Green Nokia Lumia 1520 reportedly coming to AT&T

Lumia 1520 Green

Right now the most advanced Windows Phone device is a tie between the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon. They pack nearly identical tech, just in different packages. The Lumia 1520 has a 1080p display on a 6-inch screen, while the Icon packs the same resolution into 5-inch screen. Other than that the two smartphones are identical in specs (yes, the Lumia 1520 has a microSD slot). However, the Lumia Icon is only available in black or white. The Lumia 1520 is a little more Nokia in that it has a handful of colors, one of which will reportedly soon be green.

Leaker evleaks took to Twitter again to share some information about AT&T’s upcoming Windows Phone roadmap. On it is a green Lumia 1520 that will come when the line gets “relaunched” for Windows Phone 8.1. The color will of course be optional, but it couldn’t hurt to see more color in Nokia’s lineup.

Would you rock a green Lumia 1520 with Windows Phone 8.1? Sound off below.

Source: @evleaks

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stui83 says:

Seems greener, nice colour. Windows phone 8.1 will probably be faster so your comment seems valid.

Micah Dawson says:

Lol after seeing the x, this phone almost looks ugly to me. I'm totally jealous that they come out with this color at launch when I got my red. I actually wanted yellow and settled for red.

OMG55 says:

Yeah, the could have made the 520, 520+, 520XL instead of the X line seeing that there wouldn't have been R&D funds spent like it was on the X line.......Just being funny about the whole thing, but guess the Asha OS and hardware wasn't flying off shelves like the Finn Nation continuously says in this forum.

benners76 says:

Haha... Yes. Definitely faster!

LeiChat says:

But it's not Xbox green. :(
I'll stick with my black one for now.

I saw and touched a 1520 for the first time the other day.  D*mn those things are big!  It seemed more like a tablet.  They're pretty though.

I really, really liked the 925... but I'm waiting on 8.1 before I buy anything.  I don't want to wait around for AT&T to update anything.

NIST says:

No thanks. The color is too close to a Nokia X Android phone.

perspicuity says:

Are you just not fond of that shade of green or are you saying the Nokia X has tainted the goodness of the color? I'm not trolling you; I honestly am just wondering.

NIST says:

The goodness of the color had been tainted. That shade of green is almost synonymous with Android, so much so that Nokia used it in their Nokia X advertising. Would not want to lump a Windows Phone into that category.

poiman says:

So... The green iPhone 5C also promotes Android?

NIST says:

Only if Apple also produced an android phone that looked like IOS.

ReneGO0 says:

I want that Phone. How can i buy it and get it working here in México ?

Mark Richey says:

Buy unlocked, sim free. You will pay top dollar (peso) but you will be a happy camper like me rocking a phone unavailable here.

cknorthpole says:

Apart from all the touch sensitivity problems.

Sarang68 says:

Yes. That's what still bugging me since December

Pontifex says:

I've only had it for one day but I haven't had any problems yet. 

bono5112 says:

OMFG drives me crazy, other than that the phone is great

OMG55 says:

I can't believe you guys are saying Nokia release a products that has issues.....No

bono5112 says:

Every company release's phones with problems, not just Nokia

OMG55 says:

God didn't design the 1520; why are you blaming him and saying his name in vain?

Sam Sabri says:

You and me both buddy... you and me both

Acbuono5 says:

That makes three!

Jack Larson1 says:

I want Nokia to bring cyan back too, was awesome for the 920

T-CO says:

Make that four!!!

TheSnapDude says:

+1020  I want Purple!

To match my Type Cover 2!

I want brown so it can totally match my brown live tiles. -said no one ever

Winnabe says:

I was almost about to take a peek into my pants after just 'match my brown...'

efektos says:

You can buy the brown Nillkin cover, I have it for my yellow 1520 and the combination actually looks not bad, though I eventually ended up switching it with a genuine Nokia flip cover (forgot the model name) as I wanted more protection for my screen...

Actually, a brown case would look pretty nice. I'm not sure what kind of case you were talking about, but I was imagining some kind of brown leather case.

LadyRocki says:

Except me. I'd love a rich brown phone to match my warm brown tiles.

Ixia says:

Purple or cyan. But I'll end up playing safe, buying black and sticking a cover on it :|

jgbstetson says:

I'll take whichever color doesn't have the touch issue.

hd7b4radar says:

I second that. Getting tired of random presses and zooming in while scrolling..

cknorthpole says:

Yeah same here. I'm sort of scared to use my phone when I'm using apps, IE or something. I truly hope that they will fix it with an update of some sort soon.

OMG55 says:

Contact Nokias tech support, they're actually pretty good at resolving issues

gonza1520 says:

Yes it can be maddening when trying to read an article the random presses and zooming in while scrolling.

ParNeverhood says:

I don't have the 1520, but I'm curious to know if you have the touch sensitivity set to high on your phone.

gonza1520 says:

I actually have it on normal. Its especially noticeable when using the Craigslist app alot of accidental presses while trying to scroll.

I had that problem too... Try this to see if it solves the

problem 1: go to the settings 2: click on ease of access 3 make sure ur screen magnifier is turned off.



toyotast165 says:

eh, its black, does the same crap on my 520, 920s and 1020

pookyjoralyn says:

just switch off high sensitivity option in the touch setting

That does not do anything to solve the problem...actually makes things worse!

OMG55 says:

And who release the black update? Microsoft or Nokia? The question then becomes is this the reason Android has its issues (Not an Android user currently, but I once was). This is why MS is trying to keep third parties out of the core OS and why they are slow with updates because they put any new update through rigorous testing instead of rushing to add a feature yet we cry until it is released.

toyotast165 says:

well i picked up a Dell Venue 8 pro last night, and guess what, same intermettent touch issue... odd

lubbalots says:

Not sure why Nokia hasn't addressed this issue? Honestly I'm getting pissed. There's screen flickering, short lag when switching screens, now I'm starting to get occasional random reboots. We'll see what happens after 8.1.

Looks like they lost control on touch sensitivity when dealing with anti-glare and other things.

Even Icon is just shy to perfect; lacking glance screen blessing.

Hopefully, both issues will be resolved with 8.1 by that time more devices will be launched with something missing..

With 21 lumia devices publically released so far (and many experimental devices), most people expect them to remake a perfect device like 920 with modern hardware and better cam.

Jack Larson1 says:

I love the 920 and want them to remake a newer version, but the 920's designer moved on.

OMG55 says:

8.1 and black are two separate updates released by two differenct companies....Black is Nokias issue and they should fix it

Rum 007 says:

Hopefully they will fix the antenna performance on the newer ones. My 1520 had some serious issues with cellular reception.

irvin792 says:

I have not noticed this :(

Rum 007 says:

I did in the Australian version.

irvin792 says:

That sucks :(

irvin792 says:

I like the lighter green in this picture better than the darker green that was in the Facebook pic.....maybe I'm just blind.....

Tips_y says:

I prefer the more robust dark green pictured in FB. Not liking the washed-out green pictured in the article, maybe because ii reminds me too much of that robot in faded anemic green used as logo.

Hope they bring the dark green to the international market.

frett says:

British racing green! That would be cool.

Or nude. Because that's cool, too.

Hate to tell you...there is only one kind of green...the difference has to do with the camera used, camera settings, lighting, and post processes of each photo...sorry to bust your bubble!

TheSnapDude says:

Now people will think they have that XL POS lol

sd173 says:

This is perfect!!! A green 1520 by the time my WP7.8 contract ends and it will have WP8.1!!!!!!!

stui83 says:

Wow you held on strong, well done

irvin792 says:

The force is strong in this one

Jazmac says:

Seems more like a presentation phone to me or for those that veg on a lot of video. Not something I want as a daily driver. I need a more professional device. This is Xbox country.

I hope the green 1520 makes its way up to Canada whenever Rogers gets around to carrying the model.

erzhik says:

Had cyan 900, yellow 920...time for a green 1520 I guess.

The color is a little wild for my taste, but if red was not available, then I would choose green because it is unique.

XcZachx20 says:

I want cyan back!

ResonantEcho says:

Hopefully relaunch includes internal wireless charging.

DalekSnare says:

Yes, especially the Qi version of it. I'm not buying all my chargers again (not that I could if I wanted to since you can't get PMA versions of all the Nokia chargers).

ResonantEcho says:

Ditto on Qi version. I should have included that in my comment. If it is PMA it will be useless to me. I've invested too much money in various Qi charging accesories for home and work.

venom5150 says:

I would only pick it up and get rid of my red 1520 if it has wireless charging built in. Why can't ATT let the consumer decide. Enough with forcing PMA to us.

Broomcorn says:

I'd go green for my next phone. Cyan 900 to Yellow 1020 to Green ________.

12Danny123 says:

I doubt its gonna be called the Nokia Lumia 1520. Most likely just Lumia 1520

rodneyej says:

Maybe.. We'll see..

TheSnapDude says:

I'm surprised they havent done pink

erzhik says:

900 wasn't very popular in pink so the color was dropped.

KFBradley says:

I've been waiting for Nokia to release a lime green Lumia since the 800.

So are you going to get it???

KFBradley says:

Nope. 2 reasons. A) I'm in Canada. B) I'm very happy with my 1020.

This does make me hopeful that a future phone will come in green though.

drozdpatrick says:

This is a good move for them, Took a beating over Qi.

I would still prefer built in wireless over all the colors.

VernonEL says:

I do like this yellow 1520 though, and I'd probably take one in cyan like my 920 before one in green.
Speaking of the 920, why can't we just get the same phone with a 5" display, and 1520 internals?
Now that I think of it, I don't really want a green 1520 as badly as I thought.

DJCBS says:

I would never pick the 1520 because I find it too big and too ugly.
But I'd go for a green Nokia as long as it is not too bright. Or a purple one like they had on the 620.
Though in the end I normally go for black and leave the colouring to the cases.

BobLobIaw says:

Too bad they won't be making any true Nokias for you anymore, regardless of the colour.  Sadly, you'll be out of luck and will have to move to android phone and forum.  Tick, tick, tick.

tbonenga says:

You have a valid point. Still I'd be willing to bet if you used a 1520 for a week you'd think differently.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

rodneyej says:

Yeah, the 1520 isn't that big at all.. It's relatively big, but a mouse, is relatively big to a lady bug.. As long as you have an adult body it's not too big at all.. As a matter of fact, after using it for a few hours I forgot that it was bigger than my 920... Trust me.. Just try a XLS for a few days the next time around.. You won't be taking it back...
And, ugly??.... Have you lost your mind❔❔❔.. I get complements on the damn device all the time❕❕

silverbladex says:

I'm right there with you. I get compliments on my phone all the time just on the size and design alone. I'm used to the size now, and forget that it is 6". Certainly not ugly that's for sure

NH3MAN says:

Hope the Green will be better than that ATT Red that's kinda orange but not orange enough to look cool but still not really red....

irvin792 says:

Though I do wish the red was more of a blueish red......more orange would be ugly :P

SAM 77 says:

I ride a Kawasaki so yeah I would be tempted :)

Lipe13 says:

Which model? I rode the 2013 ZX10R recently, fantastic bike! I'd buy the little 300 or the ZX6R 636 though. :)

sectime says:

Hopefully will be a close match to my SS camaro. Miss my green ZX10R

rodneyej says:

If this 1520 is identical to our current 1520, and relauches with WP8.1-0xxxx on board, then isn't that positive news for current 1520 users? Because, if the "refreshed" 1520 runs 8.1 then all of the carrier testing will be complete, and the update should be ready for current 1520 users sooner than expected.... See what I'm saying❔

Lol How convenient since you have a 1520. Hopefully the 1020 won't be too far behind

rodneyej says:

IDK. Wishful thinking...

tbonenga says:

That might be wishful thinking with ATT. Knowing them they'd probably hold the update back hoping you'd buy a new one.

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rodneyej says:

I know, right..

regi7 says:

What's that app in the picture?

Kashyapjani says:

Nokia Storyteller.

HaibaneReki says:

I'd do with a green chassis for my 920

wpstan says:

I would buy it if it was available up here in Canada...love green color..hope Rogers will pick it up too...fingers crossed

cmgss says:

What is that app on the picture? Just curious

Kashyapjani says:

Nokia Storyteller.

Sarang68 says:

Nokia storyteller

mango.lover says:

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Ekon says:

Just bought my red one and I'm content with it. Now if I was Bruce Banner, I would be getting a little upset right now....

Give me purple and give me qi....


kingkoopa09 says:

+920 any color plus qi

karthikkini says:

Does this green Lumia 1520 come with matte or glossy finish?

poddie says:

Love the green! Now give it to me in an upgraded 1020!

DalekSnare says:

The color looks great, although I really want one with the cobalt WP theme color (or some kind of indigo). But no to any non-Qi phone. I'll get the 1020's successor if it has that. Otherwise, it's the Lumia 920 for me forever.

Dusteater says:

I would love green, though I still just want them to bring Cyan back. My sister would be in love with Purple if they made it available.

Dean McCrae says:

I don't understand this relationship, in the US, between hardware and carriers. Why are specific specs, flavors, software releases (like Black etc), even colors, of phone models tied to a carrier? In Europe I can just go and get a phone of any spec and color, if the Carrier I choose has that model at all (and I am in Denmark, not the biggest market ever). I would have expected the US to have a very flexible approach, but it seems not. Perhaps someone can enlighten me what the rational is.

Micah Dawson says:

Marketing really. Its the same reason why there used to be so many variants of the galaxy s and galaxy s2 family of devices between us carriers. Carriers want something that is exclusive to them to try and trounce the other carriers.

Ixia says:

There are carrier specific models in the UK, not many admittedly, but O2 had the 64gb 1020.

Wow, im thinking of swapping my white 1520 with a green one if its really coming

If you ever do that, please give me your white 1520 and ill give you my Lumia (1520-1000) in exchange

Micah Dawson says:

I see what you did there lol

Nazir Taib says:

Seems like green is the new Nokia favorite color.

Fndlumia says:

Total bullshit.... This green was also coming to the 920.... Still waiting

And the red 1020.

I hope it will be 32GB! Right now, there is only a Black one!

But I would prefer a 5 inch Lumia that's NOT exclusive to Verizon.

Yugiro says:

Good for you, the Lumia 929 is coming. But only in the last quarter of this year.


Fndlumia says:

Agree completely

cannon#WP says:

Forget Nokzzzzzzzz, what other OEMs are on that roadmap??? I got a contract renewal in July and I'm gonna need a new 8.1 phone.

WPCentral posted what Microsoft announced which partners would product WP8.1 handsets.

cannon#WP says:

They announced partners but no phones. Can't wait for BUILD.

They always announce partners...but then the partners fall by the wayside soon after...Sony, Dell, LG, Samsung...to name a few...they might make a phone that never gets released... or make one run at it...or recycle hardware from Android...none of them truly committed...just getting their name mentioned in a Microsoft Press announcement...

booog89 says:

I want! I want!!!! :D

Wait, maybe because this will be "relauched", there will be minor tweaks, like adding the navigation bar?

i just need wp8.1 update on my current lumia , can we skip march :p

Kashyapjani says:

Yeah, can't wait!

Winnabe says:

Whoa! What about a Cyan one fellas?

KDoubleU says:

As a university of Oregon Alum and Duck fanatic I could rock a yellow phone in the left hand and a green phone in the right and seriously turn some heads this fall during football season :) 

With University of Oregons mega branding I always thought some kind of yellow Lumia promo would be a match made in heaven. Put a Nike swoosh on it to and you would sell a million in Oregon alone. Hmmm MicroNikea has a nice ring to it :)

BobLobIaw says:

Then I can rock a red phone in the left hand and a black phone in the right and say Stanford owns the Ducks.  Thanks for the idea!

KDoubleU says:

I wouldn't say own in this modern era over the last 4 years we won 2 in a row, you won 2 in a row. Our wins were against the Andrew Luck Toby Gerhart teams yours were against the Marcus Mariota led teams so both teams were loaded with talent in all those games, and playing the brand of football they are known for, speed vs power. This years game is the tie breaker and can begin to lay claim on who owns who in the conference, but realistically it needs to play out over a couple more years

I will give you props for rocking a red/black phone as long as you know Oregon innovated the idea :)

BobLobIaw says:

I wouldn't really do it because that would be ultra-nerdy and probably not well-received by football fans.  Nevertheless, I'm just having fun with you and it's always nice to identify a fellow Pac-12 alum.  I don't think it's quite even because the Cardinal has won the last two in a row, but I do understand that the period of ownership has been relatively brief.  We'll see what happens this year!

Marco Gomes1 says:

MicroNikea sounds like very small Ikea shop :)

Sean D. says:

And T-Mobile will be getting......?
*drumroll please*

/sad trombone.


tbonenga says:

This SUCKS for Tmobile customers. If I had a 1525 option I never would've got a Note 3.

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efektos says:

I wanted a cyan 1520 so bad, but since Nokia didn't seem to make one, I ended up buying the yellow one... It's nice and all, don't get me wrong, but a cyan 1520 would've looked so much nicer and would've been a fitting sibling to my retired cyan Lumia 900...
Uh well... :-)

rahul.sharma says:

Does it mean it supports miracast?

Kashyapjani says:

8.1 has miracast AFAIK

I've waited this long...ill just hold out for the 1525 at this point.

kingkoopa09 says:

I don't care about the color I'll buy a skin or something for that I want my wireless charging before I upgrade my 920

PeadarWagon says:

That is where I am at too.

Winnabe says:

No rum-o-meter??

Yugiro says:

Waiting for the global version of Lumia Icon aka the Lumia 929.

Chef316 says:

That would be nice too...especially if I can use it with T-Mobile's 4G LTE.

irsyadhhs says:

I hope cyan and magenta come back. Miss that day

Chef316 says:

Wish this would be on T-Mobile!!! I would get it on release day!

megamsp says:

I really like the 1520 but there are some issues with the screen sensetivity, speaker cracks, wifi and others that make me think twice. I have the Note 2 and never had problems. I love the camera on the 1520 and other things but dont know if i would like the IE. The zoom seems quite different and from what i have seen when we double tap the text doesnt resize to screen. If i buy it, it will be my first WP.

lubbalots says:

Mine has noise cracks too! On top of the that, screen flickering and lag.

Ejay Lozano says:

Throw in 32gb and qi wireless and I'm down.

Kimi Alin says:

Wow! That green looks so awesome!

E4est says:

Thanks, Nokia, for releasing the green Lumia 920 I wanted so badly. I'm not mad having the beautiful yellow 920 at all, but I would have preferred a green one...
Here, have this river I cried for you.

procen says:

Give that green Lumia but on T-mobile, and I will get two.

beniffa says:

Green is a great colour for this device. I'm loving my red 1520 though :)

cybermoose89 says:

Green? Always good to have choice i suppose

Sin Ogaris says:

I want the 1520 in green, please come to Australia.

megamsp says:

WP CENTRAL should give 'voice' to the 1520 owners to explain wich are the problems that they are facing with the 1520. It could turn out to be usefull to some how make some pressure to Nokia sort out those issues that should not be on a flagship smartphone like Nokia Lumia 1520. I hope that WP CENTRAL can help those that helped this site grow...

PeadarWagon says:

And don't forget it is more expensive to have to make the variety of 1520's. Give us our Qi att!

Hey WPCENTRAL can't you be a voice for us T-Mobile users at least once and help us push for more windows phones!!! C'mon help us out!!

lubbalots says:

Have to go where the goods are. No one can help.

Nakazul says:

Cool. A Xbox green phone i would love even more.

VI Slick says:

No Qi wireless charging in a non starter for me.

jfa1 says:

It would be nice if ATT would bump the storage memory up to 32gb withe the relaunch and have support for the 128gb micro SD cards.

PeadarWagon says:

Don't forget about wireless charging

The Monarch says:

Qi ain't gonna happen on AT&T. Have to hope for a 3rd party case I guess

PeadarWagon says:

I just want my built in wireless charging and 32 GB. I don't care if its poo brown or pink.

l520user says:

I can arrange the poo brow thing

The Monarch says:

I would actually love a 1520 in po-- er... Zune brown.

vw1610 says:

Green would be awesome

umovies says:

because it green does that mean it uses less energy, thats a joke. I like it I want to be a filmmaker and its kinda green screen green

Lipe13 says:

From the current colors I'd purchase the 1520 on either yellow or black. But I wish we had some other colors to pick like cyan, green, orange and dark blue.

L0gic Bom8 says:

Like the California Blue on the HTC 8X! I miss San Diego... :'(

L0gic Bom8 says:

Hopefully this one is the 32GB version as details are at best scarce.