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Grab a refurbished Nokia Lumia 925 for AT&T for just $79.99 off contract

Nokia Lumia 925

If you're in the market for a Windows Phone device on AT&T, there are plenty of options, but it's really hard to ignore a metal-framed Nokia Lumia 925 for just $79.99 off contract (or free with a contract, if you don't feel like doing the math on how much you'll save). Granted, that's for a refurbished Lumia 925, but generally they're in like-new condition and sold with a full warranty. $79.99 off contract is a fantastic deal for nearly any phone, let alone one like the Lumia 925 where it retails normally for $399.99.

Hell, this refurbished Lumia 925 matches the price of a Lumia 520 on AT&T's GoPhone prepaid service, while being a notably better device. Not that the Lumia 520 is a bad device — the Lumia 925 is just a better one. For budget conscious shoppers, it's hard to beat a better smartphone for the same price.

Of course, you could always go to the other end of the Windows Phone price spectrum and buy a Nokia Lumia 1520 from AT&T for $199.99. That's with a contract; off-contract pricing rings in at $584.99. Which still isn't bad for such an enormous flagship device.

Source: AT&T; Via: Reddit



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w8user says:

AT&T makes you select a calling plan, the cheapest of which is $40 per month, plus $36 as activation fee

Although you just need to pay for the phone during checkout, and don't need to actually activate the plan, they require a credit check. I don't like that

Every credit inquiry not made by you reduces your credit score, albeit temporarily, and I won't do that for a plan I am not going to use. Very dissappointed on this.

juan6996 says:

Nope, and only 16GB of internal memory.

TLRtheory says:

Damn that's a shame, I like the form factor.

My 925 has 32GB =)

Sobr0801 says:

Jealous. I need at least 32 on my next phone or a SD card slot

Yangstax says:

That's the main reason that this nice phone didn't do so sell in US.  You can buy 32gb version in other places except in US (T-mobile and AT&T).  I have no sympathy to those two carriers. 

stui83 says:

$79 that's a deal. SD card, who cares at that price, camera gps, classiness. Wow

fdalbor says:

Just ordered one for my wife to replace her 520. For the price how could I pass it up. It's a great phone even if it is limited to 16 gb of storage. I think she will love i

Raesu says:

How? I can't upgrade my device to that phone...and att support is telling me its for new customers... They gave me a number to call that may be able to help me place the order. Did you have this much trouble?

How long is this deal gonna last

Z10YkakPES says:

Its never easy with at&t, off contract but you still have to use your upgrade or add a new line to your account or if its a new line they'll give you new plan as a new costumer. Just got off the phone with costumer support.

rahul.sharma says:

And that is fine, choose upgrade and checkout. As this is no contract pricing, it wont touch ur actual upgrade...called att and they helped me process the order.

Z10YkakPES says:

Its not fine, using your upgrade for old phone instead of new high end is a waste

rahul.sharma says:

It's not like using your upgrade...on one of my line my upgrade is due on Feb 2015, I bought the phone and the date is still the same. Again, it is a no contract price that doesn't affect your upgrade in any way.

fdalbor says:

He is right, I logged into ATT using the Att app, chose upgrade. The 925 came up at 79.99$, I clicked add it to my cart. They charged me 87.19$ (tax), charged my card and that was it, no activation charge, no new plan charge, no monthly charge at all and my upgrade is still 5/15/2014. Got a email 10 minutes later saying the order was processed and was sent to the shipping department. Done deal








Darren Lay says:

So you mean if I buy this phone for a friend who has 8-months left on their AT&T contract, they will have to renew their contract for another two years before they can use their simcard with the 925?

Z10YkakPES says:

You'll have to contact at&t and find out about the plan you or your friend have, they told me my plan wont be effected.
P.S. Your SIM card has nothing to do with what phone you use, I'm on contract with 1520 that I bought for my sons line, even if I have another 10 different phones I can switch my SIM card when ever I want, your plan has nothing to do with it

You have to make sure to register the new phone on your line though, I switched without telling them and they suspended my line.

Darkness690 says:

How do you register a new phone on an existing line?

I went to the att store to do it but I think you can also do it over the phone. In either case you need to have an authorized account member to be able to change it. But it should work as long as you have a compatible phone.

Coman Bogdan says:

Omfg,telephone services in America are really fucking dumb.In Europe is so much easiers.

Registering your phone is just so they have the IMEI number and can blacklist it if you report the phone as stolen. You do not have to call AT&T for anything. Just take your sim card out of one phone and put it in another. I have done this for years with no problems.

I had two phones on two different lines on my plan suspended for it a few weeks ago

schlubadub says:

That's weird - off-contract to me means walking into a store, buying a phone in the same way that you'd buy a DVD. i.e. No personal or account details are even needed. You just chuck in a SIM and you're good to go.

morpheusxp says:

There's a bit of a difference between AT&Ts "Off Contract" and their pre-pay service. Their "Off contract" service is basically the same as their post paid service except that there's no contract to keep you from dropping the service anytime you wish. Their pre-pay service e.g. GoPhone is how you described the service in your analogy. You buy the phone,buy the GoPhone sim and boom you have service with no attachments.

schlubadub says:

It's still a bit strange... I can be on a contract with my carrier, but still buy any phone I want to put my SIM in. The carrier don't care as long as I'm paying my monthly fee. To me the "off contract" part just means I pay for the mobile phone outright, instead of paying it off over 12-24 months. I would assume the mobile is still locked to the carrier offering the deal.

Amusing to watch the obsession with the sd card slot continues..LOL

TLRtheory says:

Well, some people like to have enough space so that they aren't living like they're in some post apocalyptic Fallout 3 world where we have to ration out what we keep on hand.

While I have a wonderful Lumia 1020, I often end up taking the 520 because it doesn't make my music and apps fight for the same space.

mjrtoo says:

Yeah, the 520 is an amazing device for the price isn't it!

link68759 says:

Agreed, I was previously restricted to the 3GB of space that is actually free for use on my 820, but since 8.1 I have installed 12GB of apps to my 64GB SD card and suddenly it feels like I'm back in 2009 again where phones were oddly better than today...

jbrandonf says:

That's pretty revisionist. Back then phones came with 2 or 3gb and SD slots but you could only store part of an app on Android on the SD card.

link68759 says:

Not my fault you had a shitty phone then. I had no such limitations on my varying WM6 phones. I love WP to death, but I can't help but be bitter about how nearly all the updates from WP8 AND 8.1 are just things I already had in 2009. Yes I had swipe. Any VPN I wanted, not just Microsoft approved ones. The ability to install entire apps to the SD card. Transparent "live tiles" of a sort too. Not to mention the hardware- physical buttons, none of this capacitive bs, and SD cards standard on every phone... I could go on, but I'll only make myself sad

jbrandonf says:

God I'm so tired of you guys who whine about all the features you had back in the day. You know what? The phones were pieces of shit. Stupid ass, scratched up resistive plastic touch screens, stripped down web browsers that didn't properly display webpages, $30 apps you had to scour the web for, etc... Oooo a fucking VPN! Gimme a break, the execution on those old phones were piss poor, we have a company now actually putting some thought into the user interface but we still have to hear complaints about missing features.

Windows Mobile is what happens when you cater to only the needs of business users. Big profits and a clean UI is what happens when you cater to the consumers needs.

link68759 says:

Who's whining? You have no idea what you're talking about to boot.

jbrandonf says:

Your comment at 10:12a bud. Feel free to reread it.

Refute anything I've said.

link68759 says:

Please increase your reading comprehension level before replying further.

jbrandonf says:

You're trying your best to get back at me but its not working. Your last two comments haven't actually said anything. I understand your feelings were hurt by the whining comment but c'mon son.

link68759 says:

Well I did tell you that all the features of 8.1 were things I had in the past, you've only mistakenly assumed that somehow things were worse. Not so. If that sad truth bothers you, tough. If you knew what we had in the past, you'd be whining more than you already are.

jbrandonf says:

I haven't mistakenly assumed anything. None of those features were well executed at all, and thus useless to me and the majority of people out there.

There was no equivalent to Cortana, nor swipe keyboard, data sense, nor wireless backup of nearly everything on the phone... What else?

link68759 says:

Your ignorance, over 9000. There was nothing as expert as Cortana perhaps (though I have not personally tried every voice assistant of the time), but every thing you listed existed, some much better in the past... Swype started out on WM you know. Now that you've proved you have no concrete defense and are just making a fool of yourself, i bid you farewell.

jbrandonf says:

Swype..woooo... Again bro, you're full of crap. You just like to insult and call names without an actual point. What stuff was better? And how was it? I have an HTC Touch Diamond so I know exactly what you're talking about.

rockstarzzz says:

On the other hand some people like me move on in a 2014 era where streaming music online with Xbox music pass means I can carry a million song with me while SD card slot makes me feel like I am living in 2005.

TLRtheory says:

Paying for a subscription to drain my battery life at the speed of light and have my music in a mercy chokehold of a data connection is hardly futuristic.

Know what is? Low power consumption and non-dependent access reliability.

schlubadub says:

+1. He'll be back to the 90's as soon as he's out of carrier range. MicroSD works anywhere - in any country, in planes, tunnels, out in rural areas etc.

jbrandonf says:

So does phone storage! LOL

schlubadub says:

Well, yeah - but it's limited. Some mobiles only have 8-16 GB. I can have one or more 64 GB microSD cards filled with data ready to use immediately.

jbrandonf says:

Oh give me a break. Most peoples music library isn't more than a few gigs. You're acting like its all or nothing.

I'd hardly call having 128GB+ storage in your phone 'Living in 2005'. =/

Your excuse is disgusting anyway. Having our storage options restricted so we're expected to pay for proprietary entertainment plans over further paid data connections is NOT how the future should be. Certainly not a future I want to live in.

2brun4u says:

In 2014, I pay $50 for the privilege of a whopping 150MB of Data... That coupled with spotty WiFi when I'm not at home, and there's no way I can stream anything (I have MixRadio for home though) but as my music collection is nearing 90 GB (lots of HQ Cd rips) I'm looking for a high capacity mp3 Player, unfortunately as much as I'd like to carry my phone, I will have to buy an iPod classic (using Music Bee instead of iTunes of course) or finding a Zune 120 in good condition. I would love to have a 64 GB card on my 920 though. My music will have to be compressed to 192 kbs or something, but at least I would have one awesome device!

You mean you rip all your CDs to wav files?

jjMustang says:

I have a red Zune 120 I'm willing to sell. Excellent condition.

guillams says:

Sure, cause you are paying a unlimited plan and think that everybody is the same! Qué naco!

tbonenga says:

In 2014 how much music can you stream if you don't have a data plan and no Wi-Fi? Even in 2014 what you need and somebody else needs isn't always the same.

ebk14 says:

Not everyone likes using a cloud for everything

herbertsnow says:

Well they should.

tallgeese says:

Agreed. It's a paradigm for new revenue streams because the current state of technology makes it viable.

Micah Dawson says:

I agree lol. In 2014, I am not worried about an SD card. Its almost like people whining about the start button in windows 8.

schlubadub says:

No, it's more like people dismayed that their car doesn't have a boot (trunk) and people like you say we shouldn't need to carry anything in our cars and should just pay for couriers to carry everything from one place to another.

jbrandonf says:

Our cars all have trunks (storage), you're just arguing for the inclusion of a hitch so you can add more.

Bad Bullet says:

I think a better analogy with cars would be the spare tire. On some makes, you no longer get a spare tire with the car. Most people will never need it. But when they do, they wonder why in the world such a standard piece of equipment was left out.

schlubadub says:

Do they really make cars without spare tyres?!

Nah. Bad analogy. Proper analogy, a car with big enough trunk to hoard around all your lifelong belongings...just in case you may need it. Who needs a him when you have a car. Bring all your clothes with you in the car. Why go home and change? Just be a hobo and live out of a car lololol

schlubadub says:

Possibly... except that you can add a tow-bar to pretty much any car. Even my gf's tiny little 1.3 L car can have one, to tow a small trailer. Not providing a microSD slot is the equivalent of a car that cannot, under any circumstances, have either a roof-rack or tow-bar fitted to it. You are limited to what can fit inside and have no other options if you want more, except to buy a bigger car.

Well, it is kinda a standard feature for portable devices tbh. Hopefully the recent OS support for SD cards will encourage OEMs to follow suit though.

herbertsnow says:

I'm using a 520 and yet to need a sd card.

Still looking for the catch... $80 for a refurbished 925 is a crazy good deal! Is this a limited time promo?

Of course there is a catch, kind of.  It says no contract, but they're not letting you just buy it as a spare.

When checking out  you have to add it as a line, and I'm assuming one can choose a prepaid contract that can be cancelled at any time...I'd hope....but even if you could, that would make your purchase about 140.00 just for paying a month of prepaid to keep the phone.  Still OK I suppose for a spare unit.

It's no-contract, you don't need to pay for a month of service. You could just pay for one day of the cheapest service they offer, which would be less than $5.

gibbyhome says:

where do you see that ? I don't


They don't say this because they want you to keep the plan. I did it. I bought a Lumia 1520 full price with a new line. After I purchased it, I called AT&T Customer Care to cancel it. There are no cancellation fees because you aren't on-contract.

AUCLABruin says:

I really want to purchase this phone, but what about the activation fee? Will this be refunded or is it lost?

Activation fee is $35 and it's required for all new activations. And it's non refundable on most cases, so, basically you would "loss" those $35 once the device has been activated.

I just bought it and it said there was no activation fee. Whether one will show up on my next bill or not remains to be seen.

Theorizing that you're a new AT&T customer and that most likely you have purchased a new "contract like" plan, you will see the activation fee reflected on your first monthly bill (taken from previous experience)

I didn't get an activation fee on my first (and only) monthly bill. It was just ~$8.

Lucky one! Could you elaborate please? Because a year ago my mum got herself a galaxy S3 with a two year agreement at Tiger Direct with a $65 plan and her first bill was $100, $65 for the plan and $35 for activation fee?

ErR0rPr0n3 says:

Its likely because you agreed to the 2 year contract and there was probably an activation fee associated with it.  I have TMOUS and bought my 925 day one...  I requested they wave the "sim card fee" (new name for the activation fee they supposedly didn't have anymore) and after a bit of back and forth they did it (this was when they were just starting the un-carrier thing and the 3rd phone I'd gotten in the year at that point).  If you have an account with them (AT&T) they'd probably be more interested in making you happy than worrying about the fee and since most people don't argue they still make a killing on those nickels and dimes...

fdalbor says:

Just ordered one, charged me 87$,period the cost of the phone and taxes. No activation fee, no monthly charge, no nothing else. Order was processed and that was that. 

They didn't make you choose a mobile share plan?

el-ojo says:

No, it's there. It's "$36.00 Added to your first Bill." So, that first bill will be 36+45(cheapest plan)=81+80 for the phone=160 total.

This doesn't make sense to me. The $80 for the phone is an up-front cost. The $45 is the monthly plan cost. They wouldn't be on the same bill.

el-ojo says:

I was talking about Total price for the first Month if you were to keep the plan and all. But yes, you are correct, it is 80 plus tax up front.

You worded it wrong then. You said the first bill would be $160, but it wouldn't.

Kdawg1989 says:

I just talked to an att rep and she said if you are getting it for an existing line there is no upgrade or activation fee.

Guessing if you paid in full for the device. How about if you got it for free? Or this there any monthly payment plans? (kinda like T-Mobile)

rahul.sharma says:

No activation fee if you used your existing line...

Kdawg1989 says:

I did that. I chose upgrade a line but the rep said that since the phone is off contract out doesn't actually change your upgrade status at all.

Darkness690 says:

Do you need to activate the phone first in order to cancel the plan?

Not sure. It also seems like the Dept that can actually answer all those questions for us is closed till tomorrow.

From ATT:

How do I cancel service?
Call the number on your invoice or receipt to cancel service. Early termination fees may apply. See Returns by Device. AT&T will refund any activation fee you might have paid if you cancel service within three days of activation. Please note that you may have to return any handsets and accessories purchased with the service before service can be cancelled.



Based on the wording, it sounds like luck of the draw depending upon the representative.

fbloise says:

there is no such option in the website. If you choose the "Off contract" option and click add to cart, they will take you to a page asking to add a plan. oh and btw, those plans are NOT prepaid.

So please check the website before talking.

What are you talking about? There is no option for what?

Blocks9 says:

For that price, given that they're "like new", this price is an absolute steal!!

andy21andy says:

Can the SIM on my 1020 be put into the sim of this phone

Rem97 says:

If it's an AT&T sim, then yes.

Ordeith says:

If its an AIO sim, also yes.

jordandrako says:

Would it work on TMobiles towers?

oditius says:

Only if you get it unlocked

quailallstar says:

Guessing T-Mobile's wifi calling woudn't work if you downoaded it? OR would it? Hmmmm 

jdandison says:

Locked to ATT, I'm guessing?

oditius says:

Of course it is. LOL

I guess that's the catch, heh. Still a stunning deal though.

United States law says that if you are not on-contract, they have to unlock it if you ask them to.

gibbyhome says:

Really thank how does AIO get away with it. they would not unlock my phone unless i did 4 months with them


Danjp says:

Att will only onlock 5 phones for you a year and you have to be a current customer or at least a customer 6 months ago for them to unlock it. just to clarify.

ErR0rPr0n3 says:

I don't think that became law.  I think the government was debating it and the carriers stepped up and made an "agreement" that they'd do it personally so they didn't have to be forced to do it by law but only the biggest 4 did it and even then it's not consistant like a law would have made it.  Sometimes we should just say "Thanks but no thanks" whenever a company offers to do something out of the kindess of thier hearts rather than be forced to.  It normally means "lets find a way to still do this but that's different enough that they have to start the process all over again"

JohnStrk says:

Damn it, I already have a 920 on contract but love the 925 design and want one! Tempting...

Murani Lewis says:

I'm in the same boat. Love the design of the 925

JohnStrk says:

I might just get one anyway as a backup phone and cancel my AT&T insurance on the 920. Then I can try out the 8.1 preview on one of them since I haven't updated yet.

tbonenga says:

I had both. The screen on the 925 blows the 920 away. No comparison. Unfortunately you lose half your memory going from the 920 to the 925 :/

Tjalsma says:

I am in the same situation but it appears to be a typical pain in the ass.  Trying to purchase it results in tons of errors on their website and it's not letting me purchase one without adding a plan.

AnthonyWhoso says:

That's such a steal. I'm not with AT&T but ill still pick one up and get it unlocked. Thanks for bringing this to the masses.

Gunbust3r says:

Hope the T-Mobile prices come down to match this!

cruelvaldez says:

OMG this is fudging amazing

DieNadel says:

Just got a 2nd L925 TMO/MetroPCS brand new, no contract for $200 free S&H from

simzzdev says:

In store or online? Anybody know?

jcutting says:

Damn, if it at least had 32GB, I'd do this. My 920 has a number of issues (for example, the accelerometer, flash, and focus light don't work), but with music and apps, I'm around 5GB available most of the time. I'm trying to hold out for a new flagship with 8.1, but would love to get something cheap and off contract to tide me over.

tallgeese says:

I just noticed my L920 warranty replacement has a non functioning right speaker.

That's one hell of a deal!

Aaron M says:

Holy crap ill get that if someone confirms it works fine on T-mobile

tbonenga says:

It doesn't have all the same bands.

mjrtoo says:

Yeah, but you just can't buy it, you have to either Upgrade your existing phone, or add another line.

Visual360 says:



That stinks. I don't want to upgrade, I just want to buy it.

jmerrey says:

Just tried to purchase and ran into the same issue.  Blah.

JohnStrk says:

Oh that's some horsecrap! Figured there was a catch.

It's no-contract, so you can "just buy it". You add another line, then cancel right away. They might make you pay for one day of service.

herbertsnow says:

That only works if you already have a plan with att.

rahul.sharma says:

It's a no contract phone and wont do anything to your upgrade but u need an existing line to put this phone on or buy a new line. I just purchased this on one of line where the upgrade date is Feb 2015...u see I am NOT eligible for upgrade but was able to do because this is a no contract phone....nothing changed after I bought the upgrade date is still Feb 2015. I hope this helps.

James8561 says:

this deal requires you to sign up for a plan. it isn't just pay $80 and go

Exactly!, I'm guessing one can pretend going for a prepaid plan that can be cacelled at anytime, making your purchase a litte more than 80.00.  I'm not sure how soon after device activation a prepaid plan can be cancelled though.  Too good to be true at 80.00.

You can cancel the plan right after you make the purchase.

El_Burro says:

Yes but you must pay $50 to buy then cancel the plan.  So the phone really costs $130.

How is it $50? I didn't have to pay them for a plan, just the monthly fee which I cancelled, so I didn't have to pay that either.

El_Burro says:

$35 for activation +$15 (I don't remember what the $15 is for) that makes $50. That is what I was told. Sure you can cancel immediately but the $50 charge stands. So really the phone costs $130. Still a discount but not a mind blowing one.

I didn't pay this phantom $50 that you speak of.

El_Burro says:

Would love to know how you did it I was told $50 by ATT

gleneston says:

It works just like prepaid sim. If you don't activate it, there's no activation fee or termination fee.

El_Burro says:

You were given different information then I was then. There is no termination fee but there is an activation fee. The activation fee is $50. There is no way around it either.

ho0lee0h says:

It requires you to pick a plan as a placeholder. It doesn't require you to activate the plan. It's $80 and go. I would call to cancel the account entirely though

Romberry says:

Not so. I have one on the way. Tax and all was $87.19. No plan signup required...and I won't be paying to activate the phone on AT&T either as I use MVNO StraightTalk.

fdalbor says:

If you already are on a ATT plan you can get it with no questions asked. 87$ including tax. No other charges. They just processed my order and charged my card. Done deal


neogodless says:

I originally bought a Nokia Lumia 920 off-contract with AT&T for $450(!)

I never activated. They still sent a first month's bill, but I contacted Customer Service and explained that I never activated, and they zero'd out the bill. So I did not pay anything beyond the purchase price (and taxes.)

churro#WN says:

Too bad its not tmobile version Id get one right now

AriesDog says:

I wish this was for the 925 on TMobile.

Sagar Garag says:

Wish I lived in Europe

Ordeith says:

Awesome. If I can figure out how to get one without an accompanying plan I will get it for use on AIO.

Visual360 says:

Oh well, definitely too good to be true. Well, it is true at $79, but again, like others have already mentioned, you have to upgrade. Which make this deal not too hot.

I was ready for this after reviving my L920 with 8.1 and loving it.

You don't have to upgrade. Buy it off-contract and add another line. After you make the purchase, cancel the line right away.

Visual360 says:

So this is as easy as you make it sound? I don't want to jump through hoops just to get the deal. You tried this personally?


Yes, I purchased a Lumia 1520 this way. I did not want to upgrade, and I didn't want a new line. I wanted what I already had, and I didn't want then to touch my current plan (grandfathered unlimited data). I cancelled the line three days after I purchased because I didn't know it would automatically activate. They only charged me for three days service, which is like $8. It's no-contract, so there are no cancellation fees.

rahul.sharma says:

It's a no contract phone and wont do anything to your upgrade but u need an existing line to put this phone on or buy a new line. I just purchased this on one of line where the upgrade date is Feb 2015...u see I am NOT eligible for upgrade but was able to do because this is a no contract phone....nothing changed after I bought the upgrade date is still Feb 2015. I hope this helps.

spinzeroWL says:

An even bigger steal - the 925 can be had for as low as £49 in the UK brand new...and the Lumia 1020 available for just £160 brand new. I tipped WPCentral about it, but they haven't reported anything.
For those that are in the UK and interested, just search for both phones on Hot UK Deals.
The 1020 is the 64GB edition too...and can be unlocked for free!!

Blocks9 says:

I cant find those deals.

spinzeroWL says:

The Lumia 1020 one;

Some people are set to get it for around £140 (Quidco cash back).
I went for the £13 per month contract along with the friend referral process. £240 - £80 in referral vouchers...£160. The contract is O2 Refresh, so can be cancelled at any time (you just pay for the phone)

Visual360 says:

If someone can find a way to get this deal without upgrading that'll be awesome. Please keep us updated, cause dang, this is potentialy such a great deal. I'm salivating just thinking about it. lol.

You can without upgrading. They make you add a line, but you can cancel it AT ANY TIME, including the minute the purchase goes through.

bt66 says:

You can do that. But you will still pay activation fee of $36.00.

karelj says:

My gf I are running  into the issue of being listed a Premier account - workplace gives 20% discount. The phone at that price is not available. How do we work around this?

Same with me... It lets me see it when I go to the deal from the wpcentral page, I choose add to my cart, pick upgrade, pick my line, and then it no longer shows the refurb 925 at that price...  Anyone called in to get it?

blends says:

I'm having the same problem online.  It's too late to call.  I'll call them in the morning.  I just hope they aren't sold out.

Visual360 says:

Buy it as a new customer.

I tried to get it by logging in to my account, and it does not show for that price, and I have to deal with upgrade/new line, etc., etc.

I clicked the linked, and chose that I am a new customer. Everything went through, and I am charge $79.99 with free 2 day shipping.

It says $35 for activation and $45/month service. But since, I'm not going to activate the new number, and not going to use the service anyway, I'm done

I'm just going to swap my SIM card to this one, and I'm good to go. I hope.... lol.

Now I'm ticked off, I just an L925 for T-Mobile for $199.95 & now AT&T pulls the rug out underneath me.....

TK2011 says:

That's for a new one. This one's refurbished.

Chemilinski says:

I would buy that in a heartbeat!
Americans get everything and cheaper!! ¬_¬

spinzeroWL says:

Not true! I am just awaiting delivery of my brand new 64GN edition Lumia 1020 from O2 UK.
£240 upfront cost, with £80 in Amazon vouchers via friend referral.

Chemilinski says:

Yeah I saw your comment after I posted, Binged it and saw that deal. To be honest I don't understand how this Quidco thing works so I'm immediately sceptical!
Plus I don't have £240 lying around in the first place :/

spinzeroWL says:

Nothing to be skeptical about...Quidco is used by millions of people in the UK. O2 pay out within 6 weeks apparently.
I decided to go for the absolutely safe route that uses O2's 'refer a friend' process. The referrer doesn't even need to be on O2! But basically, once the contract is confirmed, both parties receive a £40 Amazon voucher. So £240 minus £80 in Amazon vouchers gives you a brand new 64GB Lumia 1020! Amazing price IMO.

Romberry says:

Not internet service, cell service or health care. We're "rip off nation" when it comes to those things.

sayonical says:

Is this phone not available on the business premier site cause when I try to order in, it kicks me over there and its not available

Danjp says:

No it isn't, already tried earlier today, if you try and get it let us know

Dre325 says:

No, it's not

Romberry says:

Order as a new customer.

jpmensah says:

The ad is deceiving. I tried to purchase the phone and they force you to sign a two year agreement or join their Next program. So people do read the fine print

ho0lee0h says:

Purchasing the phone requires you to add a plan as a placeholder but you are not required to activate the plan. This phone is off contract.

herbertsnow says:

You still have to buy the phone with a plan. So not really off contract.

patstar5 says:

Actually you just pay $86 out right and just don't activate. I ordered mine but I used my existing att account. Have a Lumia 520 I got to try out windows phone, but I could use this for replacing my iPhone 5! If I wanted too... I think the 925 screen isn't as high red (less ppi) than my iPhone 5. Camera probably beats it.

ho0lee0h says:

It IS off contract. Purchasing the phone requires you to add a plan but doesn't require you to activate it when you receive it. Also, these plans are the cheaper off-contract unsubsidized phone plans. If you go on contract, the monthly bill is higher.

El_Burro says:

It's really $130 plus tax.  $80 for phone + $50 to have the privilage of purchansing then cancelling a contract.  Thanks ATT for nothing.  This deal is not a good deal.

ho0lee0h says:

No. You pay $79.99 + tax today. Purchasing requires you to add a plan as a placeholder but doesn't require you to activate it when you receive it. There's no activation fee if you don't activate it.

ateitall says:

Would they be willing to unlock this for me if I bought it and never activated the plan? Or would I need to unlock it the shady underhand way (which I'm not really opposed to doing...)?

El_Burro says:

They probably would be opposed but I don't know for sure.

Tjalsma says:

Not a deal...poor reporting.  Now let's move on.

Romberry says:

Terrific deal, and the reporting was accurate. I know. I bought one last night.

TK2011 says:

Terrific deal. I just ordered one to upgrade my kid's 620 (off-contract). Thanks for the article!

People above saying this deal is not true are wrong. You can order it at $79.99. Of course you need to have a service line but that doesn't make the article wrong.

BTW, AT&T still has the $100 rebate going on for adding a NEW line.

wpnokia920 says:

This is what you do. If your in contract and didn't want to pay a large chuck for the etf or if you just wanted a new phone and without a contract. Take your plan if your in a contract upgrade to the next program, then buy 79$ phone outright. Now your out of contract and got a new phone. What I did. Woman at at&t said I found the loop hole.

EspHack says:

it is sim locked so.. useless..

quailallstar says:

How does this baby perform on T-mobile's LTE?

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