Grab the Xbox One Titanfall package from Zavvi for £380

Xbox Controller

If you're still looking around for the perfect Xbox One Titanfall package deal, UK retailer Zavvi may have the perfect offer for you. Priced at £379, the Xbox One bundle is £20 off the usual price of £399. The extra savings could be put towards a second controller, charging pack or even another Xbox One game. It's also a cheaper way to get involved with friends and get familiar with your own titan.

The PlayStation 4 currently sells for £349, but Microsoft aims to make the Xbox One more affordable through price reductions. It's worth noting that the Xbox comes with the Kinect, while the PS4 camera is sold separately. Comparing the two consoles together at current price tags and there's not a whole lot in it.

Found the same bundle available cheaper elsewhere? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Zavvi.co.uk



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rockstarzzz says:

Or get it on 360?

Jay Bennett says:

You don't know anything about the 360 game yet ;)

Zeroplanetz says:

You say that like he does or at least you do lol.

Jay Bennett says:

No one does, that's my point :)

swizzlerz says:

Na no 360 got my one.. Ps4 just went up $50 in canada

Tahiti Bob says:

I doubt the 360 version is a disappointment. Just lesser graphics but will surely play the same. The engine is from last gen, the servers are the same.

Jips says:

Its fab. Got it yesterday with a new xbox one. Been waiting for this

DJCBS says:

Yeah...I wouldn't advise grabbing anything from Zavvi at all.

Their service is terrible and their orders disappear in the mail way too often. Personal experience.

But hey...risk it away ;)

Wael Hasno says:

Tell me about it. They are terrible.

James Allatt says:

Ive never had an issue with zavvi. Every pre order I've made with them has turned up the day before or on the day it was released. Good deal on the Xbox one and titan fall. I'm really enjoying my Xbox one had it since day one and for me anyone who liked the 360 should look at getting a Xbox one.

Tafsern says:

Still waiting for it in Norway.

Wael Hasno says:

The £20 is not worth the hassle you'll go through if you order from Zavvi. Avoid it people.

Jakeway says:

I've never had a problem.

Wael Hasno says:

Once ordered a game, it took so long to receive that I cancelled the order and had my money refunded. Game turned up a month later. A friend of mine has had his issues as well. Maybe it's better for UK residents but certainly sucks if you are not one. Amazon has been perfect for me.

Flagz says:

Everyone should grab it and add me for Titanfall! Me and.. GeneralSham are the #NotSoGodSquad

Flagz says:

Nope but you can take it as that since Halo is the greatest franchise!

jcar302 says:

Titanfall is the most fun i've had with a shooter in a long time, it really is the perfect time to jump to the xbox one.  Before it i would say you really didn't need to yet, but now financially before you go invest more money in the 360, just trade in everything you own 360 (or sell it on ebay) and move to the xb1. 

Literally i could sit in front of the tv all day with this game.  Even if you are mediocre like i am, it's still great.  Not like BF or COD where you spawn then get killed 10 seconds later.

mrcraggle says:

The price advantage the PS4 had at launch is gone now. The price for accessories like the camera has gone up due to shortages and in Canada the price for the console and games has increases with immediate effect. Yet when it comes to announcing a price drop, we have to wait. But I'm not interested in either right now. I can play Titanfall on my PC and aside from inFamous, nothing interests me on the PS4.

Marco Gomes1 says:

By the time the Xbox one comes to Portugal Sony will be launching the PS5.

DJCBS says:

Pelo andar da carruagem...

(translarion: idiomatic expression meaning "yeah, probably")

I got an xbox titanfall, dead rising, zoo tycoon exta controller and a ps4 infamous bundle for £886 delivered from Argos. Just waiting for delivery, just asked for a discount through twitter. Seems that retailers have a little wiggle room.

peachy001 says:

Did they throw in extra hours in the day or 2 extra days for the week? Man, you are gonna be so busy. Good luck to you fella, I hope you enjoy them. Good to hear you got a discount too. Result.

That's the only issue! Wont know what to do first. Spending this next week frantically finishing my last gen games, did batman ark origin tonight, got far cry 3, cod:ghosts (wii u, yeah got a wii u too), super Mario 3d. Lego avengers game, injustice, halo 4, gta 5, gt6, last of us:left behind to think of a few. Lucky i got end of next week off work.

onysi says:

Just curious, since titanfall is exclusive.. Does it make use of the Kinect?

PenguinJim says:

Titanfall isn't exclusive. It's on three systems. The One doesn't even have the best version!

mtimbs says:

Titanfall is the next best fps franchise.. It looks good. Plays well most of the time, although 4 titans, 3 human and spectre all firing at once grinded the console to a halt for literally 2 seconds. But its a worthy game

Sin Ogaris says:

They really need to patch in larger team sizes though, 6 on 6 just feels a little too sparse and the AI is atrocious so that doesn't help.

Also single player add one are a must, the concept and lore behind the game are intriguing, they should capitalise on it. Before anyone says "but there is a campaign", no, just no. The "campaign" is a poorly tacked on after thought. I want a real story.

swizzlerz says:

Wait for Titanfall ii ... They need something to make a game out of... Don't forget the "season pass". Excuse to charge more for a half finished game in todays world. But were use to that. Xbox take my money!

Coreldan says:

The point of the AI isnt to be challenging, they are meant more so like minions or creeps in MOBA games, for build time. I think 6v6 is really spot on, sometimes even that feels like too much with 10 titans duking it out at the same time :D

fahad kazi says:

Sony PS4 has taken the whole market in India as the Xbox One is yet to see the daylight in India. I do not know why there is always a delay in India.

Tafsern says:

There is delay in a lot of countries, not just India. 

The reason that was stated a time ago was related to the translation of the different languages. 

mtimbs says:

Game just froze again, had to restart console :-(

WoodsMonk says:

This is 369.99£ at gamestopuk

Nejcooo says:

Microsoft Central

sumothong01 says:

Yes. To go along with one Microsoft vision. All services and devices working together in the MSFT ecosystem. Phones and Xboxes.