GroupMe updated with improved message delivery, faster start up and much more


One of our favorite apps at events, like this past Nokia World 2013 or //Build/, is GroupMe for Windows Phone. The app allows those of us covering the event to stay in communication with the rest of the Windows Phone Central team. It’s great because it works on nearly every phone, either via push notifications in the app or SMS. GroupMe was also just updated for Windows Phone. Let’s see what’s new in this latest update.

The last update for GroupMe came out back in August. That update was notable for including new emoji and fixing some issues for the previous update. Today we’re looking at version in the Windows Phone Store. Here’s what is new with it:

  • Copy messages
  • Improved message delivery
  • View previously sent messages while offline
  • See muted group members
  • Faster app start up
  • Bug fixes

This is actually a pretty nice update. The app will now let you see previously sent messages even if you’re offline. You can also copy messages, which is always handy when needing to look up directions.

The app is also looking at general performance improvements and bug fixes. For example, it’s pretty fast at start up now. Overall, a solid update to a great app.

Want GroupMe? It’s free for Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip @wpscoops!

QR: GroupMe



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faalil says:

Flixster Updated

The new update for the Flixter app allows you to set movie posters as your lock screen background, along with the ability to use voice command features. For example, you can control the Flixter app from your Start screen by saying "Flixter show me top movies."

Miistercoool says:

The lock screen movie poster feature has been available for a while now dude...

Jf.Vigor says:

Lol so have the voice commands

the92playboy says:

I find group texting to not work very well on WP8 (920, Bell). What are people's experience with GroupMe? I have several friends that use group iMessage (or is it iChat?) and because of that, my wife and I get left out. Would GroupMe be a good option if I could get some iUsers to make the switch to GroupMe?

jjmurphy says:

We use groupme in both personal and work. It is awesome.

Paulo1300 says:

yes groupme works very well, even works with non-smartphones

Xsled says:

I have actually had a great group experience as long as the person/people are not VZW. Group me is nice, I use it daily. Sometime messages are delayed or not alerted. Hope today's update fixes that.

jbrandonf says:

GroupMe is an app, irrespective of a carrier.

WinFan1 says:

I love groupme though there is significant lag to it. It seems to work much better for IOS.

the92playboy says:

How much is significant lag? Are we talking a few minutes or a few hours or worse?

poddie says:

I think by lag he means general app sluggishness, not receiving messages which is very quick. We'll see how much this update improves it...

dkp23 says:

I play in an online football LG for madden. We use groupme and with 20+ members, it worked great during a 2hr draft. We transitioned from Skype which is horrid for large group chats, but group me performed great. Didn't hear any issues afterwards.

jjmurphy says:

If Groupme would pretty plz add the location feature from Nokia Pulse, that would make it my official favorite app.

dkp23 says:

Seems faster

dxtr says:

I use GroupMe every day, works great! Nice update, but when can we post animated gifs and make memes as in the recent ipad/iphone update?

dxtr says:

Also, does anyone know if
Split" (payments) is a US only feature? /920, Sweden

MacDaMachine says:

It isn't on the WP app at all. GroupMe on WP is way behind ios and android.

Wael Hasno says:

Uninstalled this yesterday..

Sorry I'm new to this, but how is GroupMe different from group chats in other apps like WhatsApp and Viber?

Xsled says:

It really isn't... Eliminates SMS and uses data(unless you use SMS group me). The benefits being that it is cross platform and eliminates the problems with groups seen on some phones and or carriers. Some carries don't support group so when someone replies it just goes to original sender and not the group. But, if your group messaging works as it is designed, I don't see a need for this. Unfortunately groups do not all work as they should....

Thanks! Using WhatsApp for practically every cross-platform group chat now so I just want to know how is GroupMe better than them :)

MacDaMachine says:

GroupMe is very feature rich, just all of those features aren't on the WP8 version. Its a lot quicker and faster than group SMS

freshair says:

Thank goodness. It was always annoying getting delayed notifications compared to my android / ios. I have them on and they both get notifications simutaneously (and opens quicker) and i'm always like :|



monthigos says:

I was hoping for custom notification sound.

Hector1van says:

Best use of Groupme? Chat to your Legion Teamates in Qonqr. Download app and use code Hectorivan.

SomeGuy11 says:

NO! Use it to chat with with Swarm on Qonqr! Join Swarm with Aonach as referral. GO SWARM!

SomeGuy11 says:

Love this app. Much less buggy than nearly everything else out there

Arpit Mittal says:

Not available in India for Lumia 720, don't know why?

Ravikumar401 says:

Its not available for Lumia 925, any idea why

Why GroupMe is not available in INDIA???

Hi there — I work at GroupMe.

This release should be available in India! Can you try one more time? If it still doesn't show up, please email us at support @ groupme.com and we'll see what we can do to get it fixed. Thanks!

philhachey says:

Group me vs WeChat?
Any advantages/disadvantages?

manas16 says:

why i cant download groupme in my l820 (india)


tijn says:

People hub that is already on WP does the same thing you can create groups and send mass message.