Handyscan updated and goes on sale!

Handyscan for Windows Phone

Handyscan is a very nice Windows Phone app that allows you to scan documents, share them by email and upload them to your SkyDrive account. We have been impressed with Handyscan and it was recently updated.  As an added bonus, Handyscan is on sale this week. Just a few of Handyscan's key features include:

  • Independent scanning resolution and flash options
  • Deep zoom in/out controls
  • Scan multiple pages per document and save as single file
  • Import/export photos
  • SkyDrive and Dropbox support
  • Scan digitalize signatures
  • Align and crop scanned documents

The app was recently updated to version 3.11 to fix a few minor bugs and add automatic document naming (you can set the parameters in the app's settings). Along with the update, JDB Pocketware is offering the full version of Handyscan for $.99 (regular price is $2.99)


There is a free, ad supported version of Handyscan (slightly limited in functionality) but for $.99 the full version is a steal of a deal. You can find the full version of Handyscan here at the Windows Phone Marketplace and the free version can be found here.

It's really one heck of a deal on the full version.

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RaRa85 says:

Yes I love this app and had the free version but for .99 I'm all in.

NIST says:

This app has saved the day many times for me at the office after hours. I've been told many times by the much higher ups who's butt I'm saving "you've got quite a phone there".
Hell ya, my DVP with Handy Scan hasn't failed me yet.

prowade says:

I just barely picked this up today, luckily it was .99 cents earlier :)

Duffau says:

I dont know what you guys see in this app but I hated it. Didn't save any of my scans, even after clicking save, and I lost some important info. I hated it.

jandieg.b says:

Great! runs nice

Bough this about a month ago. Quite useful, I personally recommend it.

sHAYM4N says:

Had perfect scan and that's disapeared from the marketplace :-S May take a look.

nez99 says:

So I tried this out and to be honest its no faster than simply taking photos and sending them to one note. I guess being able to crop them is okay but to be honest I'm not that hopeless that I cant take a cropped photo of notes. I guess the only advantage is to be able to convert it to a pdf but even with multiple images its just as fast to take mulitple photos and send them to one note individually. :/

jandieg.b says:

Is not about being faster, it is about portrait orienation, timed trigger for firmer hand, image optimization options, independent camera settings(resolution/flash), storing scanned docs in separate place(not your Camera Roll), fast uploading to cloud, converting to PDF, multiple pages per doc, add text, electronic signature, etc.

Chacness says:

The backup and restore feature has been broken for at least the last 3 updates. Don't waste your time since they obviously can't fix it. Use evernote instead and its free.