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The HD7's camera is seeing pink; similar to HD2

Uh oh, this is not good.  Looks like on the eve before its big launch, a major flaw in the T-Mobile HTC HD7's camera has been discovered.

Evidently, the HD7's camera has a pink-color issue whereby whites become heavily rose colored. For instance, take the picture above taken with my T-Mobile HD7: that's of my very white refrigerator. There is also this example from Kevin C. Tofel on Twitter and Matt Miller confirms that this is like what the HD2 suffered from before it had an update. That leads us to believe this can be corrected by software. At least?

Of course, you can also color correct for this in post-processing, but you shouldn't have too. And lets be honest, that's some serious pink.

What say you, HTC?

Thanks, Tim Ferrill, who's at a soccer game, for the heads-up!



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This is very strange as the UK HD7 which I have from O2 has been taking excellent pictures!

I cannot believe that the cameras can be so different from one another?

breadbooze says:

looks like a simple white balance issue. auto WB has never performed well on any cell camera. set it manually.

Yeah, but this is real bad. When all of your photos have a pink hue to them, it's not a good thing, especially when your Euro counterpart doesn't have the same problem. This is an HTC quality control issue, we shouldn't just brush it off with the "it's just a cell phone camera" thing.

Oh and as far as "set it manually", yeah there's no way too nor is there any white balance controls outside of "Scenes" which is for outdoor, macro, etc. but no florescent or indoor lighting setting. So that's not an option.

Its strange i have been using mine since last night. Went to a birthday party and took several pics and vids and thought they looked pretty good. Came home saw this. Took one of my white bathroom counter and sure enough pink hue. Now looking back at the pics from the party there is a slight off pink tinge to some of the pics but not going to worry about personally

taiban says:

This isn't a surprise since HTC has been using basically the same camera module used in the original HD. All CCD and CMOS sensors suffer from pixel to pixel non-uniformity to some extent. The issue here is HTC forgot, like they forgot with the HD2, to provide a mask to compensate for inherent pixel sensitivity and chromatic variability. Expect a firmware update soon from HTC to correct the issue.

In the meantime, if you have a white or grey card, you can create your own mask which can be used in most image editing programs to corrected the magenta bias (pink?!)

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