Grab a Nokia DT-900 Qi charging plate from an AT&T store for just 5 bucks

DT-900 chargers

AT&T may have eschewed the built-in Qi charging in the 1520, but right now they are the best place to buy an authentic Nokia DT-900 charging plate. Why, you ask? Because they are having a sale where you can pick one up for just $5.

We called around, and most stores said they were out of stock, so you should do the same. But once we found a store that still has them on-hand, they were happy to sell them to us for just 500 pennies. That's about $10 cheaper than even most daily deal sites, and well worth ringing up your local AT&T store to see if they have a few (at just $5, buy a couple!) laying around.

It's the best $5 you'll spend today.

Thanks, Jgbstetson for the heads-up!

plus tax



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aitt says:

I need to grab like ten of these at that price.

greedypnguin says:

I might get one. Oh wait, I live in England

Acbuono5 says:

Still waiting for the price of the stand or car charger stand to fall...maybe not this low but $20 would be a great deal

jgbstetson says:

I asked while I was there. Stand is $15.

Acbuono5 says:

Damn! Going to grab me one now! Thanks!

Acbuono5 says:

No at&t store nearby me has any :(

J Ice70 says:

Arghhhh! I just went down and grabbed Two pads and didn't think to ask about the stand.

Meh. I tried two Qi chargers for my Icon and an HTC Droid Dna. Neither seemed to warrant the extra time spent locating the sweetspots vs. taking the second to plug in the microUSB. I say this cool gimick might be cooler in it's second iteration. Tesla was onto something...

SeraphX2 says:

Check out the TYLT Vu at http://www.tylt.com
They put in three coils so that you don't have to search for any sweet spots, and you can lay it horizontally as well. Plus, it's tilted at 45 degrees so you can still see the screen as well. Best Qi charger ever made.
I have an Icon with an Incipio Dual Pro case on it and always get a strong charge.

The TYLT is de facto Qi. Sort of like Samsung to SSDs. Least I've seen the TYLTs going for are $40.

That's a quarter of a new 32" inch flatscreen. Or two fifths of Hen. Or 60% of my monthly phone bill.

Warrant the cause?

SeraphX2 says:

I'm lost. Are you saying it's too expensive?

Not at all. If I mentioned how awesome wireless charging is, your suggestion would be totally warranted. I just got through explaining how shitty wireless charging is and your counter to that statement is: 

"Go check out [another wireless charge which happens to be the most expensive of the lot]"

Are you kidding me?

It's like explaining to somebody who had a negative experience on a roller coaster, "O but you gotta go on the the latest African named track at Bush Gardens. You'll really enjoy that because your feet dangle."


SeraphX2 says:

No. It's like, you pay cheap prices, you get a piece of shit product. Just because your experience is with purchasing sub par items that you are only willing to pay 15-30 bucks for isn't my problem nor does it preclude another item from being a viable option.
It's more like, shit cheese is shit because it's cheap. If you want quality cheese, you pay more money.
You can't complain about melting and parts breaking when you bought a piece of crap.

jimski says:

Hmm, I have only plugged my 1020, with wireless charging sled, into a micro-USB cable about 6 times, since the sled became available a week or two after the 1020s launch. And they were all to sync my phone, not for charging. I have three chargers, one in my BR, one at my desk, and a stand for the office. My phone is never looking for juice. Always ready to go. The raised camera serves as a locator for charging. Wireless charging is better than sliced bread. But you are apparently doing it wrong. Don't fault a technology cause you don't understand it. I will not buy another phone w/o wireless charging. Period. No going back.

saulgould13 says:

Your buggin dude

link68759 says:

Sweet spot? My phone can be half an inch away and 90% not even on the charging plate and it'll still charge. Laziest process ever- not even comparable to USB.

I found the phone getting hot. Adhesive melting, components rattling. The long term on piping conductive electricity so close to boards with sensitive tiny transistors essentially held together with glue spells TROUBLE.

But this is 2014 USA... fuck it. Just junk the shit shit outta that shit. Minerals are in abundance yoyos.


felickz says:

Lol. Your wat exaggerating unless you have a 10" thick case

hopmedic says:

Nothing about this makes sense. I routed out the underside of the wood stand I made for my monitors to sit on and put a charging plate under it. There's ¼" of wood and a case between the charger and my Icon and if I'm anywhere close, it charges.

From an engineering standpoint, it charges vs. it charges well mean totally different things. Ya heard?

hopmedic says:

From the perspective of having been a state champion industrial electronics student, I'll say you are correct. However experience has shown me that the thing is very forgiving.

Tight work Holmes,

Your setup sounds worthy of being called dope. Wood is very classy...

Cheers to tinkering!

poddie says:

Bullshit. The only Nokia I have seen that had a bit of a "sweet spot" is the 1020, due to the camera bump. The others are very easy to charge... you're not doing it right. ;-)

No, no I insist, it's definitely you, not me.

J Ice70 says:

I just used mine for the first time and it works great. Best $5 I've spent all week.

Groover1971 says:

I don't know what sweet spot you have on yours but my Icon works great on it.

Can someone buy one and send to me?? :P

JohnStrk says:

Fat Boy Pillows too! Just got 3 of them for $15 total!!!

Had to login to my AT&T account and select my employer discount page to find them for $5. Couldn't decide on a color so I got 3 of them in red, yellow, and black. :)

astroXP says:

So this only works for at&t users? Could you provide a step-by-step guide for what you did? I searched for "nokia charging plate" and it returns "out of stock"

JohnStrk says:

I'm guessing the sale is only for AT&T customers but not sure. Not sure about the charging plates since I only wanted the fat boy charging pillows. First I logged into my AT&T wireless account and selected shop for accessories. It redirected me to choose my employer discount "Premier" page. Then I saw all the Nokia chargers for $5.

jgbstetson says:

True. I wanted the pillows but couldn't find any in my area.

JohnStrk says:

Me either but I ordered them and it was free two day shipping.

blackfire says:

Same here. I ordered 3 FatBoy Pillows for $5 each. A total of $15.00. Not bad at all.

TMavC5 says:

I have Premier account, im not getting any discount apply.  Did i do something wrong?

sd173 says:

I thought my 1520 did have wireless charging - I have those three dots on the back of it that I thought was for wireless charging.

MikeSo says:

They are for adding a wireless charging cover, I believe.

glibous says:

AT&T uses other tech. International version is QI. They both have wireless charging tech built in though.

dangish says:

That's for an optional PMA Wireless Charging Case. It otherwise is not compatible. The European model is wireless charging capable.

kingkoopa09 says:

It's pma different cover and charger

They are, but you need a cover. And the US version uses a different standard. Search thr forum, there's a thread teaching you how to hack one.

felickz says:

Pma bought out att, flood the market with Qi is good by me!

Jf.Vigor says:

I have a 1520 so useless for me to take advantage of this but damn I should rly look into that modification article posted here about adding qi to my 1520

Ill advised. It's an experimental method of charging the devices which is not even in it's 2nd revision.

It's like WiFi 11b or g. The spec was cool but lightyears from reaching capacity. Save yourself the headache. You're not missing anything which won't be better equipped next goround.

11B1P says:

Oh good grief. It's not experimental. Palm/HP were doing with the Palm Pre and the Touchpad years ago.

buffalosolja says:

I have Qi on both of mine works fine....  If you need it done pm me :)

astroXP says:

So the $5 price really depends on whether they have a few left units? Just out of curiosity, if this involved a phone call, how was the person able to provide a screenshot?

Called around to find a store with them in stock, then went to said store and bought them :)

astroXP says:

Gotcha. Thanks

MikeSo says:

Do you need to be an at&t subscriber?

reissy says:

To bad it doesn't work with my 1520


Holy crap....
That is a great price.....
I purchase mine last year from Rogers store for $59.99CDN +tx

Really had no clue they sold them as they don't online guessing its a 2nd party store?


No, not second party store.
Actual Rogers store.
Mind you this was also a year ago.

Zeroplanetz says:

Sad as there just probably getting rid of them because no new phones will utilize Qi. :(. Stupid dumb damn pma.

life3000 says:

Untrue, isn't the Icon/930 Q1 compatible. So it seems at&t will be the only carrier not onboard anymore, which sucks for them. Is the Galaxy S5 Q1 compatible on at&t?

Zeroplanetz says:

That's what I meant as att sucks. There the ones with this deal right? And all there new Lumia phones are stripped of this awesome feature.

wetworker says:

Can someone get me one? I'll pay for shipping and cost.

jgbstetson says:

Note that the price on the website will not show the $5. Check inventory at your local corporate store either through website or by calling. Proceed to store or buy for instore pickup. They should adjust the price for you if you bought for pickup. I checked inventory and went straight there. No hassle and I'm not a death star customer. As mentioned above, pillows are also $5 and stands at my store were $15.

Gen Pop 1 says:

How about car charger?

cannon#WP says:

You don't know what I spend my $5 on Jerry

MrJolly says:

I can confirm that the AT&T Premiere sites are selling both the charging plates as well as the Fatboy pillows. You have to login to your company's AT&T site.

hotzb22 says:

how did you find it

forked says:

Now if I can just find the 925 charging cover for a reasonable price. 

karelj says:

Same here. This charging plate is a good price, but since future ATT phones won't carry this wireless charging standard, I wonder if its worth it.

lol in my country are like 100 dolars :S stupid inflation!

jrod2328 says:

Hot damn. Just called my store, but they're out. /:

Off the topic: Nokia care is also pulled from store. Do anyone know why?

Awesome deal - I'll have to take a look to see if any of my local stores have them in stock.

Memristor says:

I was lucky to score a couple of 1520.3 when they were available at Newegg. So this is perfect since the 1520.3 has built in QI wireless charging.

DJCBS says:

Unbelievable... In Europe these still cost us around 40€...

Tomasz S. says:

And the pillows are around €60 :(

Starbane says:

Just grabbed the last one from my store. Wasn't worried though, one advantage to WP not being popular.

Well apparently it is not $5 anymore


Yes it is. I literally just bought one at that price.

onysi says:

Can you guys stop hogging that shit. Online store is sold out and so are the stores near me.

Gen Pop 1 says:

Grabbed a couple pillows and plates. Only could find online for the $5 price and then free 2nd day shipping. Best thing about wireless is just having them at your desk, night stand, end table, kitchen counter, etc..can just set your phone down for a couple minutes when you are in any given room and pick it up and move room to room and still be charging. Would like to see the car charger get cheaper, but I'm sure it will in time...and yes this probably signals the end of qi charging and the pushing of PMA by at least at&t.

rmichael75 says:

online it is showing 25 dollars. How didd you get it for 5 dollars online?

Gen Pop 1 says:

I'm thinking they are only allowing online for premier customers.

rmichael75 says:

ok thanks. I will need to catch one...thanks.

IceDree says:

Oh man only if I had wireless charging enabled phone.

Good to see you here Jerry! It's been a while since I read your articles :)

Soble says:

I need online store

MrPovilas says:

Maybe wanna buy for me, because its US agian and send it to me? I will pay for all shipping cost :)

MrPovilas says:

If some body can sell my if bougth couple, write me to email: povilaspetrauskas@live.com i would very thankful if you resell me :)

Wewt. Grabbed two!

Chacness says:

Grabbed two plates and three charging pillows for $25. Thats awesome.

allibone says:

Why are these accessory deals always US only? Those things are over £30 in the UK!

SwimSwim says:

Damn... I doubt have any Qi compatible devices, bit at this price, I'll take 20!

I just got one at my local ATT store for 5 bucks, but either they sold me a lemon or there is something wrong with my Lumia Icon. Anyonw knows if there is something I should be trying?

UPDATE: Im a moron. I had the plate upside down. Sorry first time I had a wireless charger. SMH.

islehopper says:

I modified one to put in my car's center console...

Note: it takes 12v, not 5v... so, I found a 5V car USB charger. Took it apart, ran the Qi wires through straight to the connectors for 12v. Works perfectly.

The adapter cord is a single copper strand (positive), sheathing is negative. 

If interest I'll post photos.

Danjp says:

Cool, I just ordered 2 and will probably do this with one of them.

Selfie13 says:

Would love for you to post the photos and details, if you could, about the whole process. Thanks in advance.

islehopper says:


First remove the USB adapter faceplate (2 screws). Bend the LED so you can run the DT900 power cord through the hole where the LED shows on the faceplate. The USB adapter converts car's 12V to 5V. You want to use the 12V straight from the front end of the adapter. So run wires up past the IC section. Connect positive wire (center wire) to forwardmost center spring pin of the adapter. Connect negative wire (shield wrap wire) to one of the two side spring connectors of the adapter. Reassemble and test.

I added 4 PU (black) bumpers that hold my 1520 2mm above the plate and keep it from sliding. Underneath the plate on the original center console phone mount I stuck some left-over PU to keep the DT900 from sliding.

The coolest part is the 5V USB connector is still operational if I need it.

Hope the above explanation is helpful.

Thanks.  I'm going to try that out.

wpn00b says:

You should definitely start a thread and copy/paste the instructions(if you haven't already). This is bound to get buried in a couple of days.

Dustin Sloan says:

What is the IC section? is that the board in the middle?

JohnStrk says:

I'm curious as well about the photos and details.  Thanks!

Trevor Wolfe says:

I'm interested as well

Humhead says:

Went to my local store, they had them in stock, but for $41 each.

thinkdan says:

Ask them to check the current price in their system. I was told the same thing, they were about $40 but I did what I just told you and voila, the price was $5 in the system. I bought all 4 of them they had in stock.

Jas00555 says:

I've got 2. Does anyone want to buy one?

Selfie13 says:

Very well may, what are u asking? PM me if you'd like.

Martin OL says:

Checked online that they had them in-stock online and ran to my local store. "We have never carried those try Houston"... Thanks for nothing small town AT&T store!

shaan sarode says:

None in stock at my store.... For the past two months and not getting anymore. Good to hear....

interopbyt says:

Not in my stores... :(

thinkdan says:

I just bought all 4 they had in stock at my local store. :D

I don't normally post my sorrows about not seeing these prices in Canada but at $5 and owning a 920 for over a year it is very depressing that I have never seen these or any of the Nokia accessories in the wild.

ssapre says:

In all 3 stores near me, had to show them in the system "What accessory I am talking about actually" ... Poor AT&T ppl.... Finally got it ordered through ATT premier.

rmichael75 says:

how to order it thru ATT premier? Pls send me link

TMavC5 says:

Logon to your premier account,

- Click Shop

- Click Accessories

- Pick your devices

You should be able to see chargers there.  Good luck.  I'm still trying to find stand version. :(

ssapre says:

I saw the stand version with the same actual price on ATT Premier, not as $5 :-(

RobbCab says:

Got two black plates at an AT&T store and 3 white plates, 3 red plates and 1 each of the cyan, yellow, black and red Fat Boy pillows from the web
Total $63.70. See y'all on eBay in a few days.

di_genius_7 says:

Sell me one now I'll pay shipping, my local stores don't even carry them not even at the mall, I do have eBay acc. also.

Houdani says:

I just scored 4x at the Sherwood, OR store.  Sounded like they had some more in the back (as of 6pm local time).

JetFixxxer says:

None in my area.. they looked at me like I had three heads.

Shawn Magm says:

Thank! Bought a bunch @ $5 to put around the house and work.

aancrs says:

I picked up the last two at my local store!

zultar says:

Took some digging but my store found one plate, the stands where only 25% off though

bovcrx says:

Weren't in stock, but ordered 2 to be delivered.

rmichael75 says:

how dod you guys order it online?. I asked my friend who has premier account and it was still 24.50.

Pls let me know guys.

ssapre says:

it showed me $5 online on Premier account. Ordered 3 of those.

kenanyilmaz says:

In here Turkey, it is about 70$. It looks like a joke but not. Wis I were there.

Local store had one, but wouldn't let it go for $5.

LaNiQuE says:

Lol this is crazy so they give them away because no one with a 1520 on at&t can actually use them I should get one just for the hell of it might need it later

Just picked up three! Two for me and one for my husband's Galaxy S5. Went into one AT&T and asked about stock, and the rep said "Yeah, a lot of you have been coming in, so I would have to check". They were out lol.

lesd777 says:

online showing all out of stock within a 50mile radius.   sucks.

Ejay Lozano says:

Im grabbing 2 more chargers one for the living room and one for the bathroom...

pr0phecy says:

5 bucks?! Dammit. These are one of those moments I hate living in the Netherlands...

nez99 says:

These are $65 in NZ :(

Online also has an additional discount of buy 3 accesories and get 24% off.  It's almost a buy three get one free if you get four.  I ordered and picked up from a local store.

AvatarEW says:

Same.  Wished the stands were in stock near me.

JetFixxxer says:

I placed an order and awaiting conformation to pick them up. It was 3 for 15.00.  Hopefully my order doesnt' get cancelled.  It's been about an hour.

B T C says:

Are the charging stands even listed online?  I don't see any.  Perhaps they are sold out?  I'm going to see if I can get some pillows and plates.  Free 2nd day delivery is pretty nice as well.


I'm not seeing the 24% discount for the purchase of 3 accessories.

Sorry, it is actually 25% and if you add them to the cart it should pop up stating 3 accessories or more will get you that discount

TMavC5 says:

ANyone know which model has the the stand version under accessories?  I've looked everywhere but not seeing it. :( :(

JetFixxxer says:

Yes finally I got in on a great deal! Had to drive 45 minutes to the Cape, but hey I have 4 of them for 15.00.

ShaunKL says:

My AT&T Retailers and Corporate stores both don't even carry the wireless chargers, much less heard of the deal.

Ejay Lozano says:

I just bought 2 for $10.81. I'm about to find more. A lot of driving trying to find these things...

B T C says:

Why not order directly off the site?  They are offering free 2-day shipping.  Driving to a store can suck it.

Ejay Lozano says:

@BTC: Online order not available only store pick up if you can find em'. I ended up getting 4 plates (3 black/1 white) for $21.62. I just bought one a few weeks back on eBay for $23 (shipped). Only if this deal had started sooner, I wouldn't have to shop on eBay...

B T C says:

I ordered 3 fatboy's and one charging plate online.  Maybe I won't get them, but the order status is "pending shipment".  The order confirmation I received said they should ship within 2-5 business days.

JetFixxxer says:

If you live in ME the Saco store and Brunswick store have them in stock per the website.

TechBell says:

Called 4 AT&T stores - sure enough, the last one had just one left. They held it while I drove over to get it. $5.32 with tax. Sweet. 

Ejay Lozano says:

All sold out in Vegas. They still have the DT-910's, but $50 is still too much. If they go for $10 I'm down to grab all these...

mystery01 says:

They didn't have any in-store but they let me order them from the store at the low, low price of $5. So at least store stock isn't a problem.

b23h says:

I went to the AT&T store in Chico, CA and they had about seven or eight of them in stock.  I picked up one and a Speck case for the 920 for a total of $10.75!!!

Thank you WPC and Jgbstetson for the heads up!


P.S. I'm a little surprised that the wireless charger can charge through the speck case.   It can charge, I am not sure how fast it will be, but it does charge.

danielm298 says:

Pick up one at ATT store off off 316/collins hill..Atlanta..check around for more....all out of stock...30096 area...

vepac says:

I called the att store to see if they have any and they said no. I went online and made an online order in store pick up for one and ended up leaving with two.

Ejay Lozano says:

$21.62 for all these...

JetFixxxer says:

I just happened to check it out last night and order some blue ones.  I was able to get 4 for 15.90... Order hasn't been cancelled so I pretty sure I will receive them.  For under 35.00 I was about to get 8 Qi chargers... that's if they ship the 4 fatboys.

ortizang says:

What's the advantage of one of those chargers?