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9 of 10 emergency wireless calls lack accurate location data in D.C. area


Jack of Tools Pro currently free to use


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Another day, another official app in India, Airtel Money arrives on Windows Phone 8


Bollywood Hungama makes a comeback on Windows Phone 8 for Bollywood fans


Boxcryptor comes to Windows Phone and Windows 8, allows you to encrypt all data you send to the cloud


Official Facebook beta updates with bug fixes and more reliable notifications


Fhotoroom gets an updated, adds in-app store and new editing tools


Nextgen Reader updated for Windows 8, adds new Feedly Pro features and more


Simple Calendar updated, new Live Tiles added to the mix


Shreeji Bullion for Windows Phone 8, a fine app to track the Indian Market


Plex for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds Plex Sync to the mix


Go beyond the native podcast support in Windows Phone with Podcast Critter

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Jack of Tools Pro available for free on Windows Phone over the next 24 hours

Jack of Tools Pro

Jack of Tools Pro is a popular Windows Phone 8 toolbox. Much like a Swiss Army Knife, the app sports numerous tools and facilities that are packaged together in one solution. Ranging from a flashlight to a decibel meter, Jack of Tools Pro is a handy collection of utility offerings and you'll be able to pick up the pro version fo free.

Over the next 24 hours, the app has been made free for everyone to download and enjoy. Much like we see with the MyAppFree deals, there are no strings attached - just simply hit the link or scan the QR code and you're good to go. Be sure to check out our past coverage of the app for more details on what tools are included.

You can download Jack of Tools Pro rom the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Marc, for the tip!

QR: Jack of tools Pro



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TiLoBrown says:

Free for a limited time always = download

n7slc says:

And it's a great app!

FishirOne says:

Finally filled up my "J" section. :p

Jazmac says:

Offerings like this on WPCentral is why I'm down to just under 4 gig on my Lumia 920.  Thanks Rich!

Ezra Brooks says:

Haha..i have like 7 gigs left because of this very thing!! Hopefully ill be able to delete some apps that this one will turn into doubles..

jMawl says:

Yeah. I just got a new 920 due to the spinning gears and went to my account to look at all purchased apps. I was extremely surprised to find that I am pushing 300 apps downloaded/purchased, with only 30-50 of those subsequently deleted...not that I use them all, but 250 "useful" apps isn't too bad :)

I've had this application for some time now. It's definitely worth a download even if it's not free

WinMaverick says:

The non-pro/free version had a metro like UI. This is one is ugly (though have more functions).

ivo_apo says:

Great app. Should part of the OS.

Not my opinion. Not interested in having a bloated OS.

DavidinCT says:

Cool, I wanted this one for a while.... I forgot about it when I had my 928 credit...
Thanks Marc for the tip !

E Lizzle says:

I use "base" every time I park in a big parking lot, so I can find my way back to the car.  Works great.  Even at its regular price, Jack is worth it.

That is a great idea! Gonna try this next time...probably doesn't work with floors in parking structures though.

E Lizzle says:

You're absolutely right, It doesn't work well in parking structures.


LOL @ "jack ofF tools"

Rich Edmonds says:

lol, I'd like to see an app like that...

Maybe it's only my dirty mind but seriously how could they choose THAT name for the app?

Myappfree had it first! Though their one function is posting discount apps...

kevin sledge says:

Off topic but the Nokia Lumia 1520 will be available in cyan color, for those wondering if the color was ever going to be included in the color option lineup.

Nakazul says:

Cute, but the accuracy of these apps question I do. (Star Wars style)

cannon#WP says:

I saw this pop up in the AppDeals app and pounced on it. Sounds like a great deal for a cool app.

MaXi32 says:

There is a big button 'Apps' which I think it's useless like an adware. This button will redirect you to the other apps that developers have. This is not a professional way to advertise your apps as a programmer. Eventhough it's free, I won't use it because of this.

kwajr says:

Anytime an app is on special free, download it if you don't need it uninstall but its yours to download from then on

It's a fairly useful app, but I don't like the design, feels to Droid.

Arsenic17 says:

Anyone know any apps that take advantage of the 1020s built in barometer. It would be cool to see the current reading as well as be able to see a 24 or 48 hour graph.

LadyRocki says:

Well, this is a great app to fill the J in my apps list. Now I need good apps to fill the Q, X, and Z slots.

dalydose says:

I've got Zinio and Zite under "Z", but no "Q" or "X". Maybe there is a QR generator.

There's one functionality that I'm not finding anywhere in these toolboxes. 
On my former Nokia N9, I had a toggle to turn off the screen and that was just amazing. Instead of using the physical button, you would just click on an icon, which was far more convenient. Of course, it's all about being lazy but that would be much more useful to me than a led lamp or a compass. 
Would be great to have a tile to turn the screen off. Everything would happen on the screen! Double tap to awake and simple click on a tile to turn it off. 

Wael Hasno says:

If I uninstall this after I download it, will it still be free in the future when I try to redownload?

ratsttam says:

If you buy an app on sale, do you have to pay the difference the next time you download it? Nope :) You're technically buying it on sale for the low price of $0.00

MaXi32 says:

This is not true.

aafa says:

You are false.

Diego Rico says:

I had the same question. If you download an app while its temporarily "free", if I uninstall it will it still be free for me in the future?

aafa says:

downloading an app for FREE is considered a PURCHASED buy. If you have purchased it, it is yours forever as many times as possible. That's why folks here download a free app but cancel the download since once you start the download, MS thinnks you purchased it and can re-download it whenever.
It will go through the payment options but then it will say 'you already have purchased this app' and then you can download that SAME app again. You can review all your purchased apps at under Purchase History.

Wael Hasno says:

Very professional reply. Indeed, it is a permanent purchase. I love these offers. Thank you.

Rem97 says:

AFAIK it will be free for you to download even after the sale.

Wael Hasno says:

Thanks for the replies, guys. :)

Application looks great...

wpguy says:

Great app, and thanks to this download I am investigating the publisher's other apps.

cioransorin says:

Done. Thanks for the tip! Handy app.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Excelent app, working great in my new lumia 920!!
Bye bye Samsung/Android!!