Green Lumia 1520 is so green the Green Lantern would be jealous

Last night we went to visit Nokia at their #moreLumia event here in San Francisco. There wasn’t anything new learned there, it served more as a recap with Stephen Elop over the announcement made earlier of the Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930. We did get hands-on time with the devices and even some others that didn’t get too much time in the limelight. Lime...Green…Green Lumia 1520. It’s awesome.

Be honest, how many of you would rock a bright green Lumia 1520 with Windows Phone 8.1? 



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That is amazing. Love the green

abel920 says:

Seems greener.

+1520 for the title

Tips_y says:

I love green but this too much neon green for my taste. Wish it were a darker green.

pLUSpISTOL says:

I love how Dan is casually sipping an appletini in the background lol not a bad job these guys have got at all

brenna.gould says:

Best part of the video!

KustomAU says:

+1520. Good on you, Dan.  That green looks great!

stephking92 says:

Well it is the same colour as the phone...

OldMillXxX says:

Why is Verizon so damn BORING??????????

All these colors is what makes the Lumia so attractive and I can't get anything but black or white!

Rishicash says:

Blech! They should call it "Kermit Green".

Nik Rolls says:

It's more of a 'Snifter' green than lime green.

cwc2311 says:

I totally want this

jeffro02 says:

I'd rock the green phone. It really isn't that different then rocking the bright red 920 I have now. From an eye-catching perspective that is.

HaibaneReki says:

Always dreamed about a green 920.. ;(

I would love to but already have white L1520. I would consider if I'm in market for one.

paulxxwall says:

Ehhhh maybe chicks will rock it!

theefman says:

Personally have never seen the attraction of these loud colours, professional, classy black for me!

Which they have those options as well.

I for one can find the phone easier with the yellow that is my 1020 instead of that iPhone which was constantly being misplaced - I think the colors make the phones stand out from the Samsung and others

Xaphoon148 says:

You got that right
My yellow 1020 are visible where ever I put it down :)
So finished with boring black and grey :P

MrGoodSmith says:

Same here. Professional black for me as well.

If the Icon came out in that color on Verizon, my sister would jump on it when she got to upgrade from her 822.

RJ Priest says:

I love green, but I wish that this was a glossy finish. Nokia, please bring back glossy polycarbonate bodies!

Guitarpik says:

Yea I agree, glossy would look better.

cwc2311 says:

I actually prefer matte. I had a glossy red 920 and it was a fingerprint magnet.

Same, I have a glossy 820 and would definitely prefer matte next time. I just like the texture and look a lot more.

JellymanEN says:

I bought a charging cover (yellow) and it is matte ;-)

energie80 says:

you can just put a full body protector....glossy here you are!

i got a yellow one, made it glossy with back  wet protector.

jgbstetson says:

I purchased the yousave clear one piece hard case on amazon. It looks great on my yellow 1520. $5.

Would perfer a matte glow in the dark lime green

poddie says:

No, matte is much better!

nanddeep333 says:

I have white Lumia 620 with matte finish and catch yellow stain within one week when I brought it. Glossy is much better which doesn't catch stain my cousin sis has white Lumia 625 and no stain on it.

TheIsaacG says:

That just means you have dirty ass hands.

poddie says:

I have a yellow matte 1020 and a yellow 820 with no stains. Just because you managed to stain yours doesn't mean it's a problem with the matte finish.

nanddeep333 says:

How can light yellow stain will be visible on bright yellow matte finish, I have seen most of Lumia 620 in white colour had yellow stain on it

Flagz says:

I'd rock it on Tmobile! Hell I'd rock Team Magenta with a Magenta 1520 on Tmobile! I'd really take anything TMOBILE can give. It will all seem faster.

sskysshark82 says:

lol, how many pluses do I have to give this to make it come true????

Ekon says:

Hey Mr. Sabri, typo on seved I think you meant served? Don't mean to correct you but its there.

ImSoWade says:

Dan I just wanted to say that you all have the coolest job!

Come to the states....Please!

Looks sooooo damn awesome!! :-)

I will swap my black one out for the green if it comes to att

Lipe13 says:

The 1520 looks sensational in green... Totally wanting one to replace my black 920! But I'm also thinking about the 930 in black too! If the green one had a black aluminum frame it would look much better though.

norir82 says:

I love Daniel in the background drinking and observing with righteous smugness.  Best video yet!  

DJCBS says:

"Hi! I'm Sam Sabri and I'm here working while my boss is in the background looking over my shoulder and having a drink" lol

Sam Sabri says:

lol liked that? Mark's idea.

DJCBS says:

Yeah! I always like when videos start by making me laugh. ;D

shmsnh says:

Even the drink is colour coordinated with the green Lumia 1520 :D

yaro da yaar says:

He was having lemonade, as he says when god gives you lemon, you make lemonade

moc426 says:

lol Dan looks so smug in that

The_Internet says:

Too Oregon for my tastes...

If he's referring to what I think he's referring to, then I like this guy.

Haha Ducks suck. Go Broncos!

Winnabe says:

Whatever happened to the colour Cyan??? Don't tell me it morphed into a firmware name, and it is going to stay there forever! Really, no rhyme or reason for dropping cyan!

borasar says:

Yesterday Cyan was only a Color
April 18

ItsMcDiddles says:

Cyan is certainly better than Cherry Blossom Pink.

StirItUp says:

Green is cool.

Xaphoon148 says:

If they only could shrink this to 5" with same specs and keep qi and SD.

Is that not the 930? I know it's thicker but you have to put that 20mp camera somewhere haha.

pjs312 says:

It doesn't have SD.

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Xaphoon148 says:

Except they dropped the SD card support on the 930 :(

THE_Lawnboy says:

And the 1520 does have a 20 MP camera.

MrVol84 says:

I sure as hell would! Especially if it meant I would get 8.1 sooner!

I've been literally waiting forever for Nokia to make my favorite color!!!

omullins says:

Lime green is my favorite color!

I'd upgrade from my yellow 920 to that....

ramyZgHR says:

It looks great, but I like the orange one more. :)

I'd love to trade in my black 1520 for an orange one!

Kashyapjani says:

930 in orange looks awesome.

dkediger says:

Reminds me of my old metallic lime green Moto Q9C I had with US Cellular way back when.  So yes, If I was on ATT I think I would.....


coldfilter says:

Que chulo! I am green with envy

mohshehab says:

I just bought my yellow 1520 3 weeks ago , i guess i should've waited

Give me this effin phone with 32GB and a decent camera. Not the one with the terrible low light quality and video and you have me sold!

Kashyapjani says:

Terrible low light quality and video? Where did that crawl out from?

vFlagR says:

Damn Vodafone only stocked my L1520 in black ... :(

Pluckcharm says:

Is it the same as the other 1520's? No wireless charging? no expandable storage? Need to know asap, im going to be on my way to buy a red 1520 on my lunch but ill wait if it has wireless charging and expandable storage!!!

jackxlj2 says:

every 1530 has expandable storage,att version just doesnt have qi,has everything else

Pluckcharm says:

woops i meant if it has 32 g of storage instead of the 16 g :P

i jumped the gun on that :D

peachy001 says:

Not hating on Nokia, but I had erroneously jumped to the assumption we would see more hardware. That 1030 with Qi looks unlikely now though, judging by the hump comments from the designer.

jgbstetson says:

Soooo, where is the green 1520 headed? Pray tell.

semerdar34 says:

Anyone know if this is still staying only AT&T or is going to go to other carriers? (US ver.)

Why didn't they think of this when they were making 1020. :-/

pLUSpISTOL says:

Glasgow Celtic fans are gonna love this...

Sure. If it's not on Verizon or AT&T.

Uff182 says:

I'd kill for such a phone (written from a red Lumia with a limelight green cover :D).

koekieNL says:

I want It! But, I like the 930 better

liamog says:

Would love info on this, I'm hoping I'll be able to swap the shell at some point

Tafsern says:

Hands on with 930, where is it???

tanveer 786 says:

My question is that is wp8.1 features are all covered?

damo579 says:

This green looks awesome

psychotron says:

I like green, but not blinding, glaring mint green. I generally don't mind brightly colored phones (I have a yellow 1020) but that's too loud even for me.

Jonny702 says:

I thought the concept of the colours was really cool initially, at this point I'm over it though. I'll probably just end up getting a 930 with the white back. I especially don't like how they got rid of Cyan. I like consistency with my colors. I have a Surface 2 with a cyan type cover and a 920 with Nokia's cyan cover. Now there is no more Cyan so I'll just stick to basic non colored devices

Green sounds sweet if I owned anything green. I'll pass

mjfadaway says:

I planned on getting a green 930, until they said it wasn't coming to the States. I'm so bitter. Yesterday would have gone perfect, if they ended the keynote with phone announcements for everyone.

fitchalcyone says:

I noticed these are nonbranded. Did they give any confirmation (aside from evleaks) that these would be AT&T?

Even cooler if they built PMA into it. Yes, burn me at the stake for saying that, haha. Really, at this point I'm indifferent to what they settle on, just please have it built-in. And I own four wireless plates already.

Denkan says:

Does the line green look the same on the lumia 930?

RobbCab says:

Would you say he's green with envy?

Yugiro says:

i will wait for the Lumia 930.

Dk92 says:

But does it glow in the dark?

Duduosf says:

Prefer the yellow or white. Never mind, I want this babe with 8.1 in any colour!

Sinestro's not jealous, plus he already has his 1520.

Roger Huston says:

@WPCentral what every happened to Nokia Blue?  The 920 was the last phone that had that as an option and WTF? Sure Green is awesome, and you need the black and white phones for those with a more bland persona. Yellow, Red, Orange, Green and no BLUE? Again, WTF?




Kashyapjani says:

They're hording the blue color to sell it later at a higher price. xD

slap0rama says:

Should have made it Boston Celtics dark type of green, not this light color green

THE_Lawnboy says:

No way. Dark colors = boring.

This Green 1520 looks different in every pic. Even the video of it playing on the wall in the background makes it look far more Kelly Green.

kinpin2131 says:

Is it me or  the Lumia 1520 is looking smaller over time? 

Montpbm says:

Will any 1520 or 930 come to T-Mobile?? That's what I want to know.

Great for St Patrick's day. Lol

what about a cyan one? how can nokia talk about a future firmware update called cyan without having so many lumias in cyan? matte cyan and matte yellow are my alltime favorite colors :) looking forward to seeing more cyan lumias :)

swizzlerz says:

Windows 8.1 code came was blue. You would think wp8.1 may also be blue. Makes sense why the Nokia update has a color like blue.

sd173 says:

I'm going to get it, but I really wish it had virtual buttons. :..[

NinjaX says:

Too girly, sucks.

But is it made out of recycled plastic? Green series... Would be a marketing idea.

Sin Ogaris says:

Aww, you missed an opportunity to use "envious" in the title to create a pun, I like puns.

AkAdam says:

Anyone notice that the rear of this phone didn't have 3 little wireless charging contacts on the rear? Maybe it's an rm-938 color variant that will work on T-mobile with Qi built in! Haha, wishful thinking...

soundguise says:

I'd get one since my old standbys of cyan and yellow aren't available.

jhvoorhies says:

green looks awesome, but since itll release with 8.1, do we know if itll still have the capacitive buttons? would be a great incentive to switch if it only had onscreen buttons...

L0gic Bom8 says:

Lime green is pretty damn solid. But admittedly, I would've liked a brilliant emerald green.

CraUmm says:

This one for the Green Activist in you.

coderjones says:

I like the green, but I'm really wanting matte cyan to be an option.  I love that about my 920.  I'd like my next Lumia to be cyan!

Soble says:

I love lime green not green...

baseballbert says:

Very cool color!

Tyradius says:

I'll stick with black. Its every color and no color.

sL1cK26 says:

My son would LOVE that.

jibreezy1982 says:

Oh hellz yeah ill rock that!!

fpostrow says:

Does it have 32gb and qi wireless charging? Wake me up when it does.

drokkon says:

Exactly. I'll buy a rainbow-colored 1520 if it shows up on AT&T with 32gb and qi wireless charging.

lamplghter13 says:

Great colour but got a bit annoyed when the presenter announced it No-keeya.

I definitely would. That's a definite head-turner being so large and vibrant. Plus it's a pretty powerful device.

alphaxi3 says:

Whoa!!!  That hurt my eyes.

jdriscoll636 says:

New Lumia 1520 - The Incredible Hulk.

THE_Lawnboy says:

This phone is the very pinnacle of the WP hardware universe.

If it comes to AT&T, retains built in charging (of any kind) and 32 GB, I'm handing them my cash.

Skelnik says:

I've wanted a green 920 since they first announced the 920, but I'd prefer an emerald green over the lime green.  So...  Gimme an emerald green 930, and I'll upgrade in a heartbeat.

cribbcaleb says:

Freaking love that video! Martini sippn' HAHA you guys rock!

This phone is definitely the logical choice for Bruce Banner, and I WANT ONE! Once it finally hits AT&T I will be second guessing my 1020 DAILY!!!

cribbcaleb says:

I am also PRAYING that the flagship devices will CONTINUE to have capacitive buttons that ARE NOT ON SCREEN.

IMHO it gives the perception of a MASSIVE bezel!

Plus, don't you guys remember the wp7 days when everyone was clamouring for a capacitive button lock option for playing games?

^^^^ This is going to happen all over again because now the buttons are even closer!

Can DAN or SAM confirm whether or not flasgship US WP will continue to have actual capacitive buttons?

Nitaino says:

Hulk will be jealous

adibo says:

I find the choice of 4 colors only rather limited (Nokia used us to have a wider range ...).





iphone 5s prix ipad mini 2

KammieM1968 says:

I would SO do this! Maybe even have my car painted to match. Definitely if it glows in the dark:)

Green.... ok, did they finally fix their blunder and integrate the wireless charging or just change a $0.90 case?