The Harvest is now on sale, and Super Monkey Ball gets a price drop

Many of us have been waiting for The Harvest to drop to its $4.99 Deal of the Week sale price. The good news, it has! You can find it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace. If you’re not seeing the sale price yet, just try back a little later.

We weren’t expecting another Xbox Live game to get a price drop today. Surprisingly, Sega’s Super Monkey Ball is now $2.99, down from $4.99. This is likely a permanent price drop since The Harvest is the actual Deal of the Week.

As I’ve said before, Super Monkey Ball places players in control of one of several monkeys-inside-a-ball. Actually, you don’t control the monkey ball directly. By tilting the course itself, you can try to collect bananas and navigate the ball towards each level’s goal, all without falling off the course’s edge. This version of the game uses tilt controls exclusively for steering while the touch screen rotates the camera. The courses feature some pretty basic 3D graphics but the monkey balls themselves are 2D sprites. Mini-games, for which the Super Monkey Ball series is famous, are not present in the first mobile Super Monkey Ball. Still, the game has over 100 stages, so it should keep players busy for a good while.

Super Monkey Ball is actually a pretty fun game, with the exception of the tilt controls. It’s way too hard to make minor adjustments and move slowly, so expect to fly off the edges of levels and die a lot. Somebody needs to tell developers that hardly anybody likes tilt controls and they shouldn’t be attempted unless they are fine-tuned to perfection.

If you can stomach a few too many tilt-related deaths, pick up Super Monkey Ball here (Zune link) for $2.99. There’s also a free trial.



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TheRealSel says:

just bought the harvest, great game, not worth 6.99, but i've been patiently waiting for the price to drop!

50000 says:

Well Microsoft is deciding to charge Hong Kong users $3.22 instead of $2.99, and $5.15 instead of $4.99. Some games they charge 30% more. I will not purchase anything until they treat non-Americans the same as Americans. Suggest everyone boycott paid apps and give feedback to the developers about what Microsoft is doing.

clmbngbkng says:

Yes currency conversions stink but I have a feeling that it is more the dev not submitting it in your area at a certain price so it was just converted.

Paul Acevedo says:

Those price differences sound awfully inconsequential. Boycotting games on WP7 means you pretty much didn't get your WP7 phone to play games.

1jaxstate1 says:

The Harvest is ok, get's redundant at points. And the map that helps tell you were to go sucks. I paid the full original price, sorta wished I didn't.

mydefposse says:

don't buy SMB unless you want another glitched Achievement!