Hands on with the Nokia Lumia 920 in cyan for AT&T

As you may have heard, AT&T today announced the Nokia Lumia 920 coming “in November” to the carrier. The phone will feature numerous colors including matte-black, yellow, red, white and of course cyan.

We know many of you have been wondering if the cyan is glossy or matte and the answer is the latter. Yup, it’s the same type of finish at the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900.

We’ll process some photos in a bit of our hands on but we will say this: the Lumia 920 did not at all feel too big or heavy. In fact, we barely noticed it. Our conclusion is that a lot of the concern over the size of the phone is completely unwarranted. In fact, with the smooth roundness of the back and the curved screen, we like it better than the current 900 design, which feels blocky by comparison. 



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VagrantWade says:

I wonder how my girlfriend feels knowing I will never love her the way I love Cyan.

That must suck your your gf man.

aubreyq says:

I spy with my little eye...an Amstel Light beer ;-)

jaded skies says:

Must suck to date you.

WinFan1 says:

Lol and it looks matte

TPM50 says:

That's what she says about you when she grabs her vibe.

prashant45 says:

920 is really sexy

laserfloyd says:

That's cold man... but not as cold as that icy beer I spotted in the background.

DUNK88 says:

That's cold man, but Nokia 920 does look sexy

gfunk84 says:

Looks nice. I hope this will be available in Canada.
Is the camera plate on the back improved from the 900? The 900 scratched nearly instantly.

theefman says:

Its now ceramic, much less scratch prone.

jaethos says:

Looks good, too bad it's exclusive to AT&T, as their coverage might as well be nonexistent where I live.
Now if Verizon would get off their butts and officially announce what they're doing I could make a final decision.

You guys need to stop reading into that "exclusive" thing so much...more on that tomorrow.

theefman says:

Aww, guess the fun I've had watching people weep and stamp their feet over this will be over soon....

Honkie McGee says:

Such a tease, Daniel.

chrgeorgeson says:

I agree. Exclusive could mean one of a few things.
1. It's exclusive to AT&T... until it isn't and it goes to Verizon/T-Mobile in December, or whenever.
2. A similar phone branded somthing like Lumia 921 ;) goes to Verizon/T-Mobile.
3. It is only going to be on AT&T and not on any other network.
My guess is 1, 3 on the other hand seems very unlikely since Nokia has an obligation to MS, and its shareholders to get it out to as many carriers as possible. In Nokia's case: AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. I think we all know why I don't say Sprint. 

ChrisLynch says:

I'd put my money on a Lumia 922 being announced tomorrow, just like how the Lumia 822 will be going to Verizon.

kwtangerine says:

Am I the only one to think that by "exclusive", AT&T meant the Cyan color? I.e the other colors may be available for other carriers as well. Keep in mind that AT&T did not say Grey and Purple are available but we've seen those two colors being displayed prominently pretty much everywhere.

kwtangerine says:

My bad.. the purple color is for 820 only. Agreed, purple 920 would be pretty neat looking.

vitaliano says:

Tomorrow starts at midnight, Daniel...:D

mjfadaway says:

Wanna give us an elaborated hint?

jaethos says:

Let's hope Nokia has it coming to Verizon in some way, but if it's even a month or two after the 8X & Ativ S hit then it's a non contender for me. I need to move on from my Trophy ASAP. I'm leaning towards the 8X anyway, if only it had more storage. Then again I could have 96GB with an Ativ, drool.
Come on Verizon, tell us what you're doing!

rbf1337 says:

hmmmm.... maybe if you weren't printing it, we wouldn't be reading it

TPM50 says:

I'm thinking certain color's are exclusive to certain carriers.

anseio says:

The glossy color options were a huge turn off for me re: the Lumia 920. A matte cyan variant makes this a contender now. It's gonna be a tough call between this and the HTC 8x. Ultimately, music is more important than camera, so I may hop brands. Will see.

mreaglejr says:

i haven't held any glossy phones yet, so i don't know, so..
is glossy really that bad?

WinFan1 says:

No it isn't people just always find stuff to complain about.

WinFan1 says:

Coming from an iPhone which is all glass gloss does get more fingerprints but not that many and its easy to wipe off

anseio says:

Something to complain about? Pull your head out, will ya!
I've owned the Nokia LUNA 8600, which has an all glass front, the 8801 and the 6700 classic, which are glossy silver, and current smartphones, which have a ton of glass on the front in case you haven't noticed.
Some of us have complexions a bit more oily than others. I tire of wiping my phone clean all the time. Matte finish just works better.
I'm not complaining, but am stating a rational preference. So... don't be a dick.

erzhik says:

I've held glossy white 900, didn't really like the feel of it. Was kinda slippery.

Glim12808 says:

The 920 black is matte and I think also the grey. But I think the white, red, and yellow are glossy though.

Nokia has true Dolby sound with customizable eq in their corner. I personally am not a fan of Beats, but even to those who think it's the greatest ever this one is a tie at best, and a slaughter by Nokia at worst. (best & worst from HTCs perspective)

rex.reyesiii says:

Ultimately music?

I "heard" the Dolby Enhancements on the Nokia phones are much better than the Beats ones on HTC...

dlrohm says:

Cannot wait to get this phone...  November can't come soon enough, argh!

dlrohm says:

Is cyan the only 'matte' finish or are the other colors also available in matte?

Black and grey are matte

MAERSK says:

Black & Grey are also available in matte. Daniel, did you ask around about AT&T not carrying the grey color?

Yeah, they won't have it, lol. They may get it later though and there has been a lot of positive requests for that color. 

WinFan1 says:

Darn I really wanted the grey so now may go more conservative no cyan for me this time around prolly gonna go with the white

dlrohm says:

White is pretty hawt :)  I may go white as well.

cdbstl76 says:

Who will have the grey?

humboldt1 says:

I imagine the rest of the world,which also use smartphones

Glim12808 says:

I might get the grey but only if I chicken out buying the flaming, sizzling, hot red! ;-)

Sarang68 says:

Ha. I could see Daniels reflection holding a camera in his hand on the camera plate.

chfhyh says:

awesomeness.... too bad we still have to wait

Did they give the back of the 920 a slight curve that the 900 didn't have? it looks slightly different.

ChrisLynch says:

Yes, to the front and back.

hoonigandad says:

Notice how the guy wouldn't touch any buttons or do anything on the phone?? Getting sick of reveals that DON'T! :|

VagrantWade says:

"The guy" was Daniel I believe.

blessthejon says:

Doesn't it seem kind of weird calling a phone Sexy?

VagrantWade says:

Not anymore so than the hundreds of other inanimate objects people refer to as sexy.

ejlee072006 says:

I want the bumble bee 920 with purple theme

Tsyokiss says:

Agreed lol.. !!

myjota says:

When it came it will be the best phone in the world

lemonsteveo says:

What's with the alternating xbox and music/video tile?

Kormiko says:

Zune Music/Video is changing to Xbox Music/Video.  It should basically be the same as Zune, but better...

Rumor has it... Microsoft is gonna buy Rdio and upcoming Vdio, but rumors are rumors.

lemonsteveo says:

Thanks, haven't kept up with the latest WP news lately.

FunWithDrugs says:

Some people are saying that the yellow & cyan versions won't be available in store. Online only. I can't imagine why that would be true.. Daniel, any confirmation?

True. Reason: cyan was added late, so there just are not as many of them to stock store shelves. Yellow the opposite: it's the top color and may be hard to stock too. It's all about the creation process--some colors are harder to do than others. Doesn't mean it's a permanent thing though, just until production ramps up.

AhmedWP7 says:

Did you see him how he made the toast notification disappear in the beginning of the video? Damn

hipporama says:

You can do that on all WP 7.5 phones.

Coreldan says:

The feeling of weight depends entirely on the device, really. My N8 is 135g and as a 3,5" device it feels solidly heavy (the way I like it). My friend hasa 4,7" Galaxy Nexus that weights 135g and if I'd have to describe how a phone can feel like a toy, I'd point at my friends phone.
I sadly havnt owned a Lumia 900, but after the news about 920 being 185g, I went to the store to try one. It's a bit smaller in size, but still 160g. It actually felt a bit light! So personally I welcome every single gram of the 185g to have a phone that feels like something other than a toy!
I wish the red was matte, though :/ Don't really want cyan.

JPDVM2014 says:

+1...I agree on every point. I almost bought a Galaxy Nexus before my HTC Trophy, but I didn't for exactly that reason. I like my phone to feel...substantial. I love the heft of my 900, and I don't see that changing with the 920. And I also wish the red was matte, but I do really like the Cyan.

JenkTJ27 says:

Why is there no green?

@AhmedWP7 "Did you see him how he made the toast notification disappear in the beginning of the video? Damn"

that feature is present with your current windows phone as well. :)

DaiaX says:

I am surprised when he swipe the toast notification like nothing!

cayano says:

I thought Nokia was not allowing carrier logo on phone? it would be nice.

Daniel, nice little hands on, and it matches what I was saying from my experience back in September 5th... it didn't feel big/heavy at all. And cyan does make it a difficult choice now, but I'm still sticking with red. :) Thanks for commenting on some of the posts earlier about the exclusivity too. People's whining yesterday was really driving me nuts, because they were outraged over something they didn't even have the facts on. Looking forward to your insight on the matter.

jmajid says:

My two cents after reading all the posts about ATT exclusives,,,,
From looking at the FCC site for information about what they are and have been testing, there are two nokia models for the "920". There is RM-821 and RM-822
These are not for the Lumia 820 as it has a different model number (RM-898) and the FCC label and location show that to be on the back under the back cover.
Since there are two Nokia model Lumia 920's being processed by the FCC and since ATT and Verizon use different LTE bands, read what you may into this...
I am not waiting for carrier subsidized Lumia 920 - I will be buying an unlocked phone, probably the Lumia 920 or perhaps the PureVIew 808.
I do use ATT though...

rbf1337 says:

Gives me some hope that Sprint may pick it up after verizon carries it.... though it would probably be mid to late 2013 which is just too long of a wait for me.

I was going to go with red but i may now go with cyan.. oh the choices we have to make in life

The55 says:

Only the black 920 coming to Rogers "exclusive", like the 900.
No word on the 820 here in Canada.

HitTheBricks says:

What are the holes on the bottom of the phone on both sides...visible starting at 1:18? I'm not talking about the speakers. I'm thinking microphones, but I don't think I've heard one way or the other.

TheAsbo says:

HUH. I would LOVE for this phone to come to T-Mobile, even if it comes early next year.

sflyer17 says:

I love Amstel Light!