Hands-on with the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft, an ultrathin tablet with a stellar screen

We're here live in New York City at Microsoft's private press event. Today they've announced the Surface Pro 3, which is a brand new model in the Surface family of tablets. Microsoft ups the ante by increasing the screen size to 12-inches with 2160 x 1440 resolution. Here's our hands-on with the Surface Pro 3.

We're really, really liking the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft has addressed some of the major qualms users have had with the Surface over the past few years. Battery life is up to nine hours, performance has increased, weight is down and viewing angles have increased thanks to the new kickstand.

What do you guys and gals think of the Surface Pro 3?



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Novron says:

He covered everything except I'm beginning to wonder if it has an SD slot at all. No mention of it, couldn't see a slot anywhere for it.

twelvetudors says:

It's under the kickstand like the Surface 2 has it, it's in the video.

zu2779 says:

Actually, Rubino got that wrong. That was not a speaker he pointed at. It was the SD slot. See MS website. That's why they said "front facing" speakers in the press conference

asoyemi says:

You my man as very attentive. I caught on that too when Rubino was talking about it.

It does have a sd card slot

DecadeMoon says:

"No compromises", remember? :)

Damn. That was fast. How much faster is the i7???

10-15%, it's the same Haswell line so don't expect much. i7 is just not worth the extra $$$.

The first time I pushed the stand out that far, I actually felt a bit nervous, like I was about to break the thing. Such is the joy of using the newer model: You can indeed go farther with the kickstand, and you'll be rewarded with a hands-free, almost Yoga-like experience if you do.

Cell Phone Towers

Man, I wish I can trade in my HP Windows 8.1 laptop for that.

wvanellis says:

I'll be getting that mofo!!!!

Really amazing what they created. THAT is truly innovation!
But there is one thing which still stops me from buying a surface: There is no NFC. It shouldn't be that difficult to implement such thing.... Looking forward for more tablets from Microsoft... :-o

Since my Lumia 920 I started to use NFC anytime and anywhere. I just love it. :)

peachy001 says:

Not trolling, looking for some inspiration. What use have you found for it?

Blacklac says:

Same here. I haven't used it once, but I probably have no idea what to use it for.

Transfer files, photos...
I use occasionally since its not compatible with Android

nilchak says:

I have a Lenovo Helix - which has a NFC on the tablet side (it comes with a click on hard keyboard with extra battery).

The NFC comes in handy for me to tether with my phone with one touch. I touch my phone to the tablet - and the Internet sharing kicks in. This comes in handy every day on my commute to tether.


wulf Alpha says:

I use nfc mostly for wireless charging or for sharing things like photos as well as my jbl speakers

SeraphX2 says:

What benefit does the NFC give? It's not transmitting the signal through the NFC, that's what the BT is for. People act like NFC is so popular that it makes our breaks s phone. I have yet to see the actual need for NFC. I know what it is capable of, but no one is making any hardware for it that matters. NFC to pair devices is lame when the BT already does that. How does NFC make it so much better that it needs to be a necessity when buying a phone or tablet? So far, iOS devices don't use NFC either.

Aaron M says:

Overall I agree with you that no one should consider nfc make or break for a device. But I do like nfc for the easier tap to pair/share. Sure its only a few moves faster than Bluetooth pairing, but its still nice.

AznRaven says:

NFC for windows sucks... But on android... It's awesome... With NFC tags... U can...
1. Set tag to connect to your WiFi... Anyone can swipe phone to it and auto connect to your Wi-Fi... No more typing in the pw...
2. Go to your friends or chick house alot? Have the tag in your car... When u near the house... Swipe phone to the tag... It'll auto txt them to whatever u want it to say... Like I'm here... Open the door... When u park... Door already open...
3. U can set the tags to do many tasks at once...

paulheu says:

And how is that any different from how you use NFC on windows Phone? Instead of just copy/paste someone's text try not being clueless and take your foot out of your mouth..

Mitonline says:

Are U sure have exploted all advantage NFC has in Windows phone. Check out this video and then talk... Nokia NFC Writer - how to create tags to automate…: http://youtu.be/eIYhvt7jQGM

jeffro02 says:

Wireless charging and NFC are complete separate.

peachy001 says:

Wireless isn't NFC, as far as I am aware. I use Bluetooth to connect to my speakers though. Yet to see a compelling use for it. Not hating, glad to see others use it, but isn't for me. Seems a glorious waste of battery power.

I don't think it really wastes any battery. I have NFC on all the time and it doesn't drain my battery any faster than when it's switched off. NFC and wireless charging ARE compltely different, I was naive to think it was the same thing, bought a wireless charger for my 620 to find that it doesn't work. :p

Soon, we will be able to use NFC to make payments almost instantly which is what I am really looking forward to. You can also get tags for Windows phones just like you can with android so stop being naive and do some homework @AznRaven.

Benny1434 says:

I use it in my car. Have 2 tags, one to open Maps and one to open CloudMuzik.

Simple tap on either one immediately opens said app.


Cant see it as huge as a use case for it on a computer though.

AznRaven says:

On the computer... It can bypass the password...

psykojello says:

I have two tags in my car, but I find it easier to turn on the phone and launch the app as I'm usually struggling to get the right angle on the NFC tag.

I can't wait for places to accept it as a form of payment. then I can finally ditch my bulky wallet at home.

Jack Larson1 says:

Jbl speakers, parking ticket stations are also sometimes equipped with NFC

Novron says:

I expect Cortana to do everything that NFC does and more.

spyderzWPC says:

so did they say anything or compare the speakers, cuz that has to be my only complaint on the surface pro 1, I just cant hear anything out of those speakers.

NXTwoThou says:

Yup, the annoucement said 40% louder front speakers.

Benny1434 says:

Played them during demo, sounded supprisingly loud, 40% louder.

Considering they are front facing makes it a hundred times better right there.

I love it!!! best Technology From Best Company.... LOVE YOU MS!!! Great Device!!!

peterfares says:

Please extensively test the N-Trig pen and compare it with the Wacom pen from the SP2 and SP1. 

I've used N-Trig before and they're pretty terrible in general. Has their tech improved?

When the pen isn't touching the screen is the refresh rate low? On older N-Trig devices the dot on the screen lagged behind the pen tip about 500ms but refreshed quickly once the pen made contact with the screen.Power saving I guess because of the AAAA battery required.

Is the pen's resolution as high as the Wacom pens? I know it has less pressure sensitivity (256 levels instead of 1024) but how accurate is it?

Finally please fully load the CPU and see if the fan is audible. 


Studio384 says:

Uhm, it's still a Wacom pen in the SP3, as mentioned in the video.

peterfares says:

The video is wrong. Every other source says N-Trig.

John20212 says:

+1, Daniel made a mistake on that, based on all other tech websites, video needs an update note to not mislead people.

I am very interested in the Wacom comparison also, because no way am I switching from a superior Wacom to N-trig pen; the loss of pressure sensitivity is already a downside of this new pen.

Pen is the key aspect I look at when buying a tablet and on a $1.5k+ tablet [i7 of course, no point in less performance of a productivity tablet] the pen has to be perfect.


Benny1434 says:

I wouldnt pass judgment quite so quick.

Considering we are talking about Microsoft, the ones who made the OS... I'm sure they have done some things to 'optimize' the pen properly, at least more so than most other companies would bother to do.

Seeing as it is auch a big part of the tablet, they have a vested interest in making it as near perfect as possible,

asoyemi says:

You are right, it is N-Trig, I too was confused when Rubino said wacom

Benny1434 says:

He said it is Wacom!

This is getting confusing..

The AAAA is for the bluetooth connection for the pen to enable those trick eraser features.

John20212 says:

Well engaget and others are saying N-trig, so someone is clearly wrong here.


Novron says:

Engadget and others have been wrong before too.

Infamy79 says:

Its N-Trig, the pen is battery powered to allow it to do the button press functions. The Wacom pens can't do that as they are passive. 256 pressure points instead of 1024 on the Wacom, but from the demo it looks like they have fixed any latency and driver issues that people have complained about with N-Trig in the past.

asoyemi says:

I would say you correct on the subject of N-Trigg issues of the past fixed because I have Dell Venue 8 Pro with the PEN and had to wait for ver2 or A01 rev as Dell call it now which is an N-Trig pen with 2 AAA baterries with 1 year life for the battery.

The rev A01 has almost all their original pen rev A00 fixed and I can attest to that. I love the pen.

Broomcorn says:

Also, is the back end of the pen used as an eraser anymore?  or do we now use the buttons on the side to select the eraser?  I loved the eraser functionality on the sp2 pen.

skramer49 says:

Great event and very intrigued by the device BUT am very concerned that MSFT is using N-trig technology in the pen instead of Wacom. Could be a deal killer for me.

Benny1434 says:

Why do you think it is N-trig?

Everyone thats tried it today that I've seen says its Wacom.

Battery is for Bluetooth eraser features.

felickz says:

Put a mechanical hinge on the keyboard!!

kundua says:

OK, in this video it says wacom, right? But I am getting info from all other places that its a N-trig. This is a very important issue for many of us. Which is true?

twelvetudors says:

I'm also interested in the actual digitizer used.

Benny1434 says:

I think most of the confusion is over the battery being in there since N-trig uses one?

The battery is for bluetooth though, heard the pen is Wacom.

kundua says:

Well, all other websites (engadget, techcrunch) are saying its N-trig + it has 256 pressure levels, a signature of N-trig.

Novron says:

It's also the signature of the previous two Surface Pros and both are Wacom.

bkydcmpr says:

I just check the specs of sp2, it says 1024 level, so this one is n-trig.

Rocking the original surface rt still. love it, wish I had an extra 2k for this bad boy.

raptor1jec says:

Same here, I totally want it.

asoyemi says:

All I need is a good enterprise like ROI (Return On Investment) story or report for my #1 boss (wife) that would let me get the 128GB, i5 SP3. So, if anyone have one lying around or can cook up one for me, will be greatly appreciated. Plagiarism is not an issue here as long as it gets me an approval from the big boss (wife). FYI, I am willing and open minded at this time to compromise to wife's shoes, bags, jewelry etc, so kindly consider it in the ROI draft.

So please let the ideas start pouring in for the good of mankind (Me).

poddie says:

Me too... I upgraded my wife to a Surface 2, and kept her Surface RT for the heck of it.  The crazy thing is it feels like it gets better with every update... when we first bought the RT it had quite a bit of lag, but these days there's hardly any (at least doing what I do with it).

I find it iroic that people still complaint that the original RT was vastly underpowered... I didn't really consider it true when it came out, and I definitely don't now.  I think if the complainers would just try it again with all the updates they would have a significantly better experience.

Regardless, I would like to replace my business laptop with a Surface 3 Pro... problem is that it's hard to justify the expense.  Even though my laptop is nearly 3 years old, the processrs in these things are hardly any faster.  Battery life and portability are better, but I don't actually have to go to many clients... I generally work from home.  Touch would be nice, but I already have the RT.  So in the end I'd spend $2000 (I would need a dock and everything) for not much of an improvement.  Really cool hardware, but kind of a fruitless exercise.

Sin Ogaris says:

I love the phrasing on that first line.

prlundberg says:

2 years ago I would have had to have this.  But today I'm not so sure I have much use for it.  Over a year with the Surface RT has shown me that I just don't need something that powerful anymore.  Not even for work, seeing as how everything is done via web or vm (or easily can be).

It's a spectacular device though that I'm sure will meet some people's needs perfectly.

ScubaNitrox says:

I have an i7 laptop, but I find it easier to use my Surface 2. It is lighter and we use Citrix anyway, so anytime I need horsepower, I just log into the servers.

oneiros says:

Being a graphic designer is just my dream pc. Period. :D I liked since the beginning Microsoft approach about turning a PC into a tablet instead of coming up with all those hybrids we had before. Sure I knew it would have take some time to tune in and get the right products...I think the Surface 3 is now a right on spot and I'm going to get one for sure!

peterfares says:

Sorry, but this one uses N-Trig. Makes it only useful for writing notes.

twelvetudors says:

Video says wacom

_Emi_ says:

lol source? it seems some trollytrolls are saying it uses n-trig... are you in the press conference to be sure about that?
or you would rather believe Daniel Rubino who is showing the device?

oh wait, I know the answer.

jeres88 says:

I'm not certain whether it is N-trig or Wacom, but there are plenty of tech news sites saying it is N-trig.  Believe it or not, it is possible for Daniel Rubino to be wrong.



He did say Wacom repeatedly, so he certainly seems to think so, and not have just said it accidentally.

Mark Richey says:

I believe Panos said Wacom, but I would have to go back to the video. Damned. I can't believe this crew.


How about all the reasons to rejoice:

-Apparent commitment to the platform

-Nice color switch as although I love my RT, I love the3 new lighter color.

-fabulous integration in the cloud and office

Wall iPhone says:

Source not comfirmed by Microsoft, what are you getting at? Stop spredding this FUD.

John20212 says:

Neither is Wacom. Nowhere did Microsoft say it still uses Wacom, so where is your MS source?


Infamy79 says:

Does 256 levels of pressure instead of 1024 really make that much difference between being able to use it for creative tools and only writing notes? Not fair to judge N-Trig on the past if they have improved substantially since you last used them. Adobe is on board with their demo at the key note, so surely they have improved their driver support for the SP3.

I know there were issues with the Wacom digitizer on the early Surface Pros around the edges and apparently Wacom were not very helpful with resolving it. They are also producing their own tablet line so may not have wanted to co-operate like Microsoft wanted.

TLDR: Perhaps wait to try it before you just write it off

Onager1286 says:

I feel like they're finally hitting their stride with this device... Curious to see what this means for the non pro surface 3 and mini.

peachy001 says:

Did they announce the mini?

They announced--today/yesterday I can't remember which--that the mini is in test production

That is, they're already making test models and perfecting the hardware to make sure it's on par before its release.

However, it also won't be released until a touch-optimized version of Office is available for Windows

Add to that the fact that it might be targetted at students, so don't expect the Mini to be released for another few months, since the school year is ending anyways

Also, releasing it soon would steal the SP3's thunder XD

Hate the aspect ratio...and I'm done buying this stuff till they fix Xbox Video and Xbox music. For a lot of us, our media is large part of these devices and they have completely neglected our own personally owed libraries. Ugh.

Still say no RT is also a big mistake. An entire price point is gone now. What am I suppose to do now? Turn to Apple?

I'm not trying to instigate anything because I too think a 3:2 aspect ratio is odd, however the rationale is sound enough and providing more viewing space than a 13" screen is intriguing. I don't see why you would give up so completely due to two Xbox apps. Is the Xbox experience better on Apple products?

John20212 says:

For note taking, and other pen uses, the 3:2 aspect ratio is much better than 16:9 on the SP1 or 2.


Its ok it doesn't looks awesome like the first two surfaces they should just make a whole line of different surfaces already where's a mini......me wanted mini also Microsoft phones can we get them soon please

milfermon says:

I'm sorry, this isn't something I find exciting, I know this is a great device but not exciting enough, even at the presentation there were like 5 Mac books in THE FRONT ROW or so

twelvetudors says:

How is that relevant? It's not like there could've been 5 Surface Pro 3's in the front row. Or any for that matter.

jeres88 says:

There was 1 in the front row!

theefman says:

Those people would be unlikely to use a Windows laptop in any case so its irrelevant.

Infamy79 says:

Which they highlighted specifically, saying that the tablet was meant to kill the laptop, yet none of them were using a tablet to cover the event and then said I bet you also carry an iPad in your bag as well. That was the entire point, they want convergence to provide both functions in a single device.

MR Aziz says:

Great..thanks Daniel

There's something about the old Surface (Pro) 2 that makes it look that much better than Surface Pro 3. It might be the aspect ratio, button placement or just the size of it, but holy crap it's a much more beautiful device.

Tafsern says:

I disagree. 

Niavlys77 says:

What about the touchpad buttons? Are they clicky, or the same as the Type Cover 2?

Boss Fight says:

I thought they dropped Wacom and went with a different tech.

I hate that space at the bottom all the black space for the stupid keyboard to latch onto idk just irritates me its looks like a good tablet though I would need to see in person if I would like I think I do!

Looks like the start screen background being black at the bottom and blending in with the bezel. Not actually an uneven bezel.

_Emi_ says:

did you even watch the unveil and the million photos taken of the device?...
please.... it's obvious the background of the start screen....

sdreamer says:

N-Trig might put some off, from the videos so far it looks really good. Doesn't look like the back button can be used as an eraser though. I guess that's why they went with dual buttons and why when OneNote was updated for dual button support it had that configuration in mind. I'm hoping we can choose in the future between having OneNote open or the Camera from the lock screen.

Benny1434 says:

So now i need to figure out the best/easiest way to sell my MBP and DV8P and get this asap. Should be nice turning 2 devices into 1 pretty amazing device.


Must admit, Surface Pro 3 looks like it is going to kick some ass!

hipporama says:

Dear MS, if you could use the global Nokia distribution network to launch this in more countries, that'd be great.

John20212 says:

+1, Microsoft's demise is it's limited geographical thinking.


Blacklac says:

I'm personally sad to see Microsoft selling tablets for $2k. I hope they keep RT or Non Pro models around, as the Surface is fairly nice hardware.

emigrating says:

It starts at $799. You don't have to get the most tricked out model you know.

Blacklac says:

Of course. Although, to most people it starts @ $999. That 64GB is extremely limiting. If they keep a non-Pro line, then I don't care, but these models are out of reach for alot of people. I understand this is full in 8.1, but you can get ALOT done with an iPad for half the price, and its also a quality piece of hardware. I guess that's what the OEM models will fill though... Heck, if your going to carry a 12" device, you could get a damn nice Ultrabook for $1-2k.

Hoekie says:

No because you can put a 128 GB SD card in. It's a Surface ;)

So 64 GB version is plenty for most and therefore prices start at 799.

John20212 says:

The only problem is MicroSD is not recognised as a normal HDD in Windows and thus stuff does not work as it should from it, simplest example being Album Art in WMP library. So MS needs to fix Windows before MicroSD can be regarded as normal storage in Windows.


John20212 says:

Yeah you could get an ultrabook for the price; BUT the whole point of Surface Pro 3 is that it replaces both your iPad and an Ultrabook, and even saves you money and bag space in the process.

People need to STOP comparing the Surface Pro tablets to basic consumption tablets; these are two completely different markets!


Blacklac says:

They will always get compared to other tablets and even laptops. If not, your saying all Windows tablets are niche... People like to think their Surface isn't in the league if an iPad or an Ultrabook, but to many people it is. I'd argue people who think it isn't are in the minority. A consumer can compare whatever they want. Its pretty simple to understand really.

John20212 says:

I am not saying all Windows tablets are niche. You can easily compare an Atom based Windows tablet, or the Surface 2 with iPad, simce both are good with content consumption, but neither is great as a power user device.

Same way you can compare the Surface Pro to an Ultrabook.

The point is the Surface Pro 3 is both an ultrabook and a consumption tablet in one.

Yeah consumers can compare whatever they want, but when you are in a market for a particular item you tend to compare similar items together, i.e. items in the same categories, TV, toasters, keyboards, mice, Gaming PC's, Ultabook, consumption tablets, etc. 

The Surface Pro 3 replaces 2 categories, one being an ultrabook and the other a consumption tablet, and if you are comparing it with just one of those categories and not both at the same time, you are missing the point. This is the problem Microsoft is trying to overcome when educating people about the Surface Pro 3.



BDub0817 says:

If you want cheap go by HP. Microsoft is not competing with the OEM's. They are providing devices that complete the vision of how Microsoft sees Windows being used on world class hardware.

smoledman says:

Surface Pro 3 is a Tablet PC, understand the difference?

Blacklac says:

I'm not sure you do...

I would blame crapple dumbing down consumers. Tablets were originally meant to be like the surface

Blacklac says:

I cannot argue with that! :D

Love it, awesome machine, bye bye MacBook air, this is nee age of laptop/tablet, thin light powerful, saves on buying multiple devices

Sora77 says:

ok, could someone advise me what should I buy? Surface pro at 499 or surface pro 3 at 799?

John20212 says:

Depends on what you need; if you are ok with just 64gb build in storage and only an i3 CPU go for the SP3, if not go for the SP.

Maybe if Microsoft improves Windows to recognise MicroSD cards as proper HDD then you could just add 128gb with a MicroSD. But the current implementation of MicroSD sucks in Windows.


It makes sense, since memory cards have never been considered permanent storage. Who knows when some mofo pops it out of your computer.

John20212 says:

Maybe Microsoft should start considering them as permanent storage, especially on devices like the Surface or Surface Pro.

Or at least give users an option to mount the cards as permanent storage if the user so desires and understands the risks of accidently removing it under those circumstances.

And anyway it's not really that easy to pop out on the Surface, especialy on models where its under the kick stand; or if you are worried just put a piece of duct tape over it ;)

Anyway the point is MicroSD cards should have an option to work as permanent storage, high end ones already rival HDD speeds.


Witness says:

I have the SP2, which is much better than the SP1 in terms of battery life. The things I wished they change on my SP2 has been addressed in SP3. Way better battery life, and it's as thin as the Surface 2! That in itself is huge, because I loved how thin the Surface2 felt, and now the SP3 is the same?! Get outta here!!!

Anyways. Spend the extra $300, you would love it even more. Save the $300, and you might be grumbling about things the early adopters did.

enthuz says:

Dang!! Now that DW has seen it, I have to buy two.

twelvetudors says:

Where's the chargin port? Where the port usually is Daniel said was speakers, and I didn't see it anywhere else, so where is it? Am I crazy?

Daniel made a mistake (it happens sometimes lol)

That slit in the side is a re-designed charging port; fin shaped instead of the old ovoid one

The speakers are on the front next to the screen

marcosbabu says:

Wait! Is the pen Wacon? Bunch of people was complaining of the fact to be nTrig

Giddora says:

Are you sure it's Wacom?

TechFreak1 says:

What the?

A quadriple A / AAAA battery for the pen?

Those are not easy to find in local shops lol in case you need one in an emergency and can't wait for an online delivery,

Edit: No micro sd card slot?

I'm amazed they actually got the thickness down that much, a silo for the pen would have preferable but can understand why they went with pen holder in the keyboard. However the pen holder should have been a tad longer to cover more of the pen as it looks pretty flimsy - meaning it could be easily ripped off by accident. But I'm just nit picking here :P, overall it looks pretty sleek and if I had the money I would definately go for the i5, but I don't - got to priortise my finances.

Edit 2:

I guess microsd card slot is still underneath the kickstand as it is previously mentioned in one of the articles.

jjmurphy says:

Or two 319 batteries.  Those are totally common.

emigrating says:

While I understand why the pen holder is where it is, I still think it's on the wrong side of the keyboard.

TechFreak1 says:

Agreed, it's suitable for left handed writers but for right handed writers not so much. Never the less people will adapt over time and it won't pose too much of an issue.

I think it's meant to be at the "top"

John20212 says:

^this, same for the win logo being moved to the side. Focus is on writing/note taking.


Deamion says:

Agreed, and it looks like a lot of people will be hitting the button on the end of the pen everytime they want to use the pen holder. Bad design IMO.

RaRa85 says:

I really wanted that mini but this seems to be everything. I now have the Surface Pro 3, a Sony Nex 5 camera, and an unlocked Nokia Lumia 1520 on my want list. Wow!

CCAZPastor says:

It will be my next computer. I have been using my SP exclusively since the first day they were available. As soon as I can justify the new purchase, it is mine!

Jf.Vigor says:

I'm not gonna spend time trying to justify the purchase (I have a surface pro, so i don't NEED THIS) but dammit I have the money, so im getting it

rishabh876 says:

There should have been a i3 128gb model. 64gb is nothing for a laptop. Even 128gb would require a big micro sd card.

Hoekie says:

My 120GB work laptop is doing just fine.

And you can even add a 128GB SD card! Plenty for most people.


Roger Huston says:

Still same old problem, sucks to use it as a laptop, on a train, on a bus, in a cab. Lenovo Yoga is better as a laptop. Better Keyboard and Mouse too. Surface is good as 90% tablet and sometimes something else.

MikeSo says:

Amazing how you know this without even having seen one in person.

Broomcorn says:

You have not used it yet...

HTEKServices says:

Yoga is better as a laptop cuz it IS a laptop, but it also sucks as a tablet.  SP3 is a tablet that performs as well or better than a laptop.  Again, wait til you can test out the magnetic keyboard and kickstand hinge on one leg before you complain about it's sturdiness.  Also, this is going to be a 12" screen (compared to the Yoga 12.5/13.3) and will be half of the weight of the Yoga (1.7 vs 3.4). 

You clearly didn't watch the presentation then.. They touched on all of this in it and its perfectly fine.

Nokia Lumia 2520 or surface pro 3?

I have the 2520 and I love it, but I am saving my money for a Surface in case my HP Laptop bites the dust

MikeSo says:

An apple or an orange? They're not at all designed for the same purposes.

This is actually one of the few places that idiom is apropriate

They're both fruit, they both grow on trees, but are composed of different materials and have a different feel, and each one gives you a unique experience

jjmurphy says:

Ok, is this thing available in store tomorrow or not?  Daniel just said so in the video, but the Microsoft store chat support said that they aren't in store till the 20th as well.

MikeSo says:

They are supposedly available to order tomorrow, but will start delivery June 20th.

twint7787 says:

I think it is a very nice device. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't really have any of their partners filling in the void that the surface does not cover. They need a less expensive convertible. I have been looking for a convertible with a doc and even though there are a couple out there they don't measure up.

Goodbye to my Surface Pro 2!

Anyone willing to donate one of these to a worthy cause? XD

devilfisch says:

Any insight on what graphics chip this baby possesses? 4400? 5000 perhaps?

HTEKServices says:

keynote details show 4400

McWall says:

The only thing I was hoping for was 16 GB of RAM. But, I do not think that this is not going to happen anytime soon! I will step up and buy the I core 7 with 256 GB. I need to replace my 17 inch Vista laptop!

McWall says:

The only thing I was hoping for was 16 GB of RAM. But, I do not think that this is going to happen anytime soon! I will step up and buy the I core 7 with 256 GB. I need to replace my 17 inch Vista laptop!

kinpin2131 says:

I think the video is wrong, it runs Ntrig instead of Wacom even the battery in the pen says as much . 

MikeSo says:

Finally a real ultrabook style laptop from Microsoft. I will be getting the 128GB version. This looks great.

kingkoopa09 says:

Whoever donates me one ill offer every app I develop for WP and windows 8 free, I can't stand using a desktop and my venue pro is too small for visual studios for long lengths

Eh, how about making apps first to raise $ and buy one

kingkoopa09 says:

Involved in every possible program free azurevtrial expired and working mainly off dv8p desktop has garbage internet and development tools like azure aren't free and I dint believe in flooding the market with crap, trying to get accepted to bizspark and hopefully build a quality brand and release all.my apps in working on at one time

MazoMark says:

Wow, that looks like a really nice device. I'm happy with my Pro 2 and can't justify another purchase now, but if I was in market, an i5 with 256 gb storage would be really tempting.

psykojello says:

It seems like all the improvements are on the surface.

Kelly Wasden says:

Another mistake here in the video is that Microsoft is marketing this as a laptop replacement and not an "iPad killer" and should be treated as an "Macbook Air killer." 

Their entire marketing campaign is around the ultrabook space, let's not get that confused. 

Double clicking to launch OneNote is kind of brilliant. I can't wait (until I can afford this).

It's one click, if I'm not mistaken, and double-clicking was used to take a photo and then open OneNote

Maglor1981 says:

Still no 3G, 4G LTE. It would really be very useful and handy when on the "road" and no wifi around.

greg_mitch says:

Where is the Surface Mini???!!  Where is the 4G LTE???!!!!  They left a lot on the table. They need to leap frog their competitors, not just play keep up.

RayWP7 says:

The Surface was a greatly innovative product. I feel like iteration 3 is an even greater accomplishment. I hope they can do more about marketing the unit people need to be reminded that Microsoft has innovated and continues to do so. Yes, I am a fan.

phasar says:

Love the device still, priced a little on the high side.

Finally listened to me

btgusto says:

i want this for work and the mini for home.  dang microsoft! give me a mini

phatboy66 says:

This device is perfect!

Bekkenes says:

Its not a Wacon pen, they changed it to N-Trig

I think, it can't completely replace usual tablet. I often use my iPad 2 (yes, I am still using the second generation) in the bed to read a book or watch a TV show before I fall asleep. I put my iPad on the blanket. I guess, if I do the same with Surface, dust from blanket will get inside through ventilation holes and device will not work for a long time (because of potential overheats). What do you think, can it be a potential problem of this device?

Viipottaja says:

I wouldn't think that is a big problem - after all, laptops can take a lot of dirt and beating and still chug along nicely. Sure, you might down the line need to clean it up.

In your use scenario the more limiting factor to me would be the size - a 8-10 incher wiould be a more satisfying a size in the bed. And yes, that's what she said...

Viipottaja says:

A VERY nice machine for sure. At these prices though will remain fairly limited in sales I would guess. My gutt feeling (only) is that at this price point most buyers are looking for a powerful PC first, and only as a very distant second a tablet. Thus, most people will continue buying real ultrabooks and laptops instead. Then again, up until the Surface Pros they didn't even have to consider any alternatives. :) So kudos to MS for continuing to supply for this market too though.

Wish they won't take long to release the Mini.

neonspark says:

watch the original release video. 90+% of people haul both a tablet and a light weight laptop. this replaces both so the theory is that a good % of people from those 90 will decide to use one device over two even if some people still think the added expense of an ultrabook plus buying another tablet (combined ocst more more than this device) and weight (both will weight more off course) and size (both combined will be bigger in your bag) is worth the benefits of being able to have a light tablet...for some ocassions.

with a core i7 and i5 options, you're stretcing it at best as to why the ultrabook is better.

I suppose the one argument that can be made is if you have a 15+ screen. and if you do this you're looking at some really heavy setup which misses the point of this: You can literally walk out the door with 2lbs worth of gear and have both a tablet and a really powerful PC. NOTHING does this. not the best mac book, not the best tablet.

And BTW, MBA + ipad still more expensive than this.

Viipottaja says:

Don't get me wrong. I am equally convinced as you are the some people will definitely prefer the Pro 3 over a laptop and tablet combo. However, it may be that they will not form the majority.

I think the key remaining benefit is that an ultrabook/laptop still has a much better keyboard, and, much better usability on your lap. Yes, Pro 3 should be MUCH better than Pro 2 was in both regards but stili (probadbly, I have  not used it obviously), not anywhere near as sturdy and comfortable to use as a real laptop is.

It is plausible/likely that many people will still prefer to have both, and, even, carry both around, to have the "best" experience for the two use scenarios. But like I and you too said, now those folks do have a real alternative to consider. :) I am sure the Pro 3 will therefore do reasonably well.


J88NY R says:

For me the only thing that would convince me to get an ultrabook over a surface is the fact that I dont have to pay another £100+ to use the damn keyboard.

It really should be included with the device, espically if they are touting it as a laptop and tablet replacement device.

It would make more sense to sell it with the keyboard and sell the pen seperately.

Viipottaja says:

Indeed.. I gather they want to have the opportunity to "special" promos - "Buy the Pro 3 - now get the keyboard free!"

And of course, given that the keyboard is fairly elaborate, it would probably eat a good chunk/most of MS's margin on the Pro 3 basic models at least, were it included in the same exact prices.

J88NY R says:

Most of this video is wrong!

Just a few months after the Pro 2?... 8 months isnt a few months.

This is the speaker on the side?... Speakers are on the front.

Multiple times saying its a Wacom pen?... Its an ntrig

Its the same backlit keyboard, followed by, it feels really nice being spaced out a bit more?

i5 with 256gb and goes all the way up to 512gb, can get an i7 as well... You can't get 512gb with the i5.

mini HDMI out, its a mini Display Port.

Will it dethroan the iPad? Well considering its not aimed to compete against it, I guess not.


Doesn't make me want it any less! I just wish it included the type cover, if they are trying to sell it as a tablet/laptop replacement, it can't really replace the laptop without the keyboard! It would make the price a bit easier to swallow too, considering with the keyboard its a fair chunk more expensive than a Macbook Air.





Sumit8 says:

Will it dethroan the iPad? Well considering its not aimed to compete against it, I guess not.


True that. Thought the same. It's up against the Macbook Air.

Sumit8 says:

He says in the video the pen is "of course wacom" - it's not.

Coreldan says:

Wow, looks amazing. I'm sporting a first gen RT and I absolutely love it. If budget allowed, I'd get myself this. Perhaps by the time this comes out around here (August) you might get a Pro 2 "quite cheap" and it might be a good budget solution at that point.

When I graduate and move into work life, I've been thinking about upgrading to a Surface Pro <insert then relevant number here> and basically just use it for my on-the-go needs as well as at home/work desk "docked" as the main PC.

Metallinatus says:

For the first time in my life, I must tip my hat to Microsoft....

That tablet would be amazing with Ubuntu Touch! (no trolling)

Wevenhuis says:

Is the stylus wacom or ntrig? WPCentral reports it as Wacom, but Engadget reports it as Ntrig. Or is it proprietary?

Komoto76 says:

N-Trig list the Surface Pro 3 on their website as using their DuoSense Pen Technology, matter-of-fact its the first item listed, hopefully this will put to rest the Wacom/N-trig Debate. (See Link)... http://www.n-trig.com/Content.aspx?Page=Windows8  

HHammack1 says:

This is a spectacular looking product and an innovative one. However, you know the Apple and Google shilling press will go meh, and then rave about the iPad Pro when Apple releases one. These are the same journalists who rave when Apple releases the same damn product every single year with miniscule improvements, and they yell about how innovative Apple is.

Please don't get me the wrong way, I have a SP2 and love it but......I'm sorry but this device hardy deserves the name of Surface Pro 3. If you think about it.....it's not that great of a leap. Performance has increased because they used a stronger CPU...from the same Haswell line, not even the Haswell refresh. SP2 had i5, now you have i7 option, if you are willing to pay for it then obviously you will get a performance boots at about 15%. If you compare corresponding models, say SP2 128/4GB i5 to SP3 128/4GB i5 you will get the same performance from SP3 or even less due to higher resolution. Resolution on the screen is just plain BS, why would you need that high res on such a small screen, full HD is just perfect. If you have apps adjusted to Surface scaling then OK, but how many apps are adjusted? almost none, even MS command line shows riddiculusly small and you have to manually change settings to be able to read anything. The NTrig stylus is good for taking notes but for graphics designers and painters this is a step back. It doesn't offer as much pressure sensitivity as Wacom, though I understand the move. 

Change in the screen ratio is also a nonsense to me. Why go to all that trouble just for the sake of people having a screen that is the same ratio as a piece of paper? Marketing BS! Normal 16:9 woudl do just as good.

To me, they shoudl have waited till the end of the year with this and use the Broadwell CPUs. These would actulally make a difference. On the positive side I like the button on the stylus, I like the kickstand and the new keyboard lock....well the screen size is also a good thing but I think full HD on 12" in 16:9 ratio would look even better, especially for movies.

DR MsClass says:

I thought they switched to a n-Trig pen.