The Guardian iPad app looks awesome like Metro

It seems that The Guardian has taken design elements from Metro UI after releasing their Windows Phone app and have applied them to their just-released iPad newspaper. Don't mistake this for a mere copy as the app looks superb on the big screen and does Metro proud.

I see this as well as future implementations with other apps on Apple's platform as a positive sign for Windows Phone.When Windows 8 comes along with the upcoming Xbox Dashboard refresh, we should expect to see more adopters for Microsoft's mobile platform with Metro making its way into competitor eco-systems.



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Irdial says:

To be honest it doesn't look a lot like Metro to me...anyway, lots of apps will be inspired by Metro UI - because it's a very good option go to with.

pikablu0530 says:

Yes I agree. The screenshot above doesn't look very Metro-like. It'd probably be more convincing if you took the video here instead: http://pressesuripad.com/guardian-annonce-la-sortie-prochaine-dune-editi...

Irdial says:

Ok, now i am convinced. Thanks mate.

Maheethan says:

Well, one can see the Metro UI here !And it's really Metro-ish ! :)

theefman says:

What will happen is apple devs will just steal the design and the mqcs users will then start to claim that apple invented metro. If you don't believe me see here: http://wmpoweruser.com/ibnlive-are-idiots-but-they-are-not-alone/. I think microsoft has make sure that any advantages metro brings to Windows 8 aren't subject to the typical apple reality distortion field.

jamreal says:

yeah watch that video and you will see, its strictly a Usa Today windows phone app ripp off.lol.MS should sue

mesonto says:

Actually about 15 years back Neville Brody redesigned the Guardian and it was "Metro" before MS was even thinking about a WIndows Phone. Just look at the original design here: http://www.418qe.com/the-guardian-uk-online I cannot help but think Microsoft was inspired by Neville Brody's design.

Didn't microsoft Copyright the Metro UI? I would think that would mean it would not be allowed on apple products...

laserfloyd says:

I've started employing Metro in some of my designs. Quite nice because I'm surrounded by hard'core' Apple fans. :)