Having trouble with myTube for Windows Phone? Developer is working hard to solve the issue


The new third-party YouTube app for Windows Phone, myTube has encountered some issues with its latest release. We covered the app when it hit the Windows Phone Store and praised the unique set of features. So what's the problem? We've been informed by the developer that users of myTube may encounter an issue with playback since the last update. 

What's strange is that while the official version of the app is plagued with this issue, the beta version (using the exact same XAP file) is absolutely fine. This isn't affecting all users, so if you haven't got the foggiest idea what we're explaining here simply ignore and carry on about your business as usual. But if you are unable to play videos through the app there is a temporary fix until the developer manages to fix the problem.

While the developer works with Microsoft to see what's going on, we've been informed that all consumers who are being hit with the playback issue can join the beta, which can be accessed via the app's "about" page. The beta version is the same release, but appears to be working just fine. We'll keep you all updated with how this situation plays out.

If you've yet to try out the new third-party YouTube app, you can download myTube for $0.99 from the Windows Phone 8 Store (trial available).

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rcasey says:

My first choice YouTube app. Love it.

Shambels says:

I guess I'm not one of those ppl :). This is definitely the best YouTube client app out there!!! If scroogle gets their way with the official one I'll be perfectly happy with this one!

True, me as well. But I wonder why we always need the "official" app for videos from the WP central app.

N8tiveT3ch says:

I like it! Its smooth and simply...everything that wp8 needs to be. The developer is responsive which is a good thing makes me wonder how long Microsoft updates the "official" one with Google breathing down the neck.

mr toes says:

I absolutely love this app, great dev too, he always responds to my emails :)

VSparxx says:

Actually i love both Metrotube and myTube  and use them both, but more often Metrotube because on that one i can reply to comments, a feature that even the Microsoft youtube app hasn't.

Parktreeone says:

Argh been suffering from this for a while, still kept the app as I was sure it would get fixed and it really is a great app. Nice to hear they're aware of it though

Ryken100 says:

Hey Parktreeone, sorry about that :(
Would you like to join the beta? It's working there :)

Parktreeone says:

Hey, don't worry about it! Thanks for such a great app, I'm sure you will fix it. This things happen!

Ryken100 says:

Thanks for the vote of confidence :) I hope it gets fixed too. Honestly though, this seems like a problem only Microsoft can fix, so I hope they get back to me soon.

LightBulbIT says:

Believe I may have purchased this twice (not the issue). Cannot download now because of store error and store shows no record of purchase. Beta, please (if I can download it).

Ryken100 says:

Hey there, email me at RykenProductions@outlook.com with your Microsoft account, and I'll add you to the beta and send you the download link ;)

david90531 says:

Love this app, I have the official YouTube, metrotube, and this right now.. Can't choose between the 3

jMawl says:

I use all three as well (no problems with regular and beta myTube at this time), and devs for myTube and MetroTube are both great.

gadgetebz says:

Has anyone noticed a problem with all YOUTUBE APPS today?? has google dont a block of some kind??
Microsoft Offical APP not working, METROTUBE not working also... after deleting the Microsoft YOUTUBE now will not reinstall as get error message but other APPS are installing... SUPERTUBE works only if I search

Parktreeone says:

Right, I just looked at my other youtube apps and was indeed having issues with all of them, MetroTube, MS's one and also Mytube. I signed out and back in on all of them and this seemed to of fixed it, except for Mytube.

I think the issue is being causes by app permissions? As I had to re-authorise them.

Is there way to save offline videos to sd card

Ryken100 says:

Nope, sadly :(

Laura Knotek says:

Metrotube is messed up too. I've had notification of update since yesterday afternoon, but it fails to install.

MancFox says:

Glad it's not just me, I uninstalled and now can't re-install.

LightBulbIT says:

I think the store may be having problems. Cowlick! hasn't been able to update for a week. Can't redownload myTube either...

gadgetebz says:

Metrotube and Mytube still not working anyone know what's going on are Microsoft blocking the updates etc? Is google blocking the Apps from connecting to YOUTUBE