Hands on with the Nokia Lumia 610 [Video]

Nokia Lumia 610

We just got our grubby, tired hands on the Lumia 610. Truth be told, the 610 is a gorgeous phone that feels great in the hand. With "only" a 1GHz 800 MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM and 8GB of storage, the "low end" device sure retains that Nokia quality.

The phone is expected in Q2 for emerging and developing markets.

Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610



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gorebashd says:

Looks pretty sweet actually =)

alrutani says:

Mmm looks nice thu.

Gurrchan says:

The Nokia 610 has a 800MHz CPU, not 1GHz.

GP07 says:

No specific OS version in that about screen it seems, now we can't tell what it's running exactly at this point in time.  Also any new tango stuff hidden in there somewhere??

Gurrchan says:

It's there.
8763 with a build date of 2/15/2012.

lippidp says:

I wonder what 8763 brings and if it will be released for any existing devices.

Bruno H says:

So they dropped:
CPU speed 1GHz -> 800 MHz
Memepory 512 Mb -> 256 Mb
Screen technology - No Clear black screen
Still for the price its a really decent device. And look att that flow on the screen. Even WP7 low end devices have the same buttery feeling. Try to find that on a low-end Android device. (By the way did you guys notice the stutter and touch lag on the new Asha devivces from Nokia? Horrible!)

issieman says:

I kept on asking the Fandriod people what they needed a quad core phone for
and till this day I am yet to get a convincing answer...:)

eshy says:

It's so they have an excuse for poor battery life

xmarklive says:

I'd buy it if they added lte and 16mp camera for art.

Read the article, this is supposed to be a LOW END phone for EMERGING markets

bilzkh says:

Cool!  I hope they can price it at $199 (or less) without contract, that'll make it an attractive handset for sure.  Very smart on Nokia's part to explicitly aim this at the "younger" market segment, an attractive market segment for Apple's iPod Touch. 

On top of that, I don't think even Lumia 610 is any less well positioned to succeed (bar carrier issues, pre-existing biases, etc) than say iPhone 3GS in the entry-level segment.  Still though, I think the inclusion of FFC across the board might well have been a potent addition (on top of solid WP7 performance and features, Nokia's build quality and extras), but there's next-year right?

Still, can't go wrong with Nokia Drive (2.0), Maps, Reading Hub, Transport, ESPN and CNN (albeit temporary).  A lot of attractive apps there already worth $40-50 coming with the handset, and add the deal with EA for games, good bost to the gaming portfolio.

jessenic says:

WOW 800 GIGAhertz... Pretty fast CPU if you ask me... Nice typo ;)

ShortStuff says:

Wow it pretty lol :-)

leoment says:

This looks good!
Nokia, Microsoft - here's a hint if you go the US route (post-paid carriers!)
You're welcome

cedarlog says:

@ Daniel Rubino could you please confirm the existence of skydrive on tango devices such as this beautiful phone ?? i heard skydrive removed from tango devices

Gurrchan says:

I read Skydrive is disabled to manual instead of automatic. For example, pictures you take can be uploaded automatically to your Skydrive account. Not possible with devices on the low end, but you can manually upload them. Just not automatic.
Low end devices will also lack Bing Local Scout support due low memory to support background process.

cedarlog says:

 i don't mind having to sync photo / files manually as long as its there no problem i'll be getting this as gift
thank you a lot :)