Hands on with Sprint Radio for Windows Phone 7

The Sprint Arrive (see review) barely has any Sprint software on it. One of the apps though (not pre-loaded, either) is Sprint Radio.

Two versions exist within the app: free, with 60 stations and some commercials and "extra" which costs $5.95 a month. The latter is for all intents and purposes, Pandora Radio (but it's actually mSpot). It allows you to create radio stations based on your bands/likes, skip tracks, dislike songs, etc. It also has news, sports radio, weather and some other premium content.

For once, we can actually say we're mpressed with the service and if you don't have a Zune Pass, it is worth considering.



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DaHui623 says:

I wonder if ESPN radio will become available, given Sprint's recent deal with ESPN.

Drewidian says:

How does it compare to Slacker? I use Slacker all the time and this looks more or less like it, without the bio information. Can you do a comparison of the various services?Thanks.

Very similar but Sprint Radio/mSpot has news, weather, sports and comedy with some of it being live, whereas Slacker does not.Other than that, very similar.

foosball says:

Did I just see you attempt a gesture swipe backward webOS style @ 1:38?Coming from webOS I know I'm going to be doing that all the time.

Nah, I've barely ever used WebOS, so the gestures are hardly ingrained ;-)

fwtion says:

Will you be doing a review of the other Sprint apps, such as Sprint TV and Movies?