, Grooveshark and so on?

It is a horror vision if 3 or 4 big players would have overtaken all to steal their spirit for sake of profit.

sip1995 says:

It called Monopoly....

Sounds like apple and Google are trying to clone what Microsoft has been doing with Xbox Music for a number of years already.

sip1995 says:

Mix Radio and Rhapsody (aka Napster) FTW....

DJCBS says:

If Google had 1€ for every Google-hate comment here, they'd have enough to buy Microsoft next by now.

neo158 says:

Well this is Windows Phone Central in case you hadn't noticed!!!

DJCBS says:

Exactly. Not Hate-Google Central. The hate of some users for Google around here is borderline primitive. You don't see Android users hating Microsoft like this over at Android Central.

neo158 says:

Actually I can and have seen Android users hating Microsoft on Android Central but whether hate Android or not on here has nothing to do with the article.

Yes you do, DJCBS lol

bobsentell says:

Well, you know, every other site loathes Microsoft and everything it stands for. Give us one refuge.

IzaacJ says:

Android peeps don't have any legitimate reason to hate ms. Ms gives them every damn service, google gives us none.

bobsentell says:

Who? Seriously, I've never heard of these people until now. Maybe I'm a little old-school (I remember walking around the baseball park with a walkman) but I prefer to determine the order of my music. I'm sure these streaming services are nice, but I just can't get too upset when a digital radio station gets bought.

neo158 says:

Google is the reason I refuse to use Waze, HERE Maps and Drive+ FTW!!!

They should make YouTube work better before that.

ExTrAbUtTa says:

Songza is pretty great. I've used MixRadio is good, but Songza has alot more depth for new artists, indie music or something you've never heard. Here's to hoping they change nothing.

Joeul_Ramos says:

Lmao first the little companies! Next, the world!! :P

Artur Linck says:

Its getting hard for no Google users... This guys want to but everything!!!!!

SEKKDS says:


News about Google? Meh..... Go Xbox Music!!! (i know i know... not the sharpest pencil in the pack, but I want to believe it is only getting sharper. it works for me)

Was the hashtag needed?

coolbreeze78 says:

It's a good day to use both a Note 3 and 1020. SIM switchin FTW

sir x wing says:

Lol boohoo they took songza away from us boohoo (in droopy dog voice)...great I love both platforms the big G and big W

pbjr92 says:

Songza used to be good last year. Nowadays it's pretty crappy on WP. MixRadio is the one for me right now.

theroyboy44 says:

Time to delete it before they delete it

simmomelb says:

I've honestly never heard of Songza, is it a US only service?

BsyewCP says:

I love songs by it would be better if Google bought Spotify instead. They would make alot more revenue.

brans0217 says:

I'll be deleting it after the break.

mango.lover says:

Your move, Microsoft. Now is the time to acquire Rdio.

davidaddison says:

Good idea... While they're at it.. Vimeo

Dan_ATX says:

Why! Why! Time to uninstall before Google starts tracking my every move.

elitelibra says:

I'm sorry but why don't Microsoft just slide a cool $billion to the side and start buying up hip companies to add much needed function into their products.

WPBlox1989 says:

I think Microsoft wants to stop their acquisition spree after gaining Nokia's Devices & Services unit which includes MixRadio.

Also they're preparing to license the Nokia brand for smartphones if they can according evleaks's rumor as Nokia will be picky about the amount since the D&S sale was the only deal they had with Microsoft which means they will not spend another billion on acquiring another startup or establishment unless Nokia says "no" about their brand licensing.

Ksnoo says:

Echonest - on which many if not most streaming services are based on regarding to their radio functionality - was bought by Spotify. Buying spotify is not the worst idea, also for other some good reasons.

AhmedEltawil says:

That's a shame. I liked Songza and hoped they would release Windows apps. Now, the hope has been squashed. Also, I used the service because it wasn't a Google product. Darn.

MDMcAtee says:

Well...I just downloaded It to see what all the crying was about and to tell the truth..they can have it..

davidaddison says:

I have been using Songza for awhile because of its variety. FU Google and your glassholes.

FFugue says:

To all those uninstalling the app, don't forget to rate it down before uninstalling it and saying why you are uninstalling in your rating.

You guys are brilliant!

By pouting, and uninstalling the app, all you're doing is rienforcing app developers to continue not to target the platform.   If that's your goal, carry on.

neo158 says:

When Google give a fuck about Windows Phone, then we'll care about Songza. Problem is that Google buy up these smaller companies and discontinue apps on other platforms, Waze is the perfect example as the WP version hasn't seen an update since February.

Fuck Google and everything they stand for. Don't be evil, yeah right!!!!

I'd buy that for a dollar

I don't think Microsoft should just start buying companies left and right. Sure, every now and then it will make sense, but don't go down the same desperate path as Google and Facebook. Hell, even Apple with their Beats acquisition. You can't always buy yourself into relevance.

offbeatbop says:

Time for MS to buy Pandora.

xeonfire says:

Some people think that developers don't have to have an income, or they put out an apps for altruistic reason, most just hoping to sell it one day for a billion dollars, nothing will last forever, we just constantly jump from one thing to another. 

If Songza become crap after a while, I'm sure something new will pop up later, chill....

2brun4u says:

Now it Songza won't be updated, will be full if ads, and will require G+ to work

DarrenSproat says:

SWEET... Another service I have to remove myself from.

elangab says:

This is sad :( They will abuse it, suck out the happiness out of it, and then cancel the service. Goodbye, Songza.

spazzmeister says:

Good news! Android is really on the up and up. Good thing I'm on lagdroid now =D

neo158 says:

Good for you, I'll stick with my buttery smooth Windows Phone thank you.

Why is google depriving its services from windows phone!?? Is google scared of Microsoft!??

IamDefiler says:

Deleted the app and went to their site to delete my account and guess what? They have hidden the ability to delete your account. The FAQ is outdated info for doing so as well.

GOODBYE SONGZA.... and now 2 adv per music for songza music and Mix Radio is far better!

I will never use songza...